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Administration - Law - 12.07.2018
Justice and Jurisdiction project provides important and timely insights
Research being carried out at Cardiff University will help policymakers decide on the future of the Welsh justice system.

Social Sciences - Law - 05.07.2018

Health - Law - 04.07.2018
Australian GPs cautiously supportive of medicinal cannabis access
A majority of GPs believe medicinal cannabis should be available on prescription, bypassing the specialist system, but most lack information about how to negotiate the bureaucratic processes to meet increasing patient demand.

Health - Law - 18.06.2018
More doctors needed to assess asylum seekers’ claims of torture, violence
Violence in places like Central America has spurred an increase in people seeking asylum in the United States, and more doctors are needed to assess their claims of persecution and torture, authors from three universities argue in a new paper.

Law - Administration - 15.06.2018
Funding to create forensic expertise
Funding to create forensic expertise
A group of universities and law enforcement agencies has received a funding boost from the Australian Government to train the next generation of forensic experts.

Economics / Business - Law - 07.06.2018
UK companies need to act now to prepare for the loss of the EU right to freedom of establishment, advises Warwick legal expert
The third paper in a new GLOBE Centre Policy Brief Series is published today. The Future of UK-EU Corporate Mobility explores the risk that, after Brexit, UK companies operating in the EU could cease to be recognised by their host nations.

Law - Social Sciences - 06.06.2018

Law - Art and Design - 29.05.2018
Berkelium, Californium, Lawrencium? Peregrine name finalists chosen
Berkelium, Californium, Lawrencium? Peregrine name finalists chosen
Hundreds of bird enthusiasts have taken to UC Berkeley's Facebook and Twitter to suggest names for the three peregrine falcon chicks that hatched on the campus's Campanile last month.

Law - Economics / Business - 16.05.2018

Economics / Business - Law - 11.05.2018
Does banking attract cheats or make them?
The Banking Royal Commission has exposed a culture of dishonesty that demands reform, writes Professor David Kinley from Sydney Law School.

Law - Administration - 10.05.2018
Dual citizenship crisis sounds a stern warning for future MPs
Ignorance is no excuse for parliamentarians holding dual citizenship, writes Professor Anne Twomey from Sydney Law School.

Innovation - Law - 09.05.2018
Oxford to be key player in new AI accountability project
The University of Oxford is to play a central role in ground-breaking new research to make future artificial intelligence (AI) systems more transparent and accountable. Image credit: Shutterstock The University of Oxford is to play a central role in ground-breaking new research intended to make future artificial intelligence (AI) systems more transparent and accountable.

Law - 04.05.2018

Social Sciences - Law - 24.04.2018
How #MeToo has created a safe space for women
The #MeToo movement has put male privilege on notice. A student and a graduate discuss the mechanics of social change and their experience of the movement.

Environment - Law - 23.04.2018

Social Sciences - Law - 10.04.2018
World-leading expert in slavery perpetrators joins Nottingham
PA 58/18 The Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham has welcomed a world-leading expert on modern slavery perpetrators as its latest recruit.

Environment - Law - 30.03.2018
Case questions climate change culpability
A closely watched federal trial pitting two cities against major oil companies has taken surprising and unorthodox turns. Stanford researchers examine the case, which could reshape the landscape of legal claims for climate change-related damages. A judge in California took an unusual step in trying to untangle who is to blame for increasingly frequent droughts, floods and other climate change-related extreme weather.

Law - 23.03.2018

Law - 21.03.2018
New research centre to focus on the stateless
Australian researchers will focus on the plight, rights and status of stateless people at the Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness , which will be launched at Melbourne Law School on Monday 26 March 2018.

Economics / Business - Law - 14.03.2018

Law - Health - 13.03.2018
Gun laws stopped mass shootings in Australia
The odds that a 22-year absence of mass shootings in Australia since 1996 gun reforms are due to chance are one in 200,000, new research reveals. Published today in the Annals of Internal Medicine , scholars at the University of Sydney and Macquarie University used mathematical techniques to test the null hypothesis that the rate of mass shootings in Australia before and after the 1996 law reforms is unchanged.

Environment - Law - 09.03.2018
Meeting showcases women in data science
If federal plans move forward, most U.S. coastal waters would be open to offshore oil drilling.

Environment - Law - 09.03.2018
California contemplates expansion of offshore oil drilling
If federal plans move forward, most U.S. coastal waters would be open to offshore oil drilling.

Agronomy / Food Science - Law - 08.03.2018
BBQ Standoff: Why We Need An Agreed Measurement System
For centuries, people have cheated in commerce. In response, society has created systems that enable fair trade for all.

Economics / Business - Law - 06.03.2018

Innovation - Law - 01.03.2018
Bringing meaningful technologies to market
Matthew Chun understands the difficulty of bringing new technologies from conception to market. The MIT senior and Rhodes Scholar co-founded Need-A-Knee, LLC his sophomore year, after working on a class project to invent a prosthetic device that helps above-knee amputees sit cross-legged.

Health - Law - 23.02.2018
Warning over claims that medical cannabis cuts opioid use
Claims that medical cannabis use has reduced opioid overdose deaths in the United States have been challenged by a University of Queensland drug abuse expert.

Law - Economics / Business - 08.02.2018
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