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Environment - 12.05.2023
Why we need electricity trade
To decarbonize our economy, electricity will replace oil and natural gas as the primary energy carrier.

Computer Science - Environment - 12.05.2023
An interactive journey into the Earth system
An interactive journey into the Earth system
Researchers from Leipzig University will present an interactive digital cube that can visualise climate data from anywhere in the world in space and time at the Building Bridges for the Next Generations conference on 16 May. As a freely accessible website, LexCube makes terabytes of data available to everyone.

Electroengineering - Environment - 12.05.2023

Physics - 12.05.2023
'Trust is the most important thing'
’Trust is the most important thing’
Physicist Christian Klein-Bösing about the collaboration at CERN, one of the world's largest research centres.

Environment - 12.05.2023
UT launches new Climate Centre to boost sustainable ambitions
The University of Twente will launch its UT Climate Centre during the Dies Natalis on Friday, 12 May.

Life Sciences - 12.05.2023
Australian fruit holds the key to citrus disease resistance
Australian fruit holds the key to citrus disease resistance
A comprehensive map of the genome of a native lime species that is resistant to a devastating citrus disease could be the key to preventing that disease entering Australia.

Health - 12.05.2023
AI helps map the postal workers in cells
AI helps map the postal workers in cells
University of Queensland researchers have used artificial intelligence to build a 3D map of key cell components to better understand dementia and infectious diseases including COVID-19. Professor Brett Collins from UQ's Institute for Molecular Bioscience and Professor Pete Cullen from the University of Bristol led a team that modelled the 16 subunit Commander complex, a bundle of proteins that act as 'postal workers' in cells.

Innovation - 12.05.2023
’No one knows for sure where we are now and where we are heading for at great speed’
How do you make sure that Artificial Intelligence technology continues to serve humanity while protecting the rights of individuals? This is the question MEPs are working on as part of the development of the AI Act, that TU/e is also provides input for.

Innovation - Environment - 12.05.2023

Health - Social Sciences - 12.05.2023
How AI could help doctors predict cardiac problems in critically ill children
How AI could help doctors predict cardiac problems in critically ill children
A unique collaboration between University of Toronto Engineering researchers and hospital physicians is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence - similar to an AI that helps detect earthquakes - to diagnose heart rhythm abnormalities at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.

Health - Pharmacology - 12.05.2023
Cannabinoid-based drug trial for brain tumours begins
Patients with aggressive brain tumours may be able to take part in a new trial of a cannabinoid-based drug, coordinated by the University of Birmingham.

Innovation - Criminology / Forensics - 12.05.2023

Computer Science - 12.05.2023

Environment - 12.05.2023
Meet Zephyr, Luna and Rosa: UC Berkeley’s new falcon chicks get named
Rosa, on the left, has red tape on one leg band; her sister Luna, in the middle, wears blue; and brother Zephyr sports yellow.

Astronomy / Space Science - Earth Sciences - 12.05.2023
International Sea Level Satellite Spots Early Signs of El Niño
Kelvin waves, a potential precursor of El Niño conditions in the ocean, are rolling across the equatorial Pacific toward the coast of South America.

Astronomy / Space Science - Innovation - 12.05.2023
NASA Calls End to Lunar Flashlight After Some Tech Successes
NASA Calls End to Lunar Flashlight After Some Tech Successes
While the CubeSat couldn't reach the lunar South Pole to help seek ice, it fulfilled several technology goals that will empower future missions for the benefit of humanity. NASA's Lunar Flashlight launched on Dec. 11, 2022, to demonstrate several new technologies, with an ultimate goal to seek out surface ice in the permanently shadowed craters of the Moon's South Pole.

Health - Chemistry - 12.05.2023
Four researchers with MIT ties earn 2023 Schmidt Science Fellowships
The illustrious prize supports early-career scientists and engineers as they pursue interdisciplinary work.

Innovation - Career - 12.05.2023
New MIT-Denmark collaboration to expand opportunities for global impact
A grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation will allow more MIT interns to connect with innovators in Denmark.

Media - Environment - 12.05.2023

History / Archeology - 12.05.2023
A symbol with a story
A symbol with a story
The iconic MIT Press colophon symbolizes the legacy of its creator Muriel Cooper, a graphic design pioneer and longtime member of the MIT community.

History / Archeology - 11.05.2023
From Both Sides Now: the Story of an Egyptian Stele
From Both Sides Now: the Story of an Egyptian Stele
Limestone tablet decoded: double meaning combining official religion with personal piety How people cope with crises has always been a fruitful field of research for the sciences.

Life Sciences - Health - 11.05.2023
'Topping out' ceremony held for new centre of excellence for UCL Neuroscience
’Topping out’ ceremony held for new centre of excellence for UCL Neuroscience
UCL's new world-class neuroscience building has reached its highest point in construction, which was celebrated with a 'topping out' ceremony today.

Innovation - 11.05.2023
Good Design is the Magic Behind AI Game
A tragedy looms over the town of Howlsbend - and asking the right questions of artificial intelligence may be the only way to discover the witch behind this wickedness.

Health - Pharmacology - 11.05.2023
Exploring ways to treat kidney cancer using patients’ own cells in new UCL-GSK collaboration
Researchers from the UCL Institute of Immunity & Transplantation (IIT) are leading a collaborative project with biopharma company GSK, aiming to discover innovative new kidney cancer treatments that use the patient's own cells.

Health - Environment - 11.05.2023
COVID-19 public health emergency ends, but research, lessons go on
EXPERTS ADVISORY Today brings to a close the last of 13 federal health emergency declarations first enacted Jan.

Innovation - 11.05.2023
Zortify: Pioneering next-generation AI for the European HR sector
Luxembourg-based HR tech company Zortify and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg are pioneering next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) for the European context in the domain of Human Resource management. The two organisations are collaborating to pioneer the ethical use of AI and trust in a European context.

Economics - Politics - 11.05.2023
Establishment of Rule of Law is Central for Post-Conflict Ukraine
A study by the ZHAW and CASE Ukraine shows how economic reconstruction could succeed in Ukraine after the end of the war.

Materials Science - Innovation - 11.05.2023
Developing multifunctional coatings 50 times faster
Developing multifunctional coatings 50 times faster
The "Empa Zukunftsfonds" seeks private donors for outstanding research projects that are not (yet) supported elsewhere. For example a project from Empa's Surface Science and Coating Technologies laboratory: With the support of the Helmut Fischer and Anni Walther Foundation the researchers aim to accelerate the development of multifunctional thin films, which could be applied in electronic devices or high-performance optics.

Environment - Campus - 11.05.2023
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