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Education - 28.11.2022
Utrecht University best Dutch broad classical university
On 24 November, the 'Keuzegids' (Selection Guide) Universities 2023 was published. In the Keuzegids, 20 UU Bachelor's degrees are rated best compared to similar programmes at other Dutch universities.

Education - History / Archeology - 21.11.2018

Education - Earth Sciences - 09.07.2018
Teachers need more support, less admin to deliver quality education
New data shows the majority of teachers (91 percent) reported administrative demands were a hindrance to their core job, according to a University of Sydney survey.

Education - 06.06.2018
Study suggests education causes short-sightedness
The more time a person spends in education the more likely they are to develop short-sightedness, reveals a study led by Cardiff University and the University of Bristol.

Administration - Education - 23.04.2018

Education - 19.04.2018
England behind other countries in maths performance of disadvantaged pupils
Maths performance of disadvantaged pupils in England ranks in the lower half of developed countries, new analysis by UCL Institute of Education and the Education Policy Institute (EPI) reveals.

Education - Administration - 11.04.2018

Administration - Education - 05.04.2018
Early years provision a ’postcode lottery’, according to new report
Government records of Sure Start children's centre closures are a massive underestimate, according to a major report published today.

Education - Economics - 28.03.2018
Three generations of data show how wealthy (white) families stay wealthy
ANN ARBOR-Recent research has shown the enormous differences in how white and black Americans maintain income positions across two generations. Now, a new study traces family wealth across three generations, and reveals large gaps in the transmission of that wealth. The study, led by Fabian Pfeffer at the University of Michigan, found that the most important way in which families maintain their wealth is often indirect-for instance, by facilitating the educational success and homeownership of the next generation.

Education - Linguistics / Literature - 21.03.2018

Linguistics / Literature - Education - 21.03.2018

Innovation - Education - 19.03.2018

Education - History / Archeology - 15.03.2018

Education - Social Sciences - 14.03.2018
Educational success curbs effects of child abuse, neglect
ANN ARBOR-The emotional and sexual abuse that some children endure can lead them to commit crimes later in life.

Education - Life Sciences - 12.03.2018

Environment - Education - 02.03.2018

Health - Education - 23.02.2018
Children with chronic kidney disease at risk of lower IQs
Children with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are at risk of lower IQs and deficits in academic skills, University of Sydney research reveals.
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