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Computer Science - Mechanical Engineering - 05.07.2012
Sharing data links in networks of cars
A new algorithm lets networks of Wi-Fi-connected cars, whose layout is constantly changing, share a few expensive links to the Internet.

Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 02.07.2012
Not all animal traps are equal
Large differences in the performance of spring traps used to kill mice, rats and moles, indicate considerable scope for improving the humaneness of such traps, and suggest that incentives are needed for manufacturers to ' build a better mousetrap'.

Mechanical Engineering - 21.06.2012
The 15th University of Birmingham Racing Car Ready for First Race
Students from the School of Engineering have designed and built the University of Birmingham's 15th racing car, which will be unveiled on Friday 22nd June 2pm in Chancellor's Court.

Mechanical Engineering - 19.06.2012
Modeling biofuel fitness for the sea
With the help of a $2 million grant from the U.S. Office of Naval Research, mechanical engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will develop a tool to characterize the performan

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 15.06.2012
Quantum bar magnets in a transparent salt
Quantum bar magnets in a transparent salt
Scientists have managed to switch on and off the magnetism of a new material using quantum mechanics, making the material a test bed for future quantum devices.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 30.05.2012
Biochip-based device for cell analysis
Biochip-based device for cell analysis
University Park, Pa. Inexpensive, portable devices that can rapidly screen cells for leukemia or HIV may soon be possible thanks to a chip that can produce three-dimensional focusing of a stream of cells, according to researchers.

Mechanical Engineering - Physics - 25.05.2012
Ariane 5 booster roars into life
Ariane 5 booster roars into life
Ariane 5 booster roars into life An Ariane 5 solid-propellant booster was test-fired yesterday at Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana to help improve the reliability of Europe's heavy launcher.

Economics / Business - Mechanical Engineering - 24.05.2012
Engineering a better society
Engineering a better society
Cardiff University's achievements in engineering will be on show at the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Summer Soirée ( Thursday 24 May ). The Royal Academy of Engineering event hosted by Cardiff University highlights the crucial role of engineers in developing solutions to a diverse range of environmental, social, health and economic challenges.

Mechanical Engineering - Economics / Business - 10.05.2012
Rolls-Royce Innovation Award for FreeHex
PA 131/12 Professor Dragos Axinte and John Allen at the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC) in Manufacturing Technology at The University of Nottingham and Mr. Ralph Anderson of Rol

Administration - Mechanical Engineering - 02.05.2012
Nottingham Bioengineer backs Brake in call for safer cycling
After being left unconscious at the roadside with a broken neck and back Donal McNally, a bioengineer who specialises in spinal injuries, is backing a call by Brake — the road safety charity — to make our streets fit for cyclists.

Economics / Business - Mechanical Engineering - 02.05.2012
Jaguar Land Rover funds new Professor at WMG to lead key Hybrid / Battery Electric Vehicle Digital Product Innovation
Jaguar Land Rover has announced that they are to fund a new Chair (Professor) in WMG at the University of Warwick as a key element in their strategic relationship with WMG.

Mechanical Engineering - 02.05.2012
Olympic kayak designer’s quest for gold
Great Britain's Olympic canoe slalom team is hoping to reap the rewards this summer of pioneering new research into kayak design by a University of Nottingham PhD student and former canoe champion. For the past four years, doctoral researcher in the Faculty of Engineering , Stuart Morris, has been working on a ground-breaking project to develop a scientific methodology for the ultimate kayak design to maximise athletes' performance in the sport.

Mechanical Engineering - Earth Sciences - 18.04.2012
Space technology landing in Hanover at largest trade fair
Space technology landing in Hanover at largest trade fair Propelling the Ariane 5 rocket into space, the Vulcain engine truly reflects Europe's impressive aerospace achievements.

Mechanical Engineering - Environment - 17.04.2012
Researchers aim to lessen clash between raptors, wind turbines
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. Golden eagles love Pennsylvania's ridge-and-valley region. The hunched-up topography, with its long linear corridors running southwest to northeast, makes a perfect thruway for their spring and fall migrations.

Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 09.04.2012
Egg Cetera #5: Nature’s paradoxical packaging
Egg Cetera #5: Nature’s paradoxical packaging
In the fifth report of our Egg Cetera series on egg-related research, engineers and zoologists work together to discover the secrets of the eggshell.

