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Environment - 16:06
Expert Insight: Western expert says flooding in Pakistan is 'a disaster not seen before'
Expert Insight: Western expert says flooding in Pakistan is ’a disaster not seen before’
Flooding in Pakistan continues to ravage the country leaving millions displaced from their homes and many dead.

Innovation - Materials Science - 13:08
Four terminal perovskite-silicon PV tandem devices hit 30% efficiency
Four terminal perovskite-silicon PV tandem devices hit 30% efficiency
TU/e researchers Adriana Creatore and Rene Janssen collaborate in Solliance to push the efficiency of solar cells.

Health - 12:09
New tool assesses which countries need Covid-19 vaccines the most
A new scoring tool that helps to 'transparently' prioritise which countries are in greatest need of Covid-19 vaccines, has been developed by a UCL-led team of researchers. The researchers say the tool considers a far wider range of factors than the current global COVAX facility, which has been criticised by some countries, particularly poorer nations for insufficient access and a lack of flexibility to response to local rapid rises in infections.

Economics / Business - 10:08
Menthol smokers are more likely to quit smoking after European menthol ban
The EU ban on menthol cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco introduced in May 2020 led menthol smokers to be more likely to try to quit smoking and to be successful in quitting compared to non-menthol smokers.

Social Sciences - Career - 09:09
New Study to Understand the Relationship Between ADHD and Suicide Risk
ADHD UK is delighted to announce a new research partnership with the University of Glasgow to explore the relationship between ADHD and suicide risk.

Environment - 09:00
Eawag agrees on cooperation with International Atomic Energy Agency
Eawag agrees on cooperation with International Atomic Energy Agency
Janet Hering, Director of the aquatic research institute Eawag, signed a cooperation agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Monday 26 September 2022.

Environment - Innovation - 08:07
European countries develop a circular bioeconomy with support CEE2ACT project
On 13 and 14 September 2022, representatives of 17 European organisations, including Wageningen University & Research, gathered in Budapest at the kick-off meeting of the CEE2ACT project, funded under the European Union's Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme.

Linguistics / Literature - 07:10
The first Camilo José Cela manuscript, found
The first Camilo José Cela manuscript, found
Cultura The manuscript is the collection of poems Pisando la dudosa luz del día , which Camilo José Cela wrote from November 1 to 11, 1936, driven by the death of his girlfriend in tragic circumstances, victim of the bombings of the first major siege of Franco's troops in Madrid, to which he would later enlist.

Economics / Business - 07:07
Australian boards urged to boost cybersecurity skills
A University of Queensland study has identified a need to prioritise cybersecurity training for board directors, to better protect Australian organisations from cyber-attacks.

Health - Innovation - 07:07

Campus - Computer Science - 07:00

Health - Environment - 26.09.2022
Lung experts aim to combat COPD more effectively worldwide
Lung experts aim to combat COPD more effectively worldwide
International Lancet commission with MHH pneumologist Professor Dr Tobias Welte makes recommendations on prophylaxis, diagnosis and therapy Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the most common chronic respiratory disease worldwide and the third leading cause of death.

Astronomy / Space Science - Economics / Business - 26.09.2022
RHEA Luxembourg leads international partnership with ESA on QKD
RHEA System Luxembourg S.A. POST Luxembourg, HITEC Luxembourg, the University of Luxembourg's Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), evolutionQ Inc.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 26.09.2022

Health - Social Sciences - 26.09.2022
Lancet Covid-19 Commission report details 'massive global failures' of pandemic response
Lancet Covid-19 Commission report details ’massive global failures’ of pandemic response
Widespread, global failures in the Covid-19 response led to millions of preventable deaths and reversed progress made towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in many countries, finds a new report involving UCL researchers.

Politics - 26.09.2022
The unread Stasi files
The unread Stasi files
Study examines the motives behind former East Germans' decisions not to view their files Many people-including public figures such as Nobel Laureate Günter Grass, former West German chancellor Helmut Schmidt, and trade union leader Claus Weselsky-choose not to read their Stasi files.

