Information market 22 April 2023: 60 years of research and education with the reactor

The dome of the research reactor on TU Delft Campus is a familiar sight to many. This year marks 60 years since the reactor was commissioned. But, who knows how and what this reactor is used for?

On Saturday 22 April 2023, TU Delft Reactor Institute is organising an information market. We invite young and old to take a look at our information market. See, experience and listen to our research teaching about radiation from the reactor and nuclear techniques in the fields of health, materials and energy.

Examples include research on medical isotopes for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, the structures of meat substitutes and self-healing materials, solar cells and batteries and molten salt reactors. Besides research, we also provide education for students and are the training provider in the Netherlands for Radiation Protection.

Making, doing, watching and listening: something for everyone!
On this day, you can listen to short presentations on our research and get to work yourself: you can (re)build the structure of a battery, experience how neutrons are scattered, see how alpha, beta and gamma radiation is stopped by different materials and see radiation with the naked eye! We also have equipment that allows you to see what radiation is in (spoiler: in more objects than you might think) and we test whether gold jewellery is real gold!

We also thought of the youngest ones: a colouring competition for children aged 4-12, children aged 8-12 can make a solar cell creature (courtesy of the Science Centre!). For all age groups, it is possible to recreate the dome with special building blocks.

Guided tour: 60 tickets available!
Want a guided tour of the reactor? Then sign up on Saturday 22 April during the information market. The first 60 people who register will be able to reserve a ticket for the tour in the autumn.

Working at the TU Delft Reactor Institute
Are you looking for a new job and would you like to join us? Then come along and meet our colleagues. We regularly have vacancies in all kinds of fields.­r-tu-delft­/werken-bi­j-tu-delft

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For whom
Residents of Delft and surrounding areas, TU Delft employees and their family members, students and school pupils and all others interested in research and education by TU Delft Reactor Institute.

TU Delft Reactor Institute, Mekelweg 15, 2629 JB Delft.

Saturday 22th of April 2023 10.00-14.00.

Sign up!
We would like to have an indication of the number of visitors so that we have enough material available. We would also like to keep you informed about the programme and practical matters such as (bicycle) parking. Leave your details here.

There are 40 places available for the workshops for children aged 8-12. Book your time slot now.