Eminate celebrates products’ success with top-flight partners

Eminate celebrates products’ success with top-flight partners

PA 85/09

Three new products brought closer to market by University of Nottingham subsidiary eminate will be celebrated at a gathering of business leaders and academics at BioCity Nottingham.

eminate will be joined by development partners Honda Trading Europe Limited, Leatherhead Food International and The University of Nottingham on March 26th, to mark the successful completion of product trials to benefit the food technology and healthcare sectors.

With backing from the government-funded Technology Strategy Board and the collaborative support of leading commercial and academic partners, eminate has taken just 15 months to bring three products — Natto Capsules, Ultra-fine Salt and machinery wear-resistant coating — closer to market. The gathering at BioCity on March 26th will enable eminate, the Technology Strategy Board, The University of Nottingham, Honda Trading Europe Limited and Leatherhead Food International to describe how it has been possible to translate technical know-how quickly and efficiently into product reality.

Dr Roger Carline, Chief Executive Officer of eminate, said: “We have created a new way of doing business. By setting clear objectives, defining partner roles and identifying market opportunities we are achieving the purposes for which eminate was established. We are now ready to share this innovative business model with other leading public and private organisations in the East Midlands.”

A wholly-owned subsidiary of The University of Nottingham launched in 2006, eminate’s investors include the Technology Strategy Board through its Micro-Nano Technology initiative, which has funded eminate to provide industry with nano- and micro- technology solutions to real market needs in health.

From its BioCity facilities, eminate provides a range of advanced technologies and services focused on materials for the healthcare and food sectors. Access to seven of the region’s top universities has made a real difference to the rate of progress. The University of Nottingham has been instrumental in the development of the machinery wear-resistant coating.

Dr Richard Masterman, Director of Research Innovation Services at the University and Chairman of eminate says: “This is an exciting development which draws on the University’s excellent research base. eminate provides new ways of bridging between research and industry focusing on innovative product development.”

A commercial partnership with the Food Division of Honda Trading Europe Limited will accelerate the commercialisation of the Natto Capsule — a food supplement to tackle bone disease — through access to global market links.

Honda Trading Europe Managing Director, Toshiyuki Sakakibara, said: “Honda Trading has a firm target, even a dream, to bring the health benefits of natto to the wider public. We are excited about the realisation of this dream, and by the opportunities we see in working closely with eminate towards further product development. We congratulate eminate in achieving commercial supply of Natural Natto Vitamin K2 within a demanding time frame, and are very pleased to be part of this strategic alliance.”

The third eminate product, Ultra-fine Salt, has undergone trials in bread production with the assistance of major food technology research organisation Leatherhead Food International.

Alice Pegg, Head of Food Innovation at Leatherhead Food International said: “LFI has been working in the area of healthy food and snacks for many years. Our research on salt showed a link between salt particle size and saltiness perception, which has the potential of reducing salt levels in products.

“LFI and eminate are working in partnership to develop this further, using eminate’s novel manufacturing process and LFI’s application knowledge and food industry links, enabling this to be communicated effectively into the food industry, and help move scientific developments into the factory, and on to benefit the consumer.”

eminate will encourage guests at the BioCity gathering to adopt this partnership business model to help generate new products and processes.

Dr Carline said: “The East Midlands has an excellent base of innovative companies who can benefit from access to our in-house facilities, academic excellence and international partners.”

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