Electoral debate on December 3


The three candidates to the Rector’s Office election in the University of Barcelona, Joan Guàrdia, David Vallespín and Joan Elias, will have a debate on Thursday, December 3, at 11 a.m. The debate, chaired by the journalist Sílvia Cóppulo, can be followed on UBtv.

The debate will have four thematic blocks: Current situation and general future challenges for the institution; Academic and teaching field; People and groups of the UB, and Research and Internationalization. For approximately two hours, the candidates will present their respective government projects and will provide their view on the current and future situation of the University. With this aim, the public will also be able to ask questions to the candidates during the debate through the chat that will be open during the broadcast or via Twitter, using the hashtag #EleccionsUB.

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