How do environmental factors impact Queensland’s fisheries?

The project will examine the impact on the abundance and population dynamics of these species.

This work is timely, given concerns around shifting environmental conditions driving the whereabouts of fish stocks.

This is the type of work that project leader and UQ scientist Professor Jerzy Filar ’s team specialises in.

“Here, at UQ’s Centre for Applications in Natural Resource Mathematics , we are committed to carrying out high quality research to inform high quality management of our natural resources,” he said.

“We are proud to put our best minds to work on improving our understanding of the complex factors impacting the abundance and distribution of important Queensland fish stocks.”

The project aims to identify the environmental variables, such as temperature and nutrient availability, critical to the health of these fish stocks.

Results from this research will help to reduce uncertainty when assessing these stocks and improve future management of the species.

Additionally, an interactive software platform will be developed to evaluate the effects of environmental and management changes on these stocks into the future.

Results from this work will support sustainable management of Queensland’s fisheries by directly informing the assessment and management of these key species within Queensland waters.

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