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Economics / Business - 25.02.2022
Consumer sentiment sinks, challenges rise
Consumer sentiment fell in February to its lowest level in the past decade, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

Politics - Economics / Business - 24.02.2022
Russia-Ukraine: U-M experts can discuss
EXPERTS ADVISORY University of Michigan experts can discuss Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine and its implications on global politics, economics and the human scale.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 23.02.2022

Health - Economics / Business - 23.02.2022

Economics / Business - Media - 22.02.2022
A Voice Inside My Head: The Persuasive Power Headphones Have on Listeners
Headphones increase feelings of connectivity, empathy and engagement, reports a new study from UC San Diego, UCLA and UC Berkeley Americans spend an average of four hours per day listening to audio e

Event - Economics / Business - 22.02.2022

Environment - Economics / Business - 21.02.2022
Consumer Barometer of Renewable Energy 2021: Ticino’s views and preferences on energy and the challenge of climate change
Measuring the sensitivity of Swiss residents to the problem of climate change and possible solutions: it is the objective of the Consumer Barometer of Renewable Energy 2021, a study that the Chair of

Economics / Business - Career - 18.02.2022
U-M forecast: Detroit economy showing ’resilience’ in face of pandemic downturn, though challenges persist
The city of Detroit is making clear progress in its economic recovery from the pandemic, notching gains in employment and wages and drops in joblessness that are expected to continue over the next few years, according to a University of Michigan study.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 16.02.2022

Campus - Economics / Business - 16.02.2022

Economics / Business - Pedagogy - 16.02.2022
Opinion: Large for-profit nursery groups are becoming more common - with negative consequences
Opinion: Large for-profit nursery groups are becoming more common - with negative consequences
During the pandemic many day nurseries changed hands, increasing financial risk for day nursery groups and threatening childcare availability, say Associate Professor Antonia Simon (IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education & Society) and Professor Eva Lloyd (University of East London).

Career - Economics / Business - 16.02.2022
Poverty wages keep child care teachers in ’grim financial bind,’ says new report
The crisis in California child care dates back decades, but the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a deep toll.

Environment - Economics / Business - 15.02.2022
Report calls for urgent action on climate change inequality
Poor and marginalised people in Wales are most likely to be exposed to the negative effects of climate change, a report has found.

Event - Economics / Business - 14.02.2022

Campus - Economics / Business - 11.02.2022
VUB master’s thesis examines how more young people can become cultural entrepreneurs
The Flemish cultural sector has undergone many changes in recent years. In 2006, the economic aspect of culture was recognised.

Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 10.02.2022
The financial skills of disadvantaged children are 'years behind' their more advantaged peers
The financial skills of disadvantaged children are ’years behind’ their more advantaged peers
The financial skills of 15-year-olds from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds are similar to 11-year-olds from the most advantaged backgrounds, shows a new report by UCL researchers.

Health - Economics / Business - 10.02.2022
What the U.S. health care sector can learn from Coca-Cola
A new, Yale-led analysis suggests that the Coca-Cola Company and a number of other corporations are the real thing when it comes to publicly reporting the environmental impact of their operations - something the American health care industry would do well to replicate.

Health - Economics / Business - 08.02.2022
Most of the food and drinks advertised using the ’Mediterranean’ concept do not form part of the Mediterranean diet
Research by the UOC and the UPF shows that just 13.6% of the products analysed have high nutritional values.

Economics / Business - Environment - 08.02.2022
Mining industry would boom under a new global carbon tax
Mining industry would boom under a new global carbon tax
Science, Health & Technology Erik Rolfsen When the mining industry fights carbon taxes, it is arguing against its own economic interests, suggests new research from UBC's Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering and School of Public Policy and Global Affairs. A global carbon tax would bring a financial windfall to the mining industry by forcing a shift in other industries to cleaner technologies that depend on metals and minerals, and any tax on carbon emissions from mining would be small in relation to the value of high-demand commodities generated by the industry.

Economics / Business - Law - 07.02.2022
Many Firearm Buyers and Sellers do not Comply with Assault Weapons Bans
New UC San Diego research suggests that gun laws would gain more compliance if they were enforced With the number of mass killings by firearms rapidly increasing from 270 in 2014 to 693 in 2021 , Pre

Economics / Business - 04.02.2022
The influence of European governance on the economic and social policies of Member States has been analysed
Research undertaken by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) analyses the impact of European economic governance on labour and social reforms that have taken place in Spain in recent years and how they will determine post-Covid reforms. The results have been published in the book, "El impacto social de la gobernanza económica europea" ("The Social Impact of European Economic Governance").

Campus - Economics / Business - 04.02.2022

Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 03.02.2022
Black Michiganders: Key findings from U-M Poverty Solutions
Black History Month, celebrated every February, highlights the experiences and honors the achievements of Black Americans throughout history.

Campus - Economics / Business - 02.02.2022

Economics / Business - Innovation - 02.02.2022

Economics / Business - 02.02.2022

Environment - Economics / Business - 02.02.2022
Renewable energy generates payback: Western studies 
A Western University study shows that, even in northern climates, combining residential solar power with heat pumps can be a profitable investment.

Economics / Business - Career - 01.02.2022

Politics - Economics / Business - 01.02.2022
Ukraine-Russia crisis: What to know
What is essential to know about the rising tensions in eastern Europe and the Ukraine-Russia crisis? Melvyn Levitsky , professor of international policy and practice at the University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy, shares his insights.

Health - Economics / Business - 31.01.2022
Software that orchestrates secure and compliant data collaborations
Software that orchestrates secure and compliant data collaborations
As businesses grow increasingly reliant on data to make strategic decisions, more and more companies and organizations decide to collaborate and share information with each other.

Economics / Business - 31.01.2022
Tracking inequality in real time - a powerful new tool from Berkeley economists
A powerful new web tool from a team of prominent Berkeley economists will allow users to track, almost in real time, how economic growth and policy affect the distribution of income and wealth in the United States.

Economics / Business - 28.01.2022
Consumer sentiment sinks to decade low
Consumer sentiment fell throughout January, posting a cumulative loss of 4.8%, sinking to its lowest level since November 2011, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

Economics / Business - Pedagogy - 27.01.2022
Nursery sector risks being damaged by large corporate takeovers
Nursery sector risks being damaged by large corporate takeovers
Smaller nurseries in England are being bought up by profit-focused companies, without necessarily creating more places or investing more in staff, according to a major new study led by UCL researchers.

Sport - Economics / Business - 26.01.2022
Does bias play a role in judging Olympic events?
Do preferences rather than performance decide who becomes an Olympic champion? When we think of the athletes who appear in the next Olympic Games, we like to believe that talent and effort are the only factors that are going to determine their sports performance.