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Economics / Business - Law - 07.02.2010
Cell-phone bans while driving have more impact in dense, urban areas
Cell-phone bans while driving have more impact in dense, urban areas
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. A new study analyzing the impact of hand-held cell phone legislation on driving safety concludes that usage-ban laws had more of an impact in densely populated urban areas with a higher number of licensed drivers than in rural areas where there are fewer licensed drivers, according to a University of Illinois researcher.

Physics - Law - 01.02.2010
Per Peterson named to DOE panel on nuclear future
Per Peterson, professor and chair of nuclear engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, with expertise in advanced reactor systems, nuclear waste processing, and inertial fusion energy, h

Law - Social Sciences - 28.01.2010

Law - Social Sciences - 28.01.2010

Career - Law - 28.01.2010
Modelle der Corporate Governance als Vorbild
Zurich - University of Zurich Viele Musikhochschulen haben für Berufungsverfahren keine Reglemente.

Law - Economics / Business - 27.01.2010
Judge issues preliminary rulings in Robertson Foundation lawsuit
Two University motions granted; decisions shape the case for trial New Jersey Superior Court Judge Neil Shuster today issued rulings on seven pretrial motions in the lawsuit brought against Princeton University by several members of the Robertson family in July 2002.

Law - 27.01.2010
Selected excerpts posted from preliminary rulings
The following excerpts are from the decisions issued Oct. 25 by New Jersey Superior Court Judge Neil Shuster in ruling on the pretrial motions in the lawsuit regarding the Robertson Foundation that was brought against Princeton University by several members of the Robertson family in July 2002.

Economics / Business - Law - 26.01.2010
Sinister interests: Bentham s warning about politicians
Sinister interests: Bentham s warning about politicians
The MPs? expenses scandal has shown the naivety of trusting our politicians to display noble conduct, writes UCL postgraduate student James Shafe.

Law - Mathematics - 26.01.2010
Steve Slaby, pioneer in interdisciplinary engineering education, dies
Interdisciplinary scholar and educator Steve Slaby, an expert in descriptive geometry, engineering graphics and the impact of technology on society, died July 5.

Environment - Law - 26.01.2010
Three awarded Rhodes Scholarships; one selected for Mitchell award
Princeton senior Stephen Hammer and two 2008 graduates, Scott Moore and Timothy Nunan, have been awarded Rhodes Scholarships for graduate study at the University of Oxford.

Law - 26.01.2010
Settlement retains Princeton's control, use of Robertson funds
Princeton University will have full control of the endowment associated with the Robertson Foundation and will continue to use the endowment to support the graduate program of the Woodrow Wilson Scho

Law - History / Archeology - 26.01.2010
Understanding the Robertson v. Princeton settlement
Presented here is a brief glossary of terms and case history to aid in understanding the Dec.

Law - History / Archeology - 26.01.2010
New digital library of Islamic manuscripts online
While the digital library emphasizes rare or unique texts of academic research interest, it also includes a selection of Persian illuminated manuscripts.

Law - Economics / Business - 26.01.2010
Healy to leave post at end of academic year
Steven J. Healy, director of public safety at Princeton University since 2003, will leave his position at the end of the academic year on June 30.

Law - 26.01.2010
Former Bush chief of staff Bolten to join Wilson School faculty
Joshua Bolten, a White House chief of staff to President George W. Bush and a 1976 graduate of Princeton, will join the faculty of the University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs for the 2009-10 academic year.

Law - Administration - 25.01.2010
Ominsky named director of public safety
Princeton - Princeton Paul Ominsky, director of public safety at Mount Holyoke College, Smith College and Hampshire College, has been named director of public safety at Princeton University.

Law - 21.01.2010
Study finds sperm shortage in the UK
A new study from the University of Sheffield has found that sperm donation levels in the UK are so low that women are resorting to DIY insemination kits and sourcing sperm from abroad in order to have a baby. According to the review, carried out by Dr Allan Pacey from the Department of Human Metabolism, a major reason for this is because of a change in the law in 2006 which removed donor´s anonymity.

Physics - Law - 19.01.2010
Charles Townes honored during celebration of laser's 50th birthday
Charles Townes honored during celebration of laser's 50th birthday
We have a lot for which to thank Charles Townes, UC Berkeley professor emeritus of physics and 1964 Nobel Laureate in physics.

Law - Media - 04.01.2010
Law Professor to Share International Research with UM’s Miller Center for Judaic Studies
January 05, 2010 — Coral Gables — Ed Morgan will be a Visiting Research Fellow for the Spring semester at the University of Miami Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Judaic Studies.

