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Economics / Business - Career - 29.07.2021

Economics / Business - 27.07.2021
Differences in Financial Risk Preferences Can Make or Break a Marriage
Couples who disagree on savings and investment decisions are twice as likely to divorce, according to new UC San Diego research While it is well known that fighting over money can lead couples to divorce court, new research from the University of California San Diego's Rady School of Management finds that differences in risk preferences, especially when it comes to financial matters, are likely a root cause of marital separation.

Economics / Business - Campus - 26.07.2021

Environment - Economics / Business - 23.07.2021
Researcher advances strategy to manage fisheries
Renato Molina, assistant professor, explores how transboundary marine protected areas can lead to greater fisheries cooperation between countries. With its bulging eyes and relatively unimpressive shape, the Peruvian anchoveta probably wouldn't win any beauty contests for marine life. In the category of fisheries, however, the small aquatic creature is unbeatable, reproducing at a remarkable rate and yielding catches larger than any other single wild fish species in the world.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 22.07.2021

Agronomy / Food Science - Economics / Business - 22.07.2021
ANU centre to turbo-charge crop production
ANU centre to turbo-charge crop production
A new research centre based at The Australian National University (ANU) will train the next generation of scientists to develop more resilient crops and significantly grow Australia's agricultural sector.

Health - Economics / Business - 21.07.2021
Berkeley startup aims to be a game changer in autoimmune disease therapy
UC Berkeley business and chemistry alumni Geo Guillen, left, and Marco Lobba, middle, launched Catena Biosciences with Berkeley chemistry professor Matthew Francis.

Health - Economics / Business - 21.07.2021
Black, Hispanic populations among hardest hit by COVID-19, according to U-M research
Deaths from all causes combined increased dramatically early in the COVID-19 pandemic for certain demographic groups in the U.S.-particularly for Black and Hispanic people, even when accounting for socioeconomic factors, according to new University of Michigan research. In fact, the study-which focused on groups of adults under age 65-found the wealthiest non-Hispanic Black residents had a higher increase in mortality than the poorest non-Hispanic white people.

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 20.07.2021
Knowledge Exchange Insights: Project Management for Knowledge Exchange
Highlights from the second session of the Knowledge Exchange training series , facilitated by Yvonne McLean, as part of the ESRC Collaboration Labs Programme, The University of Manchester.

Health - Economics / Business - 20.07.2021

Economics / Business - Campus - 20.07.2021

Environment - Economics / Business - 19.07.2021
Unsustainable Arctic shipping risks accelerating damage to the Arctic environment
The economic and environmental pros and cons of melting Arctic ice creating shorter shipping routes through the polar region are weighed up in ground-breaking research from UCL experts in energy and transport.

Economics / Business - 19.07.2021
Mission statements do nothing for corporate financial performance
Mission statements do nothing for corporate financial performance
New research shows that mission statements do not enhance financial performance, even though companies prominently feature them as an outcome of their strategy-planning process.

Economics / Business - Innovation - 16.07.2021

Economics / Business - Microtechnics - 15.07.2021
Innovate UK funds University of Glasgow and eCom Scotland joint project
The University of Glasgow is collaborating with the digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland is collaborating in a six-month project, funded by Innovate UK.

Economics / Business - Environment - 15.07.2021

Administration - Economics / Business - 15.07.2021
Protests in Cuba: The beginning of a new revolution?
FACULTY Q&A The protests calling for "Fatherland and Life” in Cuba have been met with military tanks and censorship by the Cuban government.

Campus - Economics / Business - 14.07.2021

Economics / Business - Environment - 13.07.2021

Economics / Business - Campus - 13.07.2021
Women economists underrepresented ’at every level’ in UK academia - report
New research shows the gender gap in the teaching and study of economics is still dramatic and actually getting worse. Economists argue that this is not just a problem for the discipline, but for society as a whole. Unless economists are diverse, we cannot hope to build a complete understanding of the economy, and, with it, formulate the right kinds of policies Victoria Bateman Women are underrepresented "at almost every level" within the discipline of economics in UK universities, according to a new report co-authored by a Cambridge economist.

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Life Sciences - Economics / Business - 12.07.2021

Career - Economics / Business - 08.07.2021

Innovation - Economics / Business - 08.07.2021

Psychology - Economics / Business - 08.07.2021
Do I Buy or Not?
Do I Buy or Not?
Würzburg psychologists have studied the phenomenon of impulse buying behaviour. People who focus on enjoyment act differently than people who play it safe.

Environment - Economics / Business - 07.07.2021
Protecting spotted owls cost far fewer jobs than timber industry claimed
New research quantifies economic effects of conservation efforts in Pacific Northwest Last month, the Biden administration  indicated  it would reverse changes to the Endangered Species Act made by President Trump, who had  opened up  a large chunk of the threatened northern spotted owl's habitat in the Pacific Northwest to logging.

Economics / Business - Health - 07.07.2021
Additive manufacturing supply chains to be protected from cyber-attacks in light of COVID-19
· Additive manufacturing was upped during the COVID-19 pandemic to make ventilators, however when production was up so were the number of cyber-attacks · In order to continue production without disru

Economics / Business - Campus - 07.07.2021