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Innovation - 18.09.2014
Kaiseraugst to become Roche’s biggest IT center
Roche announced that it is planning to invest more than half a billion Swiss francs in buildings and infrastructure projects at Kaiseraugst.

Economics / Business - Innovation - 21.08.2014
«Europe is very much about stakeholders, Silicon Valley about shareholders»
Michael Dillhyon is a US entrepreneur and investor living in Zug. Originally, he moved to Switzerland and only wanted to accompany the exit of a US spin-off company.

Innovation - 18.07.2014
TU Wien Global Strategy 2013+
For the first time, a strategic concept for international activities in research and teaching has been developed at the TU Wien.

Innovation - Life Sciences - 09.07.2014
Shared insights on «Shared Innovation - Shared Risks» at Life Science Forum Basel 2014
More than 100 participants flocked in the Biozentrum of the University of Basel on Thursday, 19th June 2014, to learn more about «Shared Innovation - Shared Risks».

Innovation - Economics / Business - 26.06.2014

Innovation - Career - 18.06.2014
This is how Switzerland could become a start-up nation
Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world. However the conditions for start-ups are far from being perfect.

Innovation - Life Sciences - 22.05.2014
CERN openlab publishes a whitepaper on future IT challenges in scientific research
Geneva, 22 May 2014. CERN openlab , the public-private partnership between CERN 2 , leading IT companies and research institutes, released today a whitepaper on future IT challenges in scientific research to shape its upcoming three-year phase starting in 2015.

Pharmacology - Innovation - 15.05.2014
Novartis settles patent litigation on Gleevec (imatinib mesylate) with Sun Pharma subsidiary
Litigation settlement upholds validity of US patents covering polymorphic forms of Gleevec and permits Sun Pharma subsidiary to launch a generic version on February 1, 2016 Patents are vital to the a

Innovation - Economics / Business - 14.05.2014
"With Only 5 Million, We Have Developed a Competitive Mini-Projector"
Lemoptix is developing an ultra-compact projector. The EPFL spin-off has already successfully entered a very competitive market, and will target new markets in 2014.

Social Sciences - Innovation - 24.04.2014

Innovation - Physics - 28.03.2014
CERN and ESA sign cooperation agreement
ESA Director General, Jean-Jacques Dordain, and CERN Director General, Rolf Heuer, after the signature of a cooperation agreement Geneva, 28 March 2014.

Physics - Innovation - 27.03.2014
Ultra-Thin Light Detectors
A new, extremely thin kind of light detectors was created at Vienna University of Technology. Two very different technologies were combined for the first time: metamaterials and quantum cascade structures.

Physics - Innovation - 06.02.2014
CERN prepares its long-term future
Geneva, 6 February 2014. Particle physics takes the long-term view. Originally conceived in the 1980s, the LHC took another 25 years to come into being.

Environment - Innovation - 12.12.2013
The Paul Scherrer Institute runs two of the energy competence centres of the Swiss government
The Paul Scherrer Institute runs two of the energy competence centres of the Swiss government
Energy and Environment Media Releases The competence centres established as part of the Coordinated Energy Research Switzerland action plan are to start work in 2014.

Innovation - Career - 20.11.2013
The Campus Opens Its Hub for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
The Forge, located in EPFL's Innovation Park, provides aspiring entrepreneurs an office to develop their startup as well as a location for networking and advice.

Pharmacology - Innovation - 14.11.2013
Novartis announces positive clinical trial results for novel H7N9 vaccine
85% of subjects immunologically protected after receiving second dose of investigational cell culture vaccine when combined with proven MF59 adjuvant Vaccine now in large scale production highlightin

Physics - Innovation - 30.10.2013
The World’s Most Powerful Terahertz Quantum Cascade Laser
Whether it is diagnostic imaging, analysis of unknown substances or ultrafast communication - terahertz radiation sources are becoming more and more important.

Innovation - 17.10.2013
CERN to host international conference on thorium technologies for energy
Geneva, 17 October 2013. CERN is to host the Thorium Energy Conference ThEC13 on 27-31 October, 2013.

Environment - Innovation - 06.10.2013
CERN’s CLOUD experiment shines new light on climate change
Geneva, 6 October 2013. In a paper published today ( , DOI number 10.1038/nature12663), the CLOUD experiment at CERN reports a major advance towards solving a long-standing enigma in climate science: how do aerosols - tiny solid or liquid particles suspended in the air - form in the atmosphere, and which gases are responsible? This is a key question in understanding the climate, since aerosols cause a cooling effect by reflecting sunlight and by seeding cloud droplets.

Innovation - Computer Science - 19.08.2013
Quadcopter Piloted by a Smartphone
A completely autonomous quadcopter has been designed at the Vienna University of Technology. All the required computing power is provided by an off-the-shelf smartphone.

Economics / Business - Innovation - 08.07.2013
Logistics for Europe’s Rivers
Some European inland waterways are presently utilized way below their theoretical carrying capacity.

Environment - Innovation - 03.07.2013
Laying of the corner stone for the new large-scale research facility SwissFEL
Laying of the corner stone for the new large-scale research facility SwissFEL
Media Releases SwissFEL SwissFEL Construction At the ceremony on 3 July 2013, not only did the PSI lay the corner stone for the new large-scale research facility SwissFEL, but it also paved the way for the continuation of twenty-five years of successful research at the institute.

Innovation - 30.04.2013
CERN celebrates 20 years of a free, open web
Twenty years ago CERN published a statement that made the World Wide Web ("W3", or simply "the web") technology available on a royalty-free basis.

Health - Innovation - 01.04.2013
Supreme Court denial of Glivec patent clarifies limited intellectual property protection and discourages future innovation in India
Patent denied despite global recognition of Glivec as a life-saving, breakthrough drug for certain forms of cancer, with patents granted in nearly 40 countries Novartis has never been granted an orig

Innovation - Environment - 12.02.2013
Joint venture in the bioenergy and resource efficiency sector: PSI and FHNW establish joint institute
Joint venture in the bioenergy and resource efficiency sector: PSI and FHNW establish joint institute
Media Releases Energy and Environment Renewable Energies The Institute of Biomass and Resource Efficiency (IBRE) was founded by the two institutions, the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, at the start of 2013.

Physics - Innovation - 31.01.2013
One Billion Euros to be Invested in Graphene Research
Graphene is a material which has great hopes resting on it - especially in communications technology but also in the construction of very light, stable structures and batteries.

Politics - Innovation - 09.11.2012

Life Sciences - Innovation - 09.11.2012
EPFL Startup Explores New Directions In Open Access
EPFL Startup Explores New Directions In Open Access
The "Frontiers in" journal series brings its peer review model to 13 new fields. The EPFL startup Frontiers announced today that it is launching 13 new open-access journals in fields including Physics, Bioengineering, and Public Health. These new titles will more than double Frontiers' current repertoire of twelve online journals whose peer-reviewed, scientific articles are immediately accessible, free of charge, to anyone.

Innovation - Computer Science - 17.10.2012

Innovation - Economics / Business - 24.09.2012
Nexthink, EPFL spin-off
Pedro Bados, co-founder of Nexthink, EPFL spin-off, dreams of making the region a breeding ground for start-ups.

Physics - Innovation - 11.09.2012
ERC Grant for Theoretical Physicist Karsten Held
Physicist Karsten Held from the Vienna University of Technology has been awarded with an ERC Grant from the European Research Council for his research in quantum mechanical materials science.

Computer Science - Innovation - 23.08.2012
The future of programming is Scala
Typesafe, a company created just a year ago at EPFL and headquartered in the Science Park, has raised $14 million to commercialize a new programming language called Scala.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 04.06.2012
CERN adopts new scheme for easy access to intellectual property
CERN adopts new scheme for easy access to intellectual property Geneva, 4 June 2012.

Innovation - 30.05.2012
POLYCE: Metropolisation and Polycentric Development in Central Europe
Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Praha and Wien form a Central European quintet of metropolises with exceptionally high living standards.

Innovation - 29.05.2012
Graetzel cells are implanted in a keyboard
Graetzel cells are implanted in a keyboard
Dye solar cells (DSSC) from EPFL enter the public market. Logitech chose this technology to power its new flagship product.

Innovation - 23.05.2012
Texting Made Possible for the Illiterate
Texting Made Possible for the Illiterate
People incapable of reading and writing will have access to text messages from now on. A system using vocal synthesis, icons and management allows people to send and read text messages by those normally unable to read and write.

Innovation - Computer Science - 09.05.2012
New phase of CERN openlab to tackle exascale IT challenges for science
New phase of CERN openlab to tackle exascale IT challenges for science Geneva, 9 May 2012. The fourth phase of CERN openlab was officially launched during a meeting of its board of sponsors taking place at CERN 1 on 8 and 9 May.

Innovation - Career - 01.05.2012
Switzerland and South Africa step up cooperation on science
Bern, 01.05.2012 - A high-level Swiss delegation led by the State Secretariat for Education and Research (SER) arrived in South Africa last week and met their counterparts from the Sout

Health - Innovation - 27.04.2012
Two million Swiss francs for an allergy-detecting device
Abionic, an EPFL spin-off, has just brought its first round of financing to a close and was selected yesterday by Red Herring as one of Europe's 100 most innovative companies.

Physics - Innovation - 27.04.2012
Retention of radioactive iodine in serious NPP accidents
Retention of radioactive iodine in serious NPP accidents
The Paul Scherrer Institute and industrial company CCI AG have signed a licencing agreement for iodine filtration processes In the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in Japan last year, the radioactive compounds that escaped from the plant caused both human and environmental damage.
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