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Computer Science - Law - 22.11.2010
Web site tracks congressional, presidential priorities
AUSTIN, Texas — As a new Congress prepares to take office, a powerful online tool from University of Texas at Austin political scientists can help answer questions about lawmakers' shifting focu

Law - Economics / Business - 17.11.2010
SIEPR report shows California’s local pensions underfunded by $200 billion
The study by public policy lecturer and former state lawmaker Joe Nation follows an earlier report estimating the state's pension plans running deficits as high as $500 billion.

Physics - Law - 17.11.2010
Antihydrogen trapped for first time
BERKELEY — Physicists working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland, have succeeded in trapping antihydrogen – the antimatter equivalent of the hydrogen atom – a milestone that could soon lead to experiments on a form of matter that disappeared mysteriously shortly after the birth of the universe 14 billion years ago.

Law - 12.11.2010

Law - Media - 08.11.2010
Political Science Professor Dorian Warren Assesses Midterm Election Results
In the wake of last week's midterm elections, political science professor Dorian T. Warren answered questions about how a new balance of power will impact Congress and the Obama administration. Professor Dorian Warren talks about the Nov. 2 elections and what the results mean for the current administration.

History / Archeology - Law - 08.11.2010
Media was wrong to condemn unions over Solidarnosc, says historian
Media was wrong to condemn unions over Solidarnosc, says historian
The press - and 1980 Thatcher Government - unfairly criticised the trade union movement over its support for the newly formed Polish Solidarity Trade Union, according to the most detailed analysis of the period ever carried out.

Law - 04.11.2010
Public survey on murder life sentences
Public survey on murder life sentences
Policy 04 Nov 10 New research suggests that public support for the mandatory sentence of life imprisonment for murder is much more limited than has traditionally been assumed. Furthermore, public opinion on the sentencing of murderers seems to be based on a limited understanding of the current system, according to the survey by Professor Julian Roberts, from the Law Faculty at the University of Oxford, and Professor Barry Mitchell of Coventry University Law School.

Health - Law - 03.11.2010

Linguistics / Literature - Law - 02.11.2010
Early medieval manuscripts give new view of English life under the Normans
Read more news Published Tuesday 2nd November 10 A new study of early medieval manuscripts written in the English language has revealed that the Normans, who conquered England in 1066, were not the destructive force of popular belief.

Law - Health - 01.11.2010
Guidance on the new Equality Act
The Equality Act became law on 1 October 2010. The Equality Act became law on 1 October 2010. It replaces previous legislation (such as the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000 and the Disability Discrimination Act 2005) and makes equality law simpler and easier to understand.

Law - Social Sciences - 26.10.2010
Internet and e-rights: A modern challenge for the legal world
'Human rights such as the right to private life, freedom of expression and information and intellectual property rights need to be reviewed and reinterpreted in the light of the evolution of internet applications.

Law - Psychology - 25.10.2010
Decisions, decisions: Theme project scholars collaborate on judgment, decision making, social behavior
Decisions, decisions: Theme project scholars collaborate on judgment, decision making, social behavior
How do jurors arrive at a dollar amount they award to plaintiffs? This is among the questions Valerie Reyna, professor of human development, is investigating with colleagues in the Institute for the Social Sciences' 2009-12 theme project "Judgment, Decision Making, and Social Behavior" (JDSB).

Law - Social Sciences - 21.10.2010

Law - Social Sciences - 19.10.2010
Gay rights as human rights
Yuvraj Joshi (UCL Laws), Editor-in-Chief of the UCL Jurisprudence Review , highlights the international perspectives and eminent speakers at a panel to launch the UK's first student law journal.

Physics - Law - 15.10.2010
How to Weigh a Star Using a Moon
How to Weigh a Star Using a Moon
Cambridge, MA - How do astronomers weigh a star that's trillions of miles away and way too big to fit on a bathroom scale? In most cases they can't, although they can get a best estimate using computer models of stellar structure. New work by astrophysicist David Kipping says that in special cases, we can weigh a star directly.

Law - Linguistics / Literature - 12.10.2010
Breaking barriers with art
Breaking barriers with art
A Cambridge University law lecturer is curating a show of avant garde ceramics at one of the largest galleries in Shoreditch, an area of East London associated with up-and-coming artists.