Law - Social Sciences - 09.12.2009
UCL assesses states human rights commitment
UCL assesses states human rights commitment
Argentina has come top of a ranking of nation states according to their ratification of the world?s principle international treaties on human rights, humanitarian law and international crimes.

Art and Design - Law - 06.12.2009
Graduate School review competition
Graduate School review competition
UCL graduate research students in the faculties of Arts & Humanities, Laws and Social & Historical Sciences are invited to enter the Graduate School review competition.

Law - Administration - 29.11.2009

History / Archeology - Law - 18.11.2009

Art and Design - Law - 05.11.2009
Lincoln bicentennial celebration marks inauguration of new UCLA center
The UCLA campus will host four days of theater, music, lectures and panel discussions in honor of this year's bicentennial of the birth of Abraham Lincoln.

Law - Social Sciences - 27.10.2009

Law - 19.10.2009
New Research by Law Professor Analyzes the Marriage of Science and Law
October 20, 2009 — Coral Gables — Distinguished Professor on the Humanities, Cooper Senior Scholar in Arts and Sciences, Professor of Philosophy, Professor of Law Susan Haack has recently published a research paper entitled, "Irreconcilable Differences? The Troubled Marriage of Science and Law.

Law - 14.10.2009
New Essay by Law Professor Analyzes the Story of a Haitian Immigrant
October 15, 2009 — Coral Gables — University of Miami Law Professor Anthony V. Alfieri has recently authored an essay titled, "Discovering Identity in Civil Procedure" that explores the story of Floride Norelus, an undocumented Haitian immigrant.

Law - History / Archeology - 12.10.2009
UCLA’s Clark Library receives unique Shakespeare collection
William Shakespeare's characters could be described as "adulterous," "depraved," "scandalous" and "miraculous," but the Bard himself did not use those words until they appeared in a 1603 English translation of the works of French philosopher Michel de Montaigne.

Law - Health - 21.09.2009
UM Establishes Nation's First Therapeutic Jurisprudence Center
UM Establishes Nation’s First Therapeutic Jurisprudence Center
September 22, 2009 — Coral Gables — The University of Miami School of Law announces the establishment of the Therapeutic Jurisprudence Center.

Law - Social Sciences - 14.09.2009

Law - Linguistics / Literature - 24.08.2009
University holds court with law and arts symposium
Whether it is an Oscar-winning turn from Kate Winslet in 'The Reader', Jack Nicholson chewing up the oak-panelled scenery in 'A Few Good Men', or a John Grisham page-turner by the swimming pool, the nation loves a good legal thriller.

Law - Linguistics / Literature - 05.08.2009
UCLA blog provides insider’s tour of Shakespeare’s England
For this year's participants in UCLA's annual summer Shakespeare program in England, the blog's the thing.

Law - Computer Science - 03.08.2009

Law - Social Sciences - 29.07.2009

History / Archeology - Law - 29.07.2009
Human Resource Managers, Not Legislatures or Courts, Defined Equal Opportunity and Discrimination in the Workplace
Cambridge, Mass. July 29, 2009 - New research from Harvard University traces the history of how human resource managers, not legislatures or courts, have defined equal opportunity and anti-discrimination policies in the workplace.

Economics / Business - Law - 14.07.2009

Art and Design - Law - 14.06.2009

Linguistics / Literature - Law - 09.06.2009
Next Generation of Writers Take Their Work to the Birmingham Stage
A new wave of playwrights will see their work come to life on stage on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th June from 11am to 4.30pm when the plays they have written as part of the University of Birm

Health - Law - 27.05.2009
Contracts adding legal twist to family health care
Law professor Richard L. Kaplan says the rise in so-called family caregiver agreements is far from a groundswell, and most people still bristle at the notion of being paid to care for parents or other relatives who may have once cared for them.

Economics / Business - Law - 26.05.2009
News Sources on Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor from Both a Hispanic and Historical Perspective
Office of News and Information Johns Hopkins University 901 South Bond Street, Suite 540 Baltimore, Maryland 21231 Phone: 443-287-9960 | Fax: 443-287-9920 Reporters who are looking for expert perspec

Law - Environment - 04.05.2009
Clean Power Plan Stay is Bad News for Texas, Natural Gas
The Supreme Court recently halted implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan, the flagship climate change program for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

Law - Media - 02.05.2009
News Source on Supreme Court, David Souter
Office of News and Information Johns Hopkins University 901 South Bond Street, Suite 540 Baltimore, Maryland 21231 Phone: 443-287-9960 | Fax: 443-287-9920 If you're looking for an expert to put the c
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