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Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 02.06.2021
Lockdown review: Face-to-face exchange makes adolescents happier than online contact
Online contact could not replace face-to-face contact during the second school lockdown / Report on the results of the SOCIALBOND project on social integration in adolescence During the second school lockdown, students suffered above all from limited face-to-face contact with friends.

Economics / Business - 02.06.2021
Implications of 'short squeezes' on financial market efficiency
Implications of ’short squeezes’ on financial market efficiency
Financial markets are often subject to sudden asset price surges and dips, most of the time due to the classic market dynamics of mismatched supply and demand.

Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 02.06.2021

Environment - Economics / Business - 31.05.2021
Climate protection provides cheaper energy
Climate protection provides cheaper energy
Although measures taken to mitigate the effects of climate change are generally associated with energy levies and high costs, the opposite is actually true: the switch to renewable sources is set to reduce energy prices significantly.

Economics / Business - 31.05.2021

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Economics / Business - Innovation - 27.05.2021

Health - Economics / Business - 27.05.2021

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Economics / Business - Innovation - 27.05.2021

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 27.05.2021

Innovation - Economics / Business - 26.05.2021
Sustainable method to 3D print steel wins big at Triton Innovation Challenge
Engineers, physicians, biologists and business students at UC San Diego showcased their environmentally focused technologies at the ninth annual Triton Innovation Challenge business competition.

Economics / Business - Environment - 26.05.2021
Missing Role of Finance in Climate Mitigation Scenarios
Missing Role of Finance in Climate Mitigation Scenarios
Researchers at the University of Zurich show how climate mitigation scenarios can be improved by taking into account that the financial system can play both an enabling or a hampering role on the path to a sustainable economic system. To limit global warming, a profound transformation of energy, production and consumption in our economies is required.

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 26.05.2021

Economics / Business - Computer Science - 25.05.2021
XR advertising could be a consumer threat if left unchecked
Whether it's trying on lipstick or clothing online, using floor plan software to find out how furniture will fit in a new home or ordering a contactless Coke using a cell phone, businesses are continually finding new ways to promote their products and services using extended reality (XR) technology.

Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 24.05.2021
Opinion: Science should be at the centre of all policy making
Science has played a key role in policymaking during the pandemic and must continue to be central if we are to make breakthroughs in global issues, says Professor Ruth Morgan (UCL Security & Crime Science).

Environment - Economics / Business - 24.05.2021

Economics / Business - Career - 21.05.2021
Progress overcoming pandemic fuels positive growth in US, Michigan, say U-M economists
The U.S. and Michigan economies are showing signs of the recovery experts hoped for as the population emerges from the pandemic, say University of Michigan economists.

Administration - Economics / Business - 20.05.2021
Popular destinations will struggle without better regulation of short term lets
Local authorities and city governments must have more power to regulate short term rentals, if popular UK and European travel destinations are to cope with the expected rise in demand for holiday accommodation, finds a new report by UCL researchers.

Campus - Economics / Business - 19.05.2021
U-M’s HAIL scholarship program meaningfully changes students’ college trajectory, report finds
A University of Michigan scholarship program launched five years ago for high achieving, low-income students in Michigan has boosted applications and enrollment while helping to diversify the student body, a new study finds.

Campus - Economics / Business - 19.05.2021

Economics / Business - Campus - 18.05.2021

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 17.05.2021
Online gambling soared during lockdown, especially among regular gamblers
The study, led by the University of Bristol and published today (17 May) in the Journal of Gambling Studies , showed regular male gamblers were particularly prone to gambling more often online during the public lockdown in the UK, compared to their previously reported gambling habits. Although overall men and women gambled less frequently during lockdown, partly due to betting shops being closed, some forms of gambling increased.

Economics / Business - 17.05.2021

Environment - Economics / Business - 14.05.2021

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 14.05.2021
An entrepreneurial team with roots in UPF founds the first European startup specializing in combating the dangers of artificial intelligence
The company EXPAI is working towards achieving more understandable, safer and fairer artificial intelligence, and its methodology enables detecting racist, sexist or LGBTI-phobic algorithms.

Economics / Business - Research Management - 13.05.2021

Economics / Business - 13.05.2021
New approach to R&D needed to address regional inequalities
New approaches to Government Research and Development (R&D) initiatives are needed to 'level up' the UK, according to a new UCL-authored report.