Mechanical Engineering - Administration - 06.04.2012
Controlling the cut - Nottingham engineers top leader board
A high-tech, precision, water jet milling control system which could transform the manufacture of complex aerospace, optical and biomedical structures and devices is being developed by an international team of engineers led by The University of Nottingham.

Mechanical Engineering - Economics / Business - 27.03.2012

Mechanical Engineering - 27.03.2012
Growing bones with Lego
Growing bones with Lego
A video produced for Google Science Fair shows how researchers at Cambridge making synthetic bone have turned to legendary children's toy Lego to give them a helping hand.

Mechanical Engineering - Mathematics - 26.03.2012
"Buckliball," an engineered buckling structure, advances folding materials
Inspired by a toy, the collapsible buckliball represents a new class of 3D, origami-like structures Playing with an expanding and collapsing toy (top row), researchers at Harvard and MIT were inspired to design a new type of folding structure. The result is a one-piece silicone sphere, dubbed a "buckliball" for its pressure-induced buckling behavior (bottom row).

Mechanical Engineering - Mathematics - 26.03.2012
’Buckliball’ opens new avenue in design of foldable engineering structures
Inspired by a toy, the 'buckliball' - a collapsible structure fabricated from a single piece of material - represents a new class of 3-D, origami-like structures.

Mechanical Engineering - 15.03.2012
Space foil helping to build safer cars
Space foil helping to build safer cars
Space foil helping to build safer cars A special foil sensor developed to measure the pressure on a spaceplane's wings during reentry into Earth's atmosphere is now helping to build safer cars. This 'space' foil has been transformed into a new super-thin and accurate sensor used by VW to measure every deformation suffered by cars during crash tests.

Mechanical Engineering - 14.03.2012
Vultures are colliding with wind turbines because they cannot see the way ahead, according to research by University of Birmingham scientists published today (14 March) in the journal IBIS, the International Journal of Avian Science. Vultures are large raptors that live in warm climates. They are at the top of the food chain and so their presence provides a good indication of a healthy environment.

Mechanical Engineering - 13.03.2012
Ships and boats land at Kettle’s Yard
Ships and boats land at Kettle’s Yard
" The exhibition runs from 7 April to 8 July and is a unique opportunity for the public to see 40 of Wallis' colourful work.

Economics / Business - Mechanical Engineering - 13.03.2012
Center for Innovative Metal Processing created
University Park, Pa. Penn State's Applied Research Laboratory and Sciaky, Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries will establish the Center for Innovative Metal Processing through Direct Digital Deposition as a Manufacturing Demonstration Facility under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Open Manufacturing Initiative.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 12.03.2012
Building Vega meant testing materials to their limits
Building Vega meant testing materials to their limits
When the first of Europe's Vega rockets thundered skywards on 13 February, it was a new design based on some novel materials. Such novelty called for rigorous technical risk management by ESA's materials specialists. Vega is aimed at carrying small and medium satellites, increasing the flexibility and competitiveness of Europe's launcher family.

Environment - Mechanical Engineering - 12.03.2012
Carnegie Mellon’s Marija Ilic Leads Team Developing New Smart Grid Models and Tools for Low-Cost Green Islands
: Carnegie Mellon's Marija Ilic Leads Team Developing New Smart Grid Models and Tools for Low-Cost Green Islands-Carnegie Mellon News - Carnegie Mellon University New Research To Be Compiled in Educa

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 02.03.2012
Heart-powered pacemaker could one day eliminate battery-replacement surgery
ANN ARBOR, Mich.-A new power scheme for cardiac pacemakers turns to an unlikely source: vibrations from heartbeats themselves.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 27.02.2012
Princeton sound lab pushes boundaries of realism in audio with support from Sony
  Edgar Choueiri, a Princeton University professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, is working to push the boundaries of sound reproduction through his 3-D Audio and Applied Acoustics Lab.

Mechanical Engineering - 20.02.2012

Mechanical Engineering - Environment - 15.02.2012
Research that offers 10 ways to improve society, the economy and the environment
University of Toronto research with a direct impact on improving life on Earth - and the planet itself - got a huge boost Feb.

Environment - Mechanical Engineering - 10.02.2012
Flumes and lasers test elite sportswear
Fabric used to make what is believed to be the fastest swimsuit to ever go on the market was tested Leeds researchers who simulated conditions close to those experienced by elite swimmers. A team led by Sedimentologist Jeff Peakall developed a methodology using lasers and flume tanks contained in a giant black box to accurately measure the speed of fabric through water.

