International appointment for Plymouth scientist

A University of Plymouth lecturer has become the first UK member elected to the governing body of one of India's most prestigious scientific organisations - securing the position ahead of some of the country's leading scientists.

Biological sciences lecturer Awadhesh Jha, who is a life member of the prominent Indian Society of Cell Biology, succeeded in securing one of the 12 Executive Committee positions despite there being over 40 nominations for leading Indian scientists.

The Indian Society of Cell Biology, established over 30 years ago, is a highly prestigious organisation which all of the country's leading biologists across academia, industry and government belong to. The society plays an important role in policy to improve biology teaching and laboratory work in all colleges and universities in India, as well as the promotion of research in cell and molecular biology. The society's Executive Committee is the governing body which is responsible for all policy decisions and academic activities that the society undertakes in its work.

On his high-level appointment, Jha said; "I was surprised but delighted to be nominated given the calibre and volume of nominees. As far as I am aware, I am the first overseas member of the executive and I hope to use this influence to help forge closer ties between cell biologists in the UK and India to promote research collaboration opportunities and shape the future activity and vision of the society."

University of Plymouth Vice-Chancellor, Professor Wendy Purcell, who enjoys an international reputation in the field of biomedical sciences, commented; "India is gearing up to be a major international player in biological sciences so it is fantastic that the University of Plymouth can be at the forefront of the pioneering research developments taking place in this country. Jha's prestigious appointment demonstrates the increasing impact that the University's research excellence is having internationally."


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