Javier Martín Vide, member of the group on climate emergency created by the Barcelona City Council

Javier Martín Vide.

Javier Martín Vide.

Professor of Geography Javier Martín Vide has been appointed one of the seventeen members that build the new group of experts for climate emergency (GEC) created by the Barcelona City Council. This group of scientists aims to validate the city policies to cope with the climate emergency and suggest new ones.

Expert on climatology, climate change, analysis of rainfalls and climate risks, Javier Martín Vide, also mathematician, has published more than twenty books and two-hundred papers and book chapters, and has actively participated in more than a hundred meetings and conferences on geography, climatology and meteorology. Among his latest works are El temps i el clima (Premio Crítica Serra d’Or 2004), Los mapas del tiempo (2005), La climatología española. Pasado, presente y futuro (2007), Aspectos económicos del cambio climático en España (2007) and La investigación geográfica en España (1990-2012) (2013). He is also the co-author of the Climate Atlas of Catalonia, presented in 1997 and updated in 2003.

He has participated as expert copy editor of the fourth and fifth Assessment Report on Climate Change, the study carried out every six years by the Intergovernmental Panel of Experts on Climate Change (IPCC), a body that belongs to the United Nations. He is currently the coordinator of the Group of Experts on Climate Change in Catalonia (GECCC), and has led the writing of the Third report on climate change in Catalonia (TICCC). Also, he is the coordinator of the Climatology Research Group of the UB.

During his career he has held positions such as president of the Spanish Geographical Association, the Spanish Association of Climatology, the Advisor Council of the Meteorology Service of Catalonia, and the Spanish Committee of the World Climate Research Program (WCRP). He is a numerary academician in the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona and corresponding academician of the Ultramar Royal Academy of Sciences (Belgium) and the Malaga Academy of Sciences. He has been awarded the 4th Award of the UB to top dissemination activities on science and humanities, given by the Board of Trustees and the Doctors’ Senate of the University of Barcelona. Last year, he obtained the Award to Teaching Quality in the individual category, promoted by the Board of Trustees of the UB.

In the Barcelona City Council group are experts from two research institutes in which the UB takes part: Josep Peñelas, from the Centre for Research on Ecology and Forestry Applications, and Xavier Basagaña, from ISGlobal.

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