Law - Environment - 10.10.2010
Low wetland conservation targets breach law
Low wetland conservation targets breach law
New research shows that the Australian Government risks breaching international law if it does not fully protect wetlands listed under an international treaty in its forthcoming Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Law - 08.10.2010
UCL’s response to Abdulmutallab review report
UCL Council has today responded to publication of the report from the independent review panel headed by Dame Fiona Caldicott into Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's time at UCL.

Law - 04.10.2010
Sales skills not the ultimate key to success in The Apprentice
Sales skills not the ultimate key to success in The Apprentice
04 October 2010 Sales skills not the ultimate key to success in The Apprentice Candidates employed in retail and sales roles are the most skilled in surviving the Apprentice boardroom, but when it co

Health - Law - 29.09.2010

Law - Administration - 24.09.2010

Law - 23.09.2010
Memory experts explain the science behind eyewitness accounts
Memory experts explain the science behind eyewitness accounts
In the first professional development course of its kind, academics at the Leeds Institute of Psychological Sciences, including Memory Group head Professor Martin Conway, will be running a bespoke half day workshop, 'Memory and the Law', on Saturday, 13 November 2010.

Health - Law - 20.09.2010
Stronger legal support needed to encourage transparency in patient care errors
Health professionals? fears about the legal consequences of discussing medical errors with patients are stifling their willingness to have these conversations, a University of Melbourne study has found.

Economics / Business - Law - 16.09.2010
Missed Opportunity Law School Experts Weigh In on Financial Reform
After the most devastating financial crisis since the Great Depression, $885 billion in bank losses, and 13 months of congressional wrangling, we finally have a financial reform law on the books.

Law - Pedagogy - 12.09.2010
Access to the judicial bypass option in Michigan: Is this really an option for minors?
ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Many courts throughout Michigan are giving inaccurate and misleading advice to young women seeking abortions without parental consent, new University of Michigan research indicates.

Pedagogy - Law - 12.09.2010

Law - Chemistry - 08.09.2010
Law Professor Discusses Marriage Equality
Columbia Law School professor Suzanne Goldberg teaches civil procedure, a required course for first-year students that she says is about "how to take a problem in the world and turn it into a lawsuit, and then move that lawsuit through the system." Goldberg knows from experience how much a lawsuit moving through the system can accomplish.

Social Sciences - Law - 02.09.2010

Health - Law - 01.09.2010

Health - Law - 30.08.2010
Female war veterans in the spotlight
Female war veterans in the spotlight
The lasting effects on women who have served in war will be the subject of a new study from researchers at The Australian National University.

Pedagogy - Law - 30.08.2010
Children raised by gay couples show good progress through school
By mining data from the 2000 Census, sociologist Michael Rosenfeld figured out the rates at which kids raised by gay and straight couples repeated a grade during elementary or middle school. He found that children of same-sex parents have essentially the same educational achievement as their peers growing up in heterosexual households.

Law - Linguistics / Literature - 27.08.2010

Social Sciences - Law - 17.08.2010

Social Sciences - Law - 16.08.2010
Terrible price for wildlife trade laid bare
A new book published this month accuses Governments and NGOs of increasingly giving tacit approval to widespread human rights abuses in the name of wildlife conservation in Africa.

Law - 13.08.2010
Research finds employment rights cut during Coalition years
Over the last six weeks, 30 academics have been considering the most comprehensive analysis of the independent research on the impact of the Howard Government's workplace laws ever undertaken.

Law - 12.08.2010
UCL staff survey action project
UCL staff survey action project
The project aims to build on current organisational strengths, while finding ways to improve working practices and communication across the organisation.

Law - History / Archeology - 05.08.2010
Machinists restoring White Memorial Fountain, aka The Claw, develop an affinity for the campus icon
Machinists restoring White Memorial Fountain, aka The Claw, develop an affinity for the campus icon
Machinists restoring White Memorial Fountain , aka The Claw , develop an affinity for the campus icon When they started working on the fountain last spring, Spiros Vasilakos and Vince D'Amico knew nothing about its history or the sculptor who created it.