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Astronomy / Space Science - Mechanical Engineering - 21.07.2016
GPS jamming: keeping ships on the 'strait' and narrow
The University of Nottingham and Royal Norwegian Naval Academy (RNoNA) are investigating how to prevent shipping Global Positioning Signals (GPS) being jammed in potential cyberattacks that may cause vessels to go off course and collide or run aground. Big, modern ships are highly automated with networked navigational systems, including differential GPS (DGPS) which offers more accurate positioning (to one metre) than conventional GPS.

Chemistry - Mechanical Engineering - 20.07.2016
NSF grant supports development of catalytic motors for high-salt environments
Darrell Velegol and Ayusman Sen have been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation for a research proposal that aims to produce autonomous, micron-sized catalytic colloidal motors with the ability to transport cargo in high-salt environments including blood, seawater and geo-reservoirs.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 19.07.2016
Weird quantum effects, even over hundreds of miles
In the world of quantum, infinitesimally small particles, weird and often logic-defying behaviors abound. Perhaps the strangest of these is the idea of superposition, in which objects can exist simultaneously in two or more seemingly counterintuitive states. For example, according to the laws of quantum mechanics, electrons may spin both clockwise and counter-clockwise, or be both at rest and excited, at the same time.

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 13.07.2016
Driving the technology behind fuel-efficient electric cars
An ¢830K research project to speed up the shift from fossil-fuel reliant to greener, quieter and cheaper electric vehicles, using low carbon propulsion technologies, is being run at The University of Nottingham.

Mechanical Engineering - Physics - 29.06.2016
Three TUM Professors for Fraunhofer Research
Three TUM Professors for Fraunhofer Research
Campus news The Fraunhofer IGCV, the new Fraunhofer facility for Casting, Composites and Production Technologies, will begin operation in Augsburg and Garching (near Munich) as of July 1, 2016.

Mechanical Engineering - 29.06.2016
TU Graz invests in grinding technology
TU Graz invests in grinding technology
Unique worldwide and made in Austria: TU Graz is strengthening the field of production technology with a new grinding machine for engines and drive components to the value of 1 million euros.

Mechanical Engineering - 28.06.2016
NSF grant to create dynamic model for advanced manufacturing of metal components
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. Penn State researchers have received a two-year, $277,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) that will support fundamental research on an integrated paradigm of modeling and advanced control for additive manufacturing (AM) of critical metal components.

Mechanical Engineering - Computer Science - 28.06.2016
Autonomous vehicles on the Garching campus
Autonomous vehicles on the Garching campus
Campus news If the German Innovation Lab (GIL) gets its way, the Garching campus of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) my become one of the first testing sites for autonomous vehicles within the next few years.

Mechanical Engineering - Life Sciences - 27.06.2016
3D printing produces cartilage from strands of bioink
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. Strands of cow cartilage substitute for ink in a 3D bioprinting process that may one day create cartilage patches for worn out joints, according to a team of engineers.

Mechanical Engineering - Environment - 13.06.2016
Researchers simulate wear of materials as they rub together
An illustration of two different types of adhesive wear - asperity smoothing and fracture, dependent on the length of the microscopic nubs, or asperities - caused when two surfaces rub against one another.

Administration - Mechanical Engineering - 09.06.2016
Cornell, ADC tackling rescue ropes issue for U.S. Navy copters
Engineers from Advanced Design Consulting in Lansing, New York meet with Cornell graduate students, led by professor Stuart Leigh Phoenix (pointing), in the machine shop of ADC's Ridge Road facility.

Mechanical Engineering - Life Sciences - 08.06.2016
Using engineering savvy to improve product designs
Using engineering savvy to improve product designs
When Edward (Ned) Burnell sees a design problem, he is always ready to find a better solution. Even while chatting with a journalist outside his office, he points out ceilings and windows in different spaces and describes how he would improve them.

Mechanical Engineering - Astronomy / Space Science - 25.05.2016

Chemistry - Mechanical Engineering - 25.05.2016
New concept turns battery technology upside-down
New concept turns battery technology upside-down
A new approach to the design of a liquid battery, using a passive, gravity-fed arrangement similar to an old-fashioned hourglass, could offer great advantages due to the system's low cost and the sim

Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 24.05.2016
Opinion: How does a bike stay upright? Surprisingly, it’s all in the mind
It's as easy as riding a bike... or so the saying goes. But how do we manage to stay upright on a bicycle? If anyone ventures an answer they most often say that it's because of the "gyroscopic effect" - but this can't be true.

Mechanical Engineering - 23.05.2016
Vehicle automation: Most drivers still want to retain at least some control
ANN ARBOR-Despite greater coverage of driverless technology advancements the past couple of years, most Americans still prefer to drive themselves-at least partially, say University of Michigan researchers.

Economics / Business - Mechanical Engineering - 19.05.2016
Hypersonic flight on the horizon
Hypersonic flight on the horizon
Travelling from Sydney to London in less than two hours is no longer a farfetched concept following a successful hypersonic test flight conducted by an international team, including University of Queensland researchers and students.

Mechanical Engineering - Physics - 18.05.2016
Research note: Understanding a natural cloaking mechanism
Research note: Understanding a natural cloaking mechanism
Researchers at Yale and in Europe are exploring a natural "cloaking" mechanism that allows certain elastic materials - think Jell-O, for instance - to imbibe substantial amounts of liquid droplets without changing their own mechanical properties. Writing in the May 18 online edition of the Proceedings of the Royal Society A, John Wettlaufer and his colleagues expanded on previous work about surface tension to find the limits of such natural cloaking.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 17.05.2016
UW team first to measure microscale granular crystal dynamics
UW team first to measure microscale granular crystal dynamics
UW engineers for the first time have analyzed interactions between microscale granular crystals - which include up-and-down, horizontal, and rotational motion. Read more scientific details here. (GIF credit: