Information about the Coronavirus - Recommendations for Acting and Behaving

Foto: Pixabay

Foto: Pixabay

In view of the current spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) the University of Salzburg has received increasing inquiries from students, researchers and staff asking for recommendations for acting and behaving at the University.

The University is closely following and monitoring reports by the Federal Ministries ( www.sozialministeriu­ ) and the BMBWF (­na ) and is furthermore in contact with infectious disease experts at the Uniklinikum Salzburg. In addition, an ad-hoc task force has been set up consisting of members of the Rectorate, Health and Safety Department, International Office, the Student Body, Legal Affairs and scientists.

In principle, the course of studies at the University of Salzburg is currently being continued without restrictions. If the situation changes in the next few days and weeks, all relevant news will be communicated via our website and our social channels.

We ask all students and staff members of the University who exhibit the typical symptoms of the disease or have been in contact with deseased persons not to enter any building of the University of Salzburg. If you have symptoms and / or clinical problems, contact the number 1450. Persons without symptoms should contact the hotline of the Austrian Agency for Health and Nutritional Safety GmbH (AGES): 0800 555 621 for further questions. In case you have been in an area with proven cases of Covid-19 or have had contact with diseased persons, but not showing symptoms, we appeal to your personal responsibility.

For students, attendance in courses that are mandatory is still required. Students absent without an excuse will be deregistered to enable others to join in. Students who are unable to attend an examination-related course due to illness restrictions are requested to inform the teacher. If you cannot participate in an exam, please inform your examiner.

Since the virus shows a worldwide spread, the Rectorate of the PLUS recommends to follow the travel warnings of the Foreign Ministry when planning, before leaving and during a (business) trip or excursion­e-aufenthalt/reiseinformation/laender/ In addition, please observe the global infection situation on site (­ies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 ). Students and teachers of PLUS who are planning study-related stays in high-risk areas are requested not to take these trips at the moment. The Rectorate urges all employees to postpone business trips to China and other risk areas that are not absolutely necessary until further notice. Permits for business trips to high-risk areas are currently not granted.

Please inform us about all (suspect)cases at rector(at) at the earliest convenience.

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