Life Sciences - Environment - 26.09.2022
How a UCLA fish scientist helped the alien in Jordan Peele's 'Nope' seem terrifyingly real
How a UCLA fish scientist helped the alien in Jordan Peele’s ’Nope’ seem terrifyingly real
When Kelsi Rutledge came to UCLA to pursue graduate studies, she didn't expect to land a side hustle in Hollywood.

Life Sciences - Event - 26.09.2022
FMI science prizes - winners 2022
The three FMI internal science prizes are awarded yearly and recognize respectively the best thesis, the best postdoc study and an ingenious new method or tool.

Economics / Business - 26.09.2022
Bank closures drive people to the Post Office to handle cash
The rise in local banking branches closing across the UK has increased the demand for access to cash deposit services at Post Offices, new research has found.

Health - 26.09.2022
Rising food prices hit less-healthy older adults hardest, U-M poll suggests
New data suggest inflation will worsen already large nutrition gaps for people over 50 Three-quarters of people over age 50 in the United States say the rising cost of groceries has affected them som

Life Sciences - Health - 26.09.2022
Improving health outcomes for First Nations Australians
Improving health outcomes for First Nations Australians
The creation of a DNA database that more accurately reflects the rich genetic diversity of First Nations Australians will help improve health outcomes for patients, according to experts from The Australian National University (ANU).

Health - 26.09.2022
Heart disease: prevention is particularly important in cancer patients
With the increasing number of cancer survivors, the medical community is becoming increasingly aware of a hitherto less noticed health risk: cancer therapy-related cardiovascular disease.

Pedagogy - 26.09.2022
Raising the first-year pass rate without compromising on standards
Raising the first-year pass rate without compromising on standards
As the new academic year kicks into gear, we spoke to Simone Deparis, the executive director of EPFL's Propedeutic Center (CePro), which is aiming to raise the first-year pass rate (currently 51.5%) without lowering standards.

Social Sciences - Health - 26.09.2022

Health - Life Sciences - 26.09.2022
Medical suite to advance brain disorder research and treatment
Medical suite to advance brain disorder research and treatment
A clinical suite at a University of Queensland health research facility is ready to help unlock the mysteries of neurological conditions experienced by one billion people worldwide. Launched recently, the Neurosciences Clinical Research Suite (NCRS) at UQ's Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR) will be a go-to place for scientists, clinicians and health professionals to work directly with clinical trial patients to help find new treatments for brain disorders.

Environment - 26.09.2022
Promoting the many aspects of sustainability in public procurement 
Public procurement can be a booster of sustainability, but this requires a paradigm shift in the law that is not easy to implement.

Health - 26.09.2022
Corona Immunitas Ticino: functional immunity through vaccines and previous infections
New results are out for the Corona Immunitas Ticino project, the epidemiological study launched in 2020 to assess the spread of coronavirus and the development of immunity in the Ticino population.

Innovation - Pedagogy - 26.09.2022
Smartphones, teenagers, and parents
The title of the encounter organised by L'ideatorio, USI's service for promoting scientific culture, and the USI Institute of Public Health was "Smartphones and Teenagers.

Research Management - Campus - 26.09.2022

Social Sciences - Health - 26.09.2022

Social Sciences - 26.09.2022
Long-term response vital to tackling poverty in Wales, review concludes
Sustained and coordinated action is needed to address poverty in Wales, according to academics from Cardiff University.

Health - Psychology - 26.09.2022
Emily Jordan Sees High Rewards in Addiction Research
Carnegie Mellon University junior Emily Jordan uses computational tools to investigate how risk and reward mechanisms affect addiction outcomes.

Economics / Business - Computer Science - 26.09.2022
Q&A: Global challenges surrounding the deployment of AI
Aleksander Madry, Asu Ozdaglar, and Luis Videgaray, co-chairs of the AI Policy Forum, discuss key issues facing the AI policy landscape today.
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