Flood emergency and recovery: UQ experts

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The 2022 floods have devastated communities in southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales and have pushed emergency services to their limits.

Thousands of homes have been inundated by floodwaters, lives have been lost and people are struggling to comprehend the enormity of the latest weather emergency.

The "rain bomb" responsible for last weekend's record-breaking rain has moved slowly south and for some, the focus turns to the clean-up and the physical and emotional damage of such a catastrophic event.

The University of Queensland has a range of experts available to offer comment on this crisis and its aftermath.

Dr Margaret Cook

Dr Cook has a particular interest in floods and other disasters, as well as Australian water policies. She is the author of "A River with a City Problem: A History of Brisbane Floods", UQP, 2019, as well many journal articles.

m.cook@uq.edu.au , +61 (0) 418 753 546.

Professor Hubert Chanson

Hubert Chanson is a Professor of Civil Engineering with expertise in floods and engineering, metrology, sewers, and dams.

h.chanson@uq.edu.au , +61 (7) 3365 3516.

Dr Annie Lau

Dr Lau is a geographer and can provide expertise on extreme weather events.

annie.lau@uq.edu.au , +61 (0) 478 675 199.

Associate Professor Simon Reid

Dr Reid is a public health expert and can provide commentary on why it's a bad idea to walk in flood water/the health risks of walking in flood water.

simon.reid@uq.edu.au , +61 (0) 405 557 594.

Dr Katrina Moss

Dr Moss is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Public Health with a particular interest in the impact of flood stress on pregnancy. Her research team studied the development of children who were in utero in the 2011 Queensland Floods and found that pregnant mothers who experienced higher flood-related stress had more depression, anxiety and post-traumatic distress.

katrina.moss@uq.edu.au , +61 (0) 475 042 318.

Associate Professor Nicole George

Dr George was personally affected by the 2011 floods and completed a study on the community responses to the disaster. She has some interesting and useful suggestions about how to help those impacted by flooding.

n.george2@uq.edu.au , +61 (0) 411 097 916.

Dr Paola Leardini

Dr Leardini can provide expertise in water sensitive urban design and climate and flood resilience design. She is currently researching future design of residential housing in SE Queensland to withstand flooding.

p.leardini@uq.edu.au , +61 (0) 426 041 867.

Professor John Quiggin

Professor Quiggin is prominent both as a research economist and as a commentator on Australian economic policy and can provide expert comment on the economic impact of the flooding.

j.quiggin@uq.edu.au , +61 (0) 400 747 165.

Associate Professor Fiona Charlson

Dr Charlson is a Principal Research Fellow and Mental health in shock events and vulnerable communities Research Team Lead, Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research. She can provide expertise on the mental health impact of the flooding.

Professor Vanessa Cobham

Professor Cobham can provide expertise on helping children cope with the trauma of flooding. She has published a paper on the psychological interventions for children experiencing PTSD after exposure to a natural disaster.

Emeritus Professor Justin Kenardy

Emeritus Professor Kenardy was involved in addressing the needs of the Grantham community after the 2011 floods. He can offer expertise on the different ways that people respond to traumatic events, including discussing post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and psychological injury relating to disasters.

Professor Alex Haslam

Professor Haslam can offer expertise about the psychological resilience of communities in a crisis and the importance of leadership in helping people to deal with trauma. "The sense of shared identity that emerges in the context of events like these is a key resource that helps people manage the process effectively and that is a source of resilience down the track."

+61 (0) 468 547 291.

Professor Paula Jarzabkowski

Professor Jarzabkowski is an expert in global disaster recovery and insurance protection. Her focus is on financial protection and resilience to disaster. "This flooding has exposed something we already knew but had chosen to ignore. That Australia, one of the most prone countries to secondary disasters from climate change like floods and bushfires, is also one of the most under-insured of comparable economies."

p.jarzabkowski@uq.edu.au , +61 (0) 458 523 602.

Associate Professor Gabby Walters

Dr Walters is an expert in crisis management in the tourism industry. She has a background in tourism marketing with an emphasis on consumer psychology, as well as image and reputation management and tourism market recovery following crises and disasters.

Associate Professor Judith Mair

Dr Mair 's research focuses on recovery for tourism destinations hit by crises and disasters. She believes the key to recovery lies in carefully managed media communications and tailored marketing messages to help destinations reopen and return to normal, but only when the community is ready. "The widespread flooding in south-east Queensland and Northern NSW has damaged tourist accommodation and infrastructure, and closed visitor attractions and beaches - all the things that tourists visit these regions to enjoy."

j.mair@business.uq.edu.au , +61 (0)412 057 758.

Professor Shaun Bond

Professor Bond is the Frank Finn Professor of Finance in the UQ Business School and an expert in real estate finance and financial economics.

Dr John Sturgeon

Dr Sturgeon is a market and real estate expert with more than 25 years' experience in property value, acquisition and the land access industry. He has been responsible for timely, cost-effective land delivery for Australia’s Inland Rail, Cross River Rail, AirportLink, Northern Busway and Gold Coast Light Rail projects.

Dr Sarel Gronum

Dr Gronum is an expert in innovation leadership and policy, start-up ecosystems, entrepreneurship SME growth and performance, business model innovation and disruption innovation. He can discuss how floods may affect small to medium businesses.

Cameron Turner

Cameron is a value-adding problem solver with more than 20 years’ experience researching problems, developing solutions and executing innovation and commercialisation strategies to transform ideas into sustainable competitive advantage.

+61 (0) 437 448 773.

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