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Economics / Business - Campus - 18.05.2021

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 17.05.2021
Online gambling soared during lockdown, especially among regular gamblers
The study, led by the University of Bristol and published today (17 May) in the Journal of Gambling Studies , showed regular male gamblers were particularly prone to gambling more often online during the public lockdown in the UK, compared to their previously reported gambling habits. Although overall men and women gambled less frequently during lockdown, partly due to betting shops being closed, some forms of gambling increased.

Economics / Business - 17.05.2021

Environment - Economics / Business - 14.05.2021

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 14.05.2021
An entrepreneurial team with roots in UPF founds the first European startup specializing in combating the dangers of artificial intelligence
The company EXPAI is working towards achieving more understandable, safer and fairer artificial intelligence, and its methodology enables detecting racist, sexist or LGBTI-phobic algorithms.

Economics / Business - Research Management - 13.05.2021

Economics / Business - 13.05.2021
New approach to R&D needed to address regional inequalities
New approaches to Government Research and Development (R&D) initiatives are needed to 'level up' the UK, according to a new UCL-authored report.

Campus - Economics / Business - 13.05.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - Economics / Business - 13.05.2021

Economics / Business - Career - 12.05.2021
5 things you need to know about the federal budget
From aged care and mental health to childcare and superannuation, experts from the University of Sydney respond to key announcements in the 2021-2022 federal budget.

Materials Science - Economics / Business - 12.05.2021

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Agronomy / Food Science - Economics / Business - 07.05.2021
Insuring crops from space
Extreme weather poses increasing challenges to the agricultural sector. New insurance models based on satellite data may reduce the risk of drought for farmers, writes Robert Finger. Climate change is increasing drought risk to many areas. Droughts already cause massive yield losses on a regular basis, and coping with this risk is becoming increasingly important to farmers.

Environment - Economics / Business - 07.05.2021
Popcorn! Packaging for the future?
Forest scientists at Göttingen University develop plant-based, environmentally friendly material Modern packaging must do much more than simply meet the specific requirements for transport, storage and presentation: it must also be sustainable.

Economics / Business - Health - 07.05.2021
Are renters - and the U.S. economy - hurtling toward an ’eviction cliff’
More than a year after COVID-19 lockdowns were imposed, millions of U.S. renters have lost income and are billions of dollars behind in paying rent.

Campus - Economics / Business - 06.05.2021

Economics / Business - Campus - 05.05.2021

Environment - Economics / Business - 04.05.2021
Improving the resilience of Switzerland’s energy supply
The new research project, SUstainable and Resilient Energy for Switzerland (SURE) launches today, Tuesday, 4 May.

Economics / Business - Law - 03.05.2021

Economics / Business - Environment - 30.04.2021

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 30.04.2021

Economics / Business - Innovation - 29.04.2021
Digital factory transformation initiative
Digital factory transformation initiative
Competence network for digital transformation in production and logistics Audi, the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO), the Technical University of Munich (TUM), and additional partners are launching a new digitalization initiative, the "Automotive Initiative 2025" (AI25).

Economics / Business - Politics - 29.04.2021
Opinion: Covid has forced a neoliberal retreat, but state intervention isn’t always progressive
We may be seeing the rise of a new authoritarian capitalism shielded from democratic scrutiny, warns Research Associate Laurie Macfarlane (UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose).

Economics / Business - 28.04.2021

Campus - Economics / Business - 28.04.2021

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 27.04.2021
New landmark report recommends OSCE engagement with China
New landmark report recommends OSCE engagement with China
China's growing assertiveness represents both a challenge and an opportunity for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and its 57 participating States.

Economics / Business - Environment - 27.04.2021

Environment - Economics / Business - 26.04.2021
Leeds signs up to tackle waste in fashion
Leeds signs up to tackle waste in fashion
Leeds is the first university to sign up to a UK voluntary agreement to slash the impact of the UK clothing and home fabrics industries on the environment.

Environment - Economics / Business - 26.04.2021
Flood risk’s impact on home values
Analysis of sales data and flood risk data over two decades indicates that housing markets fail to fully account for information about flood risk. The findings suggest that policies to improve risk communication could influence market outcomes. By Rob Jordan Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment Buyer beware: Single-family homes in floodplains - almost 4 million U.S. homes - are overvalued by nearly $44 billion collectively, or $11,526 per house on average, according to a new Stanford University-led study.

Environment - Economics / Business - 26.04.2021

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Economics / Business - 23.04.2021