Lecture: State and Religion in Theory and Praxis of the Muslim Brotherhood

13:00 - 15:00


Zentrum für Südosteuropastudien


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Lecture by Dunja Larise as part of the lecture series "Religion and Politics in Southeast Europe"

State and Religion in Theory and Praxis of the Muslim Brotherhood

The relation between the state and religion varied considerably throughout history. In modern states, this relationship depends on the states’ constitution, institutions, and political ideologies on the one side and religious doctrines and political interests and strategies of different religious groups and actors on the other. This lecture presents one of the most influential movements within the specter of international political Islam: the Muslim Brotherhood, and the evolution of their ideas about Islam and the state in the last seventy years. It further examines how these ideas and political strategies changed depending on the political structures of states where the movement has been active. It also traces the altering conceptions of religion and politics depending on whether or not the movement has become an opportunity to evolve into a political party and gain/share power or not.

Dunja Larise is a scientific lecturer for political theory and theory and empirical studies of international politics. She holds a Ph.D in Political Theory at the University of Vienna. Her previous post-doctoral positions include European University Institute in Florence, CERI Sciences Po in Paris, MacMillan Center for Regional and Area Studies of the Yale University and Institute of Advanced Studies in Vienna. Her research fields and interests include: democracy theory, state theory, political Islam, Middle East and Balkan region.

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