Europe's businesses to benefit from Devon universities

Businesses across Europe are set to benefit from a new €2million cross-channel collaboration involving the Universities of Plymouth and Exeter. The two universities are working with partner organisations in France and the UK to help academic research deliver business innovation across Europe.

Funded by the European Union, PROTTEC (Public Research Organisation Technology Transfer through Regional Economic Clusters) will strengthen the link between new technologies developed through university research and developments in industry, with a particular focus on small to medium business enterprises (SMEs). This means that the latest discoveries made by academics will be more quickly and effectively shared with businesses to help develop new products.

Professor Martin Attrill, Director of the University of Plymouth Marine Institute said; “The extensive research programmes at the universities of Exeter and Plymouth frequently give rise to exciting new technologies and breakthroughs in knowledge. We see it as an important challenge to exploit these fully to help enhance business competitiveness and provide a source of knowledge that can support research institutions, public sector bodies and communities. We look forward to sharing knowledge exploitation expertise through PROTTEC to further best practice across Europe, putting it on a par with our counterparts in other parts of the world.”

Allen Alexander who leads the research from the University of Exeter Business School and is Head of Operations, Research & Knowledge Transfer at the University said: “European research is considered among the best in the world, but Europe cannot match the track record of the USA or Japan when it comes to translating this research into innovations. PROTTEC is focussing on this issue with plans to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge transfer on both sides of the English Channel.”

The Universities of Plymouth and Exeter are also working with UK partner Marine South East. French organisation Bretagne Valorisation, which acts as an interface between researchers and industry partners, is leading the project with involvement from French marine research organisation Ifremer.


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