Governance expert to lead national conversation on Wales’ future

A Professor of Public Policy and the Governance of Wales from Cardiff University will co-chair an independent Constitutional Commission on Wales’ future.

Professor Laura McAllister joins former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams to examine the nation’s relationship with the rest of the UK, including the issue of Welsh independence.

The co-chairs will lead the Commission in making recommendations on how Wales’ constitutional settlement can best improve outcomes for the people of Wales and engage the public in a national conversation.

Set up by the Welsh Government, the independent Commission will develop options for fundamental reform of the constitutional structures of the UK in which Wales remains an integral part, and will also consider all progressive options to strengthen Welsh democracy.

Professor McAllister, who is based at the Wales Governance Centre in Cardiff University’s School of Law and Politics, said: "Serious contributions to our constitutional debate are greatly needed and I’m looking forward to our work contributing to filling that space..."

Dr Williams, who was made an Honorary Fellow of Cardiff University in 2002, added: "This Commission’s job is to ask what structures and constitutional provisions will best release the potential of Welsh communities and Welsh people..."

The establishment of an independent commission to consider the constitutional future of Wales was a commitment in the Welsh Government’s Programme for Government.

Following the appointment of the co-chairs, the remaining members will be confirmed next month. Its first meeting is also expected to be held in November.

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