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Economics / Business - Environment - 08.09.2021

Economics / Business - 06.09.2021

Environment - Economics / Business - 06.09.2021

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Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 06.09.2021
Opinion: To truly ’build back better’ we must reimagine what prosperity looks like
Focusing on GDP and physical infrastructure is futile without real-life benefits for people living in left-behind towns, says Professor Henrietta Moore (UCL Institute for Global Prosperity).

Astronomy / Space Science - Economics / Business - 30.08.2021
CUAVA-1 launches for deployment from International Space Station
CUAVA-1 launches for deployment from International Space Station
A satellite designed and built in Sydney is helping pave the way for Australia's scientific and commercial space industry.

Economics / Business - 27.08.2021
Plunge in confidence due to economics, emotions
Consumer sentiment fell in August by 13.4% from July, recording the least favorable economic prospects in more than a decade, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

Environment - Economics / Business - 25.08.2021

Pedagogy - Economics / Business - 25.08.2021
Stamping out sexual harassment in elite private boys’ schools
A Monash University study has found female teachers in elite private boys' schools are vulnerable to sexual harassment due to the school's status and unique constructs, and recommends a restructure of policies and practices to combat this behaviour.

Economics / Business - Innovation - 25.08.2021

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 24.08.2021

Economics / Business - Career - 23.08.2021
Detroit’s jobless rate drops faster than expected, some sectors show strong growth, U-M forecast finds
Detroit is showing strong signs of economic recovery from the pandemic, with an impressive drop in the jobless rate and job growth in certain sectors.

Economics / Business - Innovation - 23.08.2021

Campus - Economics / Business - 20.08.2021

Materials Science - Economics / Business - 19.08.2021
UK-based consortium established to develop prototype solid-state batteries
A consortium of seven UK-based organisations has signed a memorandum of understanding to combine ambitions to develop world-leading prototype solid-state battery technology, targeting automotive applications.

Economics / Business - Career - 17.08.2021
From self-interest to the social enterprise
From self-interest to the social enterprise
Study reveals motives driving entrepreneurs Not all entrepreneurs who found social enterprises are driven by idealism.

Economics / Business - 17.08.2021
Use your team's emotions to boost creativity
Use your team’s emotions to boost creativity
If you're putting together a team for a project, you might be inclined to pick people with cheerful, optimistic dispositions and flexible thinking. But a new management study indicates your team might also benefit from people who are exactly the opposite, according to experts at Rice, the University of Western Australia, Bond University and the University of Queensland.

Environment - Economics / Business - 16.08.2021

Law - Economics / Business - 16.08.2021

Economics / Business - 11.08.2021
Night at the warehouse
Night at the warehouse
ETH Zurich spinoff, Verity AG deploys a new fleet of drones primed to transform warehouse operations and support more sustainable supply chains.

Economics / Business - 11.08.2021

Economics / Business - Psychology - 10.08.2021
Behavioral economics, explained
Behavioral economics combines elements of economics and psychology to understand how and why people behave the way they do in the real world.

Earth Sciences - Economics / Business - 06.08.2021
Minor volcanic eruptions could 'cascade' into global catastrophe, experts warn
Minor volcanic eruptions could ’cascade’ into global catastrophe, experts warn
Researchers call for a shift in focus away from risks of "super-volcanic" eruptions and towards likelier scenarios of smaller eruptions in key global "pinch points" creating devastating domino effects.

Economics / Business - 05.08.2021
How to predict a stock market bubble in real-time
A new method for identifying financial bubbles could help policymakers avert catastrophes like the burst of the 2007 housing bubble in the US. It is also applicable to traders, as it garners over 3 percent extra profit compared to a 'buy and hold' share investment strategy. Did you hear the one about the rural New Jersey deli worth $146 million? Financial bubbles are getting so big they're almost becoming punchlines.

Economics / Business - Environment - 05.08.2021
Poor urban, rural areas could bear financial burden of move from natural gas to electricity for energy needs
The push for consumers to go electric for their energy needs has significant environmental benefits as the world deals with the disruptive, deadly effects of climate change.

Health - Economics / Business - 04.08.2021
Graphic Warning Labels on Cigarette Packaging Changes Perceptions
Smokers in a randomized clinical trial were more likely to recognize the negative consequences of tobacco and consider quitting Purchase a pack of cigarettes in Australia and be prepared to be accost

Economics / Business - 02.08.2021
Generous with Individuals and Selfish to the Masses
Financial scandals or just normal human behaviour? Neuroeconomists at the University of Zurich have shown in an experimental setting that most people are willing to steal half of the earnings of a la

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 02.08.2021
Computer security personnel need tools, training to assist survivors of intimate partner violence
FACULTY Q&A Survivors of intimate partner violence who experience tech abuse often reach out to computer security companies for help.

Environment - Economics / Business - 30.07.2021

Economics / Business - Career - 29.07.2021

Economics / Business - 27.07.2021
Differences in Financial Risk Preferences Can Make or Break a Marriage
Couples who disagree on savings and investment decisions are twice as likely to divorce, according to new UC San Diego research While it is well known that fighting over money can lead couples to divorce court, new research from the University of California San Diego's Rady School of Management finds that differences in risk preferences, especially when it comes to financial matters, are likely a root cause of marital separation.

Economics / Business - Campus - 26.07.2021