Mechanical Engineering - Health - 09.02.2012
UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering Faculty Elected to National Academy of Engineering
Three faculty members in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering have been elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 08.02.2012
Inspiration for New Materials in Piranha-proof Armor
It's a matchup worthy of a late-night cable movie: put a school of starving piranha and a 300-pound fish together, and who comes out the winner? The surprising answer-given the notorious guillotine-like bite of the piranha-is Brazil's massive Arapaima fish.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 01.02.2012
Want to understand the fluid dynamics of the oceans and atmosphere? UCLA's got the video
Want to understand the fluid dynamics of the oceans and atmosphere? UCLA’s got the video
Oceans and clouds, even the atmosphere itself, are in constant motion and can undergo dramatic fluctuations, like hurricanes, that lead to severe consequences.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 31.01.2012
How Do You Fight Fire in Space? Experiments Provide Some Answers
Improving fire-fighting techniques in space and getting a better understanding of fuel combustion here on Earth are the focus of a series of experiments on the International Space Station, led by a professor at the Jacobs School of Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. A first round of experiments ran from March 2009 to December 2011.

Mechanical Engineering - 25.01.2012
How wings really work
How wings really work
A 1-minute video released by the University of Cambridge sets the record straight on a much misunderstood concept - how wings lift.

Administration - Mechanical Engineering - 20.01.2012

Mechanical Engineering - 19.01.2012

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 08.01.2012
Seeing Quantum Mechanics with the naked eye
Seeing Quantum Mechanics with the naked eye
New research lays groundwork for new generation of ultrasensitive gyroscopes to measure gravity, magnetic field, and create quantum circuits Just to see and prod quantum mechanics working in front of your eyes is amazing." —Dr Gab Christmann A Cambridge team have built a semiconductor chip that converts electrons into a quantum state that emits light but is large enough to see by eye.

Mechanical Engineering - 23.12.2011

Mathematics - Mechanical Engineering - 15.12.2011
Less knowledge, more power: Uninformed can be vital to democracy, study finds
Less knowledge, more power: Uninformed can be vital to democracy, study finds
by Morgan Kelly Contrary to the ideal of a completely engaged electorate, individuals who have the least interest in a specific outcome can actually be vital to achieving a democratic consensus. These individuals dilute the influence of powerful minority factions who would otherwise dominate everyone else, according to new research published .

Mechanical Engineering - Electroengineering - 01.12.2011
Manchester jet engine project takes FLITES
Manchester jet engine project takes FLITES
01 Dec 2011 The University of Manchester is leading a £2.7m research project to create a key component in reducing jet engine emissions.

Mechanical Engineering - 22.11.2011
In vivo cyclic loading decrease bone resorption rate.
In vivo cyclic loading decrease bone resorption rate.
In vivo loading increases mechanical properties of scaffold by affecting bone formation and bone resorption rates.

Mechanical Engineering - Environment - 22.11.2011

Art and Design - Mechanical Engineering - 18.11.2011
Documentary Hub Focuses on Success
An unlikely mix of weightlifting pensioners, Jedis, and one corner of the University has changed Scottish film culture.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 10.11.2011
J K Rowling marks start for clinic
The author J K Rowling will bury a time capsule to mark the start of building work on a new research clinic.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 31.10.2011
Royal visit for new chair in motor neurone research
Royal visit for new chair in motor neurone research
Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal attended a lecture today to mark the appointment of Professor Kevin Talbot to the new Chair of Motor Neuron Biology at the University of Oxford. The position will support research into motor neurone disease with the aim of increasing understanding of this complex disease.

Mechanical Engineering - 31.10.2011
Imperial gets revved up over sustainable car challenge
Monday 31 October 2011 by Colin Smith From competing in an all-electric supercar to helping to calculate who has won the race, Imperial College London is involved in many facets of one of the UK's premiere "green" motoring events.

Mechanical Engineering - Environment - 31.10.2011
Study evaluates bat deaths near wind turbines
It's something of an ecological murder mystery — countless numbers of bats are turning up dead near wind farms. But what is killing them? A new study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison links on-the-ground sleuthing and clinical diagnostic techniques to sketch a better picture of how the bats are dying.
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