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Law - Social Sciences - 10.09.2021

Law - Economics / Business - 16.08.2021

Law - Sport - 08.08.2021
Prof. Martha Nussbaum examines the path forward after #MeToo
Leading scholar explores reconciliation and accountability for sexual assault in Citadels of Pride As Prof. Martha C. Nussbaum watched the #MeToo movement emerge in a swirl of impassion

Law - 28.07.2021
Do search engines influence you more than you think?
Do search engines influence you more than you think?
The Australian Search Experience is a citizen science project calling on Australian Internet users to help solve search engine secrets.

Law - 28.07.2021
Clearing Up the Murky Rules Around 'Self-Plagiarism'
Clearing Up the Murky Rules Around ’Self-Plagiarism’
Reusing some words you have written before is something many of us probably do without a second thought.

Social Sciences - Law - 12.07.2021
Khiara M. Bridges: The hidden agenda in GOP attacks on critical race theory
U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) and other hard-line conservative members of Congress stand before the U.S. Supreme Court and the Capitol at an event denouncing critical race theory.

Social Sciences - Law - 25.06.2021
Why is anti-trans violence on the rise in America’
A memorial was held in New York's Washington Square Park for Dominique Lucious, a transgender woman murdered in Springfield, Mo.

Law - Social Sciences - 17.06.2021
Berkeley Law experts: ’Share responsibility for refugee’ displacement
By Andrew Cohen With an estimated 80 million refugees and displaced people facing increased uncertainty and growing crises, this year's World Refugee Day on June 20 carries added significance.

Criminology / Forensics - Law - 11.06.2021

Social Sciences - Law - 08.06.2021
Reports highlight the harms faced by UK families threatened with a family member’s deportation
UK families living with a member's insecure immigration status and threat of deportation, face extreme and wide-ranging harm.

Law - Computer Science - 04.06.2021
Supreme Court ruling that limits hacking law supports U-M researcher
This week's U.S. Supreme Court decision in a case involving a police officer who used a database beyond the scope of his responsibility is being hailed as a victory for academic researchers and journalists who investigate discrimination by online platforms.

Law - Social Sciences - 28.05.2021

Campus - Law - 21.05.2021

Law - 17.05.2021
SGDs and USI. Peace, justice and strong institutions
SGDs and USI. Peace, justice and strong institutions
The year is 2017. Riding the wave of the viral hashtag, #MeToo, the entire Western society questions its actual ability to guarantee women fundamental rights and social justice.

Economics / Business - Law - 03.05.2021

Law - 23.04.2021

Criminology / Forensics - Law - 20.04.2021
’Cinematic’ video, police condemnation sealed guilty verdict in Chauvin trial
Derek Chauvin's conviction for murder and manslaughter probably rested heavily on the shocking video of Floyd pinned to the ground, says a UC Berkeley expert.

Law - Religions - 19.04.2021
Law School course examines how Buddhism intersects with constitutional law
New Law School course brings scholars together to study intersection of religion, law With an estimated 500 million followers worldwide, Buddhism has had a far-reaching impact on constitutional design and reform in many countries.
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