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Transport - 26.05.2023
Researcher is helping deliver on the promise of 5G to all communities
Dr. Catherine Rosenberg is examining how the next generation of cellular networks can reduce digital divides   Faculty of Engineering If you've walked through a shopping mall or watched a big game on TV lately, you're sure to have seen an ad touting the benefits of 5G cellular networks.

Health - Social Sciences - 26.05.2023
FM praises ’vital’ research being done at University of Glasgow’s new Clarice Pears Building
The University of Glasgow was delighted to welcome Scotland's First Minister Humza Yousaf to its new Clarice Pears Building today to learn more about the University's commitment to addressing health inequalities through its research and civic engagement.

Health - Life Sciences - 26.05.2023
COVID genetic clues and mathematical Fellow: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From research into genetic variants which are linked to severe COVID-19 , to an award-winning mathematician studying statistical theory and applied probability, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Health - Psychology - 26.05.2023
Imperial addiction researcher appointed to national role to tackle drug harms
Anne Lingford-Hughes has been appointed to a national role aimed at tackling addiction and improving treatment outcomes.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 26.05.2023

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 26.05.2023
Feature: Reclaiming indigenous history from Amazonian soil
Feature: Reclaiming indigenous history from Amazonian soil
UCL archaeologist Dr Manuel Arroyo-Kalin has been working with Brazilian researchers and indigenous peoples to help better understand and share their cultural heritage.

Health - 26.05.2023
Expecting mums and dads unready for parenthood – children experts warn
Expecting mums and dads unready for parenthood – children experts warn
Expectant mothers and fathers are being "failed" by the UK government's public health plans leaving them unprepared for parenthood, a new report has warned.

Innovation - Physics - 26.05.2023
Quantum sensor for a future navigation system tested aboard Royal Navy ship
A prototype quantum sensor built at Imperial, with potential application in GPS-free navigation, has been tested in collaboration with the Royal Navy.

Innovation - Computer Science - 26.05.2023
Preventing failures with artificial intelligence
Failures. We all suffer from them: payment apps that don't work, websites that are down, or software that doesn't cooperate.

Environment - Social Sciences - 26.05.2023

Computer Science - Physics - 26.05.2023
Physicist and engineer of the University of Valencia, Álvaro Moreno new 'Google Developer Expert' for Google Earth
Physicist and engineer of the University of Valencia, Álvaro Moreno new ’Google Developer Expert’ for Google Earth
Physicist and engineer of the University of Valencia, Élvaro Moreno new -Google Developer Expert- for Google Earth The physicist and electronical engineer Élvaro Moreno, researcher of the University

Health - 26.05.2023
How Canadians’ lifestyle behaviours changed during the COVID-19 pandemic
Sixty per cent of roughly 1,600 Canadians who took part in a new McGill University study say their lifestyle habits either stayed the same or improved during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sport - Campus - 26.05.2023
Be happy, play hockey
Ph.D. candidate Amélie Apinis-Deshaies has found that well-being is the most important factor influencing sleep, recovery and performance in professional hockey players.

Life Sciences - Health - 26.05.2023
A Botox discovery that could save lives
Researchers from The University of Queensland have determined how Botox - a drug made from a deadly biological substance - enters brain cells.

Politics - Linguistics / Literature - 26.05.2023

History / Archeology - 26.05.2023
Introducing the 2023 UCL University Challenge Team
Introducing the 2023 UCL University Challenge Team
UCL has competed in University Challenge since the show's debut in 1962. We speak to next season's team, who will compete in the first series without the inimitable Jeremy Paxman.

Microtechnics - 26.05.2023
Sweater-Wrapped Robots Can Feel and React to Human Touch
The same qualities that make a knitted sweater comfortable and easy to wear might allow robots to better interact with humans.

Economics - 26.05.2023
Sentiment tumbles amid debt ceiling crisis
Consumer sentiment slipped 7% due to renewed concerns about the trajectory of the economy, erasing nearly half of the gains achieved since the all-time historic low from last June.

Microtechnics - Astronomy / Space Science - 26.05.2023
The Monash Uni Pink Rover flies the Aussie flag at the Grand Prix of robotics competitions
A Pink Rover is this year's Monash University Nova Rover team entry into the 2023 University Rover Challenge from 31 May - 3 June at the Mars Desert Research Station, Hanksville, Utah, USA.

Innovation - Computer Science - 25.05.2023

Astronomy / Space Science - 25.05.2023

Campus - Physics - 25.05.2023

Health - 25.05.2023
Lower GCSE grades for children in families relying on food banks
Children living with long-term poverty and whose families rely on food banks are more likely to achieve lower GCSE grades, finds a report co-authored by UCL researchers.

Social Sciences - 25.05.2023

Innovation - Research Management - 25.05.2023

Life Sciences - Innovation - 25.05.2023
Wyss Center partners with ALBA network
Geneva, Switzerland - The Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering, an independent, non-profit, research organization that innovates and accelerates technologies and therapies to transform the lives

History / Archeology - 25.05.2023
Digital Map Provides Interactive Lesson on Telegraph History
Before Andrew Carnegie became the industrialist he's remembered as today, he worked for an early telegraph company in Pittsburgh as a messenger boy.

Media - 25.05.2023
Warnings about ’alcohol posts’ on social media
Many young people regularly post photos of themselves with a glass of beer or wine in their hand. But such 'alcohol posts' could lead to more youngsters drinking alcohol.

Health - 25.05.2023
SCIENCE4ALL: Pioneering Minds Project
SCIENCE4ALL: Pioneering Minds Project
SCIENCE4ALL as an example of Public engagement and Open Innovation in basic research - a pioneer Project for Pioneering Minds SCIENCE4ALL, a project led by Valentina Biasin [Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology, Medical University of Graz, and Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Pulmonary Vascular Research] is a Public and Patients Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) project in basic science.
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