Federal election: UQ experts available

The University of Queensland has a range of experts available to talk during the Federal election campaign.

Journalists can search by topic or name at UQ Experts or contact the following experts.

Professor Andrew Griffiths , Executive Dean of Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Expertise : innovation and sustainability, corporate sustainability, climate change and business.

Expertise: government and policy, comparative government, government and administration, government business relations, intergovernmental relations, public policy.

Expertise: organisational trust, trust development, stakeholder trust, leadership, organisational change.

Dr Sarel Gronum , UQ Business School:

Expertise: innovation leadership, entrepreneurship, SME growth and performance, business model innovation.

Expertise: Australian economic policy, public asset sales, drought and economics, water and economics/politics, environment/climate change and economics, economic growth, tax, employment policy, political economy, and “zombie economics”.

Expertise: environmental and resource economics, the economics of climate change, environmental policy, mining, pollution regulation, and recycling as it translates to economics.

Expertise: labour economics, industrial economics, taxation policy, climate change economics, water and economics, economic growth.

Expertise: macroeconomics, monetary policy, housing market/prices, mortgage crisis, inflation, fiscal policy, economic forecasting, business and labour economics.

Expertise: laws and norms of electoral politics - how elections, parties, parliament and money in politics are run, and labour and employment law.

Expertise: Queensland state and federal politics, Australia’s social and political history, budget and election analysis.

Expertise: Australian politics, hate speech, human rights and freedom of speech.

Expertise: climate change, sustainability and environment policy.

Expertise: transport energy, transport policy, road pricing, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles.

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