Federal Budget 2019: UQ experts available

University of Queensland experts are available to comment on issues around the 2019 Federal Budget. Journalists can contact the following experts below or search by topic or name at UQ Experts.

Professor John Quiggin , School of Economics:

Expertise: Australian economic policy, public asset sales, infrastructure projects, drought and economics, water and economics, environment/climate change and economics, economic growth, tax, employment policy, and ‘zombie economics’.

Expertise: labour economics, industrial economics, taxation policy, climate change economics, water and economics, economic growth.

Expertise: microeconomic policy and regulation, innovation and startup policy, industry economics, economic development and growth.

Expertise: regulation and market design (including in energy, transport, environment and health), public procurement, taxation, general comment on Australian economic policy.

Expertise: financial modelling, corporate finance, empirical finance and asset pricing, interest rates.

Expertise: innovation and sustainability, corporate sustainability, climate change and business.

Associate Professor Jacquelyn Humphrey , School of Business:

Expertise: funds management, responsible/sustainable investment.

Expertise: corporate social responsibility, long-term financial modelling, decision-making under risk, sentiment and stock markets.

Expertise: law relating to politics, elections, finance, labour and employment, and how elections are regulated and run.

Expertise: Banking Royal Commission, corporate and financial services regulation, corporation law/wrongdoing/corruption, corporate crime, directors’ duties.

Dr Chris Salisbury , School of Political Science and International Studies:

Expertise: Australian state and federal politics, Australia’s social and political history, budget and election analysis.

Associate Professor Matt McDonald , School of Political Science and International Studies:

Expertise: climate change.

Expertise: environmental and resource economics, the economics of climate change, and environmental policy, mining, pollution regulation and recycling as it relates to economics.

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