Many high-ranking publications in the natural sciences: "Nature Index 2019"

What are the research institutions with the highest number of high-ranking publications in the natural and life sciences’ This question is addressed once a year by the renowned journal "Nature". The results of the recently published "Nature Index Global 2019" show that the University of Münster is one of only three German universities that have made it into the top 100 in the current ranking. It is in 91st place.

The "Nature Index" includes scientific publications in 82 renowned journals from the previous year. The authors are assigned to a research institution and a country, and their respective contributions to the publications are also weighted.

The Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich (50th place) and the Technical University of Munich (86th place) also made it into the top 100. As the best German research institution, the non-university Max Planck Society ranks third, second behind Harvard University in the USA and first with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

For the first time, the "Nature Index" also includes a normalised ranking - this means that for each institution the number of articles published in the 82 top journals is related to the number of all its publications in scientific and life science journals. This ranking is due to the fact that large institutions are naturally at an advantage in the absolute ranking. The normalised ranking also includes Münster University ranked on 49th place is the result. In first place is the US Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory, followed by the Austrian Institute of Science and Technology and the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

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