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Education - 11.03.2014
Ethnic minorities ‘better qualified’
11 Mar 2014 New evidence from the 2011 Census shows that ethnic minorities in England and Wales have become increasingly better qualified than their White British counterparts.

Agronomy / Food Science - Education - 10.03.2014
Education 'protects' poor women from fattening effects of rising wealth
Education ’protects’ poor women from fattening effects of rising wealth
Obesity levels among women in lowand middle-income countries tend to rise in line with wealth as they purchase more energy-dense foods, but a new UCL study suggests that more educated consumers make better food choices that mitigate this effect. The study showed that in middle-income countries, obesity levels among women with secondary or higher education are 14-19% lower than less-educated women of similar wealth.

Mechanical Engineering - Education - 07.03.2014
Work to start on £60 million advanced manufacturing research facility at Ansty Park
The University of Birmingham and Rolls-Royce celebrated their joint collaboration to establish a High Temperature Research Centre (HTRC) when the University's Vice-Chancellor Professor David Eastwood

Education - Administration - 05.03.2014

Physics - Education - 03.03.2014
'Four!' heads up, wide use of more flexible metallic glass coming your way
’Four!’ heads up, wide use of more flexible metallic glass coming your way
Scientists are working toward even stronger and more elastic glass types which would fail in a ductile fashion instead of shattering.

Health - Education - 27.02.2014
NICE Fellowship for Associate Professor
Dr Veronica Maynard, Associate Professor in Postgraduate Clinical Education and Lead for Evidence Based Medicine at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry (PU PSMD), has been awarded a three-year NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) Fellowship.

Health - Education - 25.02.2014
Compassion aids well-being
Compassion aids well-being
Stanford University's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education co-sponsored the Dalai Lama's visit to Silicon Valley for a talk on business, ethics and compassion.

Earth Sciences - Education - 24.02.2014

Education - Economics - 24.02.2014

Astronomy / Space Science - Education - 17.02.2014
Ancient gas-rich galaxies found in cosmic crib
Squinting close to the beginning of time, Dominik Riechers, Cornell assistant professor of astronomy, has discovered an association of gas-rich galaxies near the infancy of cosmic time. It's an early epoch - some 12.7 billion years ago - telling a tale that revolves around an exceptionally dusty galaxy called AzTEC-3.

Education - Linguistics / Literature - 17.02.2014

Education - Social Sciences - 14.02.2014
Migrant children: the litmus test of our education system
We live in a multilingual society. More than a million children attending British schools speak more than 360 languages between them in addition to English.

Education - 13.02.2014
University celebrates 5 years of Gaelic residency scheme
The University of Glasgow will this week mark the 5th anniversary of its unique Gaelic language residency scheme, Taigh na Gàidhlig (Lit.

Education - Social Sciences - 12.02.2014
IOE and UCL to consult on proposed merger
IOE and UCL to consult on proposed merger
The Institute of Education (IOE) and UCL today announced that they are to begin consultation on a proposed merger.

Education - 07.02.2014
Use humans in your UW research? More info on the new IRB forms you need
University of Washington The UW Human Subjects Division has updated and streamlined many of its policies.

Education - Pedagogy - 04.02.2014

Social Sciences - Education - 03.02.2014
Understanding the "new migration age"
Today, we commence a month-long focus on research on migration. To begin, Professor Madeleine Arnot and Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe, Co-Convenors of the new Cambridge Migration Research Network, discuss the Network's rationale and aims, and our preoccupation with the impact of migrant populations.

Education - Career - 03.02.2014

Education - Psychology - 03.02.2014
Study challenges claims of single-sex schooling benefits
As many American public school districts adopt single-sex classrooms and even entire schools, a new study finds scant evidence that they offer educational or social benefits. The study was the largest and most thorough effort to examine the issue to date, says Janet Hyde , a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Education - Administration - 01.02.2014
Education key to reducing violent knife crime
Knife Crime Interventions: 'what works?' PDF Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research Education based interventions are more effective than any other initiative in tackling the scourge of knife crime.

Education - Social Sciences - 29.01.2014
Stanford's Gardner Center partners with California schools on new reform plan
Stanford’s Gardner Center partners with California schools on new reform plan
Researchers at the Gardner Center will help design a system for eight large urban school districts that examines social and emotional learning, as well as academic performance.

Education - Religions - 06.01.2014

Social Sciences - Education - 23.12.2013
Sussex Social Work celebrates year of unprecedented league table success
Sussex Social Work celebrates year of unprecedented league table success
Sussex Social Work celebrates year of unprecedented league table success The Department of Social Work and Social Care at the University of Sussex rounded off 2013 by celebrating their unprecedented success in multiple league tables this year.

Education - Administration - 18.12.2013
The Robert Owen Centre to help tackle the educational attainment gap
Related content Research profile: Professor Chris Chapman Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change School of Education College of Social Sciences The Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change at the

Education - 11.12.2013
Plymouth hosts delegation from Japan in wake of G8 dementia conference
A delegation from Japan is visiting Plymouth on Thursday 12 December to see the city's pioneering work in dementia care.

Education - Administration - 11.12.2013

Administration - Education - 06.12.2013

Education - 04.12.2013
Cultivating new leaders in the humanities
Cultivating new leaders in the humanities
Oxford University's Head of Humanities has outlined the need for more leaders across the humanities in a research paper published today (4 December).

Pedagogy - Education - 02.12.2013
Tourette Syndrome in secondary schools: the real picture
Secondary school can be a stressful enough time for any teenager, but for those living with Tourette Syndrome (TS) their neurological condition can present a whole new set of challenges.

Education - 26.11.2013

Pedagogy - Education - 22.11.2013
Successful UChicago-run education program to be mirrored at United Kingdom schools
Parents in the United Kingdom will learn how to become partners in their children's learning and potentially improve the youngsters' school performance in an initiative that mirrors a successful University of Chicago project.

Education - 22.11.2013
New online course is enjoyed around the world
Pioneering online learners have praised a free course offered by the University of Leeds as part of its venture into MOOCs.

Social Sciences - Education - 14.11.2013
More than just language: Melbourne hosts landmark Asian forum
The University of Melbourne will host a landmark international forum that will take a closer look on the role of language and culture in Asia, this weekend.

Education - Health - 12.11.2013
Polar explorer to work with dementia researchers during latest solo expedition
The wilds of Antarctica might seem an unlikely place to conduct research into dementia. But academics from Plymouth University are hoping the physical and mental challenges faced by polar explorer Antony Jinman could prove a valuable tool in their work to tackle the condition.