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Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 28.03.2022
US households in better financial shape at end of 2021 than pre-pandemic
U.S. households were in a better financial position, on average, at the end of last year than in 2019, despite widespread joblessness and economic uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new University of Michigan report.

Campus - Economics / Business - 25.03.2022

Economics / Business - 25.03.2022
Inflation: Top consumer issue, top policy challenge
Consumer sentiment declined in March due to falling inflation-adjusted incomes, which was recently accelerated by rising fuel prices, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

Environment - Economics / Business - 24.03.2022

Environment - Economics / Business - 18.03.2022
Net-Zero Initiative to accelerate decarbonisation agenda
Net-Zero Initiative to accelerate decarbonisation agenda
The Net-Zero Initiative harnesses the University's research expertise to develop new technologies and systems to support the world's decarbonisation.

Health - Economics / Business - 18.03.2022

Economics / Business - Career - 17.03.2022

Politics - Economics / Business - 17.03.2022
New project investigates links between precarious work and authoritarian politics in Global South
Dr Rosana Pinheiro Machado (SPS) has been awarded ¤2 million ERC funding to lead ground-breaking research in Brazil, India, and the Philippines.

Economics / Business - History / Archeology - 17.03.2022

Innovation - Economics / Business - 16.03.2022

Economics / Business - Environment - 16.03.2022

Politics - Economics / Business - 14.03.2022

Economics / Business - Innovation - 14.03.2022

Economics / Business - Innovation - 12.03.2022

Economics / Business - Environment - 11.03.2022
’Japan can be a role model’
The war in Ukraine is having an enormous impact on energy policy in Germany as well as the energy sector.

Economics / Business - Media - 10.03.2022
A study analyses the cost-free culture in the consumption of digital journalistic information in Spain
An investigation by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) analyses the low willingness of citizens to pay for the consumption of journalistic information on the Internet and the industry's inability to monetise digital content.

Economics / Business - Transport - 10.03.2022
Scents and sensibility - how tourism may benefit from targeted use of scents to influence customers
Scents and sensibility - how tourism may benefit from targeted use of scents to influence customers
Selective use of scents could encourage healthier eating or improve consumers- airline flight experiences The use of scents to generate a feel-good atmosphere is well established at tourist resorts, hotels and shops (and by cunning house sellers with the infamous baking bread and fresh coffee trick) but research shows the pandemic-hit industry would benefit from exploring a more targeted approach to scents to influence their customers and passengers.

Economics / Business - 09.03.2022

Innovation - Economics / Business - 08.03.2022
The Internet of Things (IoT) applied to cities
UPF is leading a project dealing with mobility as a service (MaaS) to understand how to spread the word about the possibilities offered by the IoT to companies and businesses.

Economics / Business - Pharmacology - 07.03.2022

Economics / Business - Innovation - 04.03.2022

Economics / Business - Administration - 03.03.2022
Introduce price cap on cigarettes to reduce smoking - new study
New research paper asks what more countries with already-high tobacco tax rates could do to reduce smoking.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 03.03.2022
University of Glasgow lends support to SP Energy Networks net zero projects
Researchers from the University of Glasgow are lending their support to three new projects led by SP Energy Networks to to help tackle some of the UK's biggest and most complex network challenges.

Economics / Business - Politics - 03.03.2022

Economics / Business - Environment - 02.03.2022

Economics / Business - Environment - 01.03.2022
New industry collaboration to study cryptocurrencies and other digital assets
Multi-year Cambridge Digital Assets Programme launched with 16 institutional research collaborators to create open-access datasets and tools to inform digital public dialogue and decision-making in such areas as the environment, infrastructure and cryptocurrencies.

Environment - Economics / Business - 01.03.2022