From pens to power stations, public services to paper clips international conference on government procurement

From pens to power stations, public services to paper clips international confer

University of Nottingham News Press releases 2010 April From pens to power stations, public services to paper clips - international conference on government procurement

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Experts from across the world will gather at The University of Nottingham next week to discuss the global revolution in public procurement.

From pens and paper clips, to power stations and fighter jets — public procurement is the process used by governments to acquire the goods, services and construction works they need.

Sound regulation is required to fight corruption, avoid wasting resources, to put in place the infrastructure for economic development, ensure quality public services in health, utilities, sanitation, to address environmental problems and to develop a competitive private-sector market. In addition, countries need effective policies for participating in current initiatives to open up government markets to trade.

As explained by Professor Sue Arrowsmith, Director of Nottingham’s Public Procurement Research Group: “The public sector in the UK spends over 150 billion a year on goods and services — and sound policies for ensuring value for public money and open and competitive markets are more important than ever in this time of global economic crisis. The conference will explore many important issues raised by the current crisis, not only for the UK but for countries around the world. We are pleased to have such a cross section of delegates joining us from so many different countries and we are looking forward to some lively debate and sharing of best practice.”

The International Conference Public Procurement: Global Revolution IV is being held jointly by The University of Nottingham and the University of Copenhagen, under the auspices of the EU-funded Asia Link programme. It will bring together policy-makers, the world’s leading academics, lawyers and practitioners to discuss regulation and education. The conference takes place in the Exchange Building on the Jubilee Campus on April 19 and 20 2010.

Speakers will include representatives from:

• European Commission
• World Bank Institute
• Asian Development Bank
• Transparency International
• Europol

The key conference themes will examine a wide range of topical issues including:

Key issues and developments in EU public procurement.
Procurement regulation in the twenty-first century: challenges and issues for practitioners in the developed and developing worlds.
Globalisation and harmonisation in public procurement regulation.
Procurement practice and academia: the role of universities in procurement education and reform.

The conference will include, plenary sessions for all delegates, a series of workshops focusing on specific topics of interest to different delegates and poster presentations of current research.

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