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Economics / Business - Career - 14.01.2022

Economics / Business - Campus - 10.01.2022

Career - Economics / Business - 07.01.2022

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 07.01.2022

Health - Economics / Business - 06.01.2022
How science improved the health of millions worldwide
Preparing for an online start to the winter term: for more information.

Economics / Business - Career - 06.01.2022

Economics / Business - Campus - 06.01.2022

Environment - Economics / Business - 05.01.2022
Suggested article titleDiscourses of sustainability and imperial modes of food provision: agri-food-businesses and consumers in Germany
It is widely accepted that overcoming the social-ecological crises we face requires major changes to the food system.

Campus - Economics / Business - 05.01.2022

Innovation - Economics / Business - 05.01.2022
New research collaboration to develop technology to improve warehouse operations
New research collaboration to develop technology to improve warehouse operations
Collaboration with University's Centre for Smart Warehousing and Internet of Things company aims to help firms meet rising online shopping and delivery demands A new collaboration bringing together ac

Economics / Business - Innovation - 05.01.2022
Leading the Way
CMU hosts bipartisan event to unveil new autonomous vehicle legislation In a move to strengthen Pennsylvania's leadership in the autonomous vehicle industry, Sen.

Economics / Business - Innovation - 17.12.2021

Materials Science - Economics / Business - 15.12.2021
Silence on the tracks
Silence on the tracks
Noise barriers or improved wheel systems and brakes that are less noisy are not the only ways to reduce railway noise for close-by residents. An inconspicuous component under the tracks is a source of hope for a research team including scientists. Railway noise is unhealthy. Hundreds of millions of Swiss francs have already been invested in noise barriers, quieter braking systems and other measures with the goal to protect at least 80 percent of the Swiss population from emissions by the year 2025 - but because railway traffic will continue to increase, a lot remains to be done.

Economics / Business - Innovation - 14.12.2021
Wall climbing robot can reduce workplace accidents
· A wall climbing robot made by HausBots can reduce workplace accidents, as it can be used for inspection and maintenance tasks such as building and infrastructure inspection and surveying or even painting.

Economics / Business - 14.12.2021
Canada’s Food Price Report 2022 projects record high food prices next year
Q&As Collins Maina Food prices in Canada are projected to rise between five to seven per cent in 2022, according to the recently released 12 th edition of Canada's Food Price Report.

Economics / Business - 13.12.2021
Call to reform Big Tech's financial reporting rules
Call to reform Big Tech’s financial reporting rules
A permissive financial disclosures regime allows Big Tech companies to conceal their market power, increase profit margins, and expand digital platform dominance, according to a new report by a UCL-led team of researchers.

Environment - Economics / Business - 10.12.2021

Economics / Business - Innovation - 09.12.2021
Companies look better when workers have a say, even if input is more rhetoric than reality
Companies look better when workers have a say, even if input is more rhetoric than reality
The boss says your opinion matters on major decisions, and company leaders are using crowdsourcing software to solicit your input.

Economics / Business - Innovation - 08.12.2021
National Robotics Engineering Center Has Transformational Economic Impact
New report finds Carnegie Mellon organization has helped advance its neighborhood, the region and industry The National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC), an innovative model for academic-industry c

Economics / Business - 07.12.2021
Despite cost dip, Michigan auto insurance still high with persistent racial disparities
Michigan's auto insurance reform law has contributed to an 18% drop in average premium costs from 2019 to 2020-the steepest decline in the country over that time period, according to new analysis by Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan.

Economics / Business - 06.12.2021
Who’s got your mail? Google and Microsoft, mostly
Concentration of email service providers increases impact of service failures and data breaches Who really sends, receives and, most importantly perhaps, stores your business' email? Most likely Google and Microsoft, unless you live in China or Russia.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 06.12.2021
Sydney's 'factory of the future' ready to drive statewide innovation
Sydney’s ’factory of the future’ ready to drive statewide innovation
A $25 million facility has today been launched to drive innovation and foster industrial output in the heart of Sydney's Tech Central.

Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 06.12.2021
Barely any change to gender earnings gap in 25 years accounting for increases in women’s education
A new commentary from Professor Cooke explores why there has been so little change in UK gender wage equality and the necessary policy steps to close the gap.

Astronomy / Space Science - Economics / Business - 05.12.2021
Two new satellites mark further enlargement of Galileo
Europe's largest satellite constellation has grown even bigger, following the launch of two more Galileo navigation satellites by Soyuz launcher from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana on 5 December.

Campus - Economics / Business - 03.12.2021

Health - Economics / Business - 03.12.2021

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 02.12.2021

Economics / Business - Psychology - 02.12.2021

Economics / Business - Campus - 02.12.2021

Economics / Business - Innovation - 02.12.2021
No short-term fix for Wales’ productivity gap, report finds
Research, development and innovation activity in Wales' private sector ranks lowest in the UK and is a major factor in the nation's poor productivity performance, according to a new report.

Health - Economics / Business - 01.12.2021
UCLA in the time of AIDS: In the beginning
It was 40 years ago when a UCLA physician published a report first identifying the disease that would become known as AIDS It was 40 years ago when a UCLA physician published a report first identifyi

Economics / Business - Innovation - 01.12.2021
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