It’s Never Too Late to Sleep Train

Dr. Craig Canapari, assistant professor of pediatrics

(Random House)

This book is aimed at parents of children aged six months through six years, bucking the notion that older children are outside the optimal "window" for sleep training. Dr. Craig Canapari strives to help parents harness the power of habit to chart a clear path to high-quality sleep for their children, and in turn, the whole family. The result is a two-step sleep training plan that focuses on cues and consequences, the two elements that shape all habits and that take on special importance when it comes to kids’ bedtime routines.

Canapari offers many tools and advice for parents, including setting an effective bedtime cue and a linear routine that winds a child down effectively; breaking bad sleep habits that may be forcing parents into "survival strategies"; handling environmental challenges like a noisy apartment or siblings who share a room; and managing fear of the dark, separation anxiety, tantrums, and more.

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