International Online Certificate Courses at Freie Universitšt Berlin Enable and Support Lifelong Learning

Places still available for online summer courses offered as part of the international certificate program FUB-ContinuEd

The international, part-time continuing education program at Freie Universitšt Berlin, FUB-ContinuEd, teaches skills for the future and offers open certificate courses. The course portfolio covers a wide range of socially relevant topics such as diversity management and sustainability while also enabling participants to acquire and develop communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

There are some places still available for the online summer courses offered as part of the international short-term study program FUB-ContinuEd. The program offers certificate courses, mainly taught in English, for people who would like to acquire academic knowledge and key skills to further boost their professional and personal development. The courses on offer encompass a range of topics relevant to the professional world. Participants are introduced to these topics in courses that combine methodology with practical skills. The program also includes the course "Wissenschaftliches Schreiben auf Deutsch" ("Academic Writing in German"), specially designed for academics, students, and doctoral candidates who need additional support with their German writing skills. Those wishing to attend can sign up via the. On the FUB-ContinuEd YouTube channel , instructors give personal insights into their courses.

The courses are subject to a fee and designed to fit around work and studies. Over a period of seven to nine weeks, online classes impart the most important findings from the latest research to participants and link them to the practical demands of the workplace. With live online sessions and self-study phases, the courses offer participants flexibility in terms of when and how they organize their learning. The courses take place at different times of the day, allowing participants from different time zones to attend the courses. Small classes with six to fifteen students foster an intensive and in-depth learning environment. Participants receive a certificate from Freie Universitšt Berlin upon successful completion of the course.


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Upcoming dates for online course

Wissenschaftliches Schreiben auf Deutsch :
Summer: April 28 - June 23, 2023 (registration deadline: March 31, 2023), Fall: October 12 - December 7, 2023

Understanding Global Sustainability Challenges :
Summer: May 2 - June 13, 2023 (registration deadline: April 4, 2023), Fall: September 4 - October 16, 2023

Storytelling for Diversity & Inclusion :
Summer: May 3 - June 14, 2023 (registration deadline: April 5, 2023), Fall: September 6 - October 18, 2023

Conflict Navigation through Mindful Communication :
Summer: May 8 - June 19, 2023 (registration deadline: April 10, 2023), Fall: October 2 - November 13, 2023

Problem-Solving Skills for Multi-Stakeholder Challenges :
Summer: May 11 - June 22, 2023 (registration deadline: April 13, 2023), Fall: September 7 - October 19, 2023

Diversity Management in International Context :
Summer: May 30 - July 10, 2023 (registration deadline: May 2, 2023), Fall: September 11 - October 23, 2023

Switching Perspectives: Intercultural Communication and (Digital) Cross-Cultural Collaboration :
Summer: May 31 - July 12, 2023 (registration deadline: May 3, 2023), Fall: September 12 - October 24, 2023

Interested employers and employees in Brandenburg can apply for financial support using the Bildungsscheck. Please check the flyer (in German) from the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy Brandenburg for further information.

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