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Environment - Innovation - 30.09.2020
Experts create clean cold research hub to meet global challenge
Led by UK Universities, multi-disciplinary researchers from around the globe are joining forces in an innovative new research centre aimed at speeding up the use of radical new cooling solutions to h

Career - Innovation - 24.09.2020

Life Sciences - Innovation - 22.09.2020

Health - Innovation - 21.09.2020

Health - Innovation - 16.09.2020
Share Your Location? CMU’s Li Weighs In
Heinz professor offers insight into COVID-19, contact tracing and consumer behavior Since the advent of the internet, and later the ubiquity of smartphones, businesses and the consumer economy have steadily become more digitized.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 14.09.2020

Innovation - Career - 11.09.2020
Creative industries in South Wales benefit from £900,000 to test new ideas
An initiative to drive innovation in the South Wales screen and news sectors has announced 33 projects as part of its latest funding round.

Event - Innovation - 10.09.2020

Materials Science - Innovation - 09.09.2020

Innovation - Economics / Business - 02.09.2020

Innovation - Economics / Business - 28.08.2020
TU Austria's Innovation Marathon 2020 shows the potential of digital natives
TU Austria’s Innovation Marathon 2020 shows the potential of digital natives
Young, motivated students from all over the world impressively proved yesterday and today that they can solve complex problems together in just 24 hours, even if they live thousands of kilometers apart and don't know each other personally.

Physics - Innovation - 26.08.2020
DOE selects Argonne, Fermilab to lead multi-million-dollar national quantum research centers
The U.S. Department of Energy is establishing five new National Quantum Information Science Research Centers, including a center led by  Argonne National Laboratory  and a center led by

Innovation - Economics / Business - 24.08.2020

Innovation - Computer Science - 20.08.2020
The factory of the future, batteries not included
The factory of the future, batteries not included
3 Questions: Dayna Cunningham on urban planning's role in racial and social justice Louis Kampf, professor emeritus of literature and women's and gender studies, dies at 91 Nergis Mavalvala named Sch

Economics / Business - Innovation - 11.08.2020

Career - Innovation - 11.08.2020

Innovation - Economics / Business - 10.08.2020

Physics - Innovation - 06.08.2020
U-M startup NS Nanotech unveils new generation of LEDs for high-efficiency, high-performance displays
Share on: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn University of Michigan startup NS Nanotech has announced the creation of a smaller, more energy-efficient light-emitting diode that aims to offer brighter, crisper displays for massive signs, mobile phones and other devices.

Innovation - 05.08.2020
Developing transport technology with people living with dementia
Researchers from The University of Queensland are recruiting people living with dementia, along with their carers, to help with a study exploring emerging transport technologies. Technology is changing the way people use transport, with app-based ride-sharing the norm and driverless buses on the horizon.

Health - Innovation - 03.08.2020
UCL receives Research England grant as part of TenU
UCL, working in partnership with ten of the world's top universities, has been awarded a share of £1.5 million in two grants from The Research England Development (RED) Fund to share and develop improved approaches to commercialising university research for societal and economic benefit, both internationally and in the UK.

Innovation - Health - 29.07.2020
Destiny leads AIBN researcher to UQ
Even before being awarded her PhD at the University of Queensland, Yun (Amy) Liu's research had reached stratospheric heights. She was part of the Zhao research group at AIBN , a team developing new ways to improve medicine delivery for people with cancer through the use of nanoparticles. "My research has the potential to overcome a long-existing challenge in the nanomedicine field by loading an extraordinarily high content of drugs in the nanoparticles," Dr Liu said.

Computer Science - Innovation - 28.07.2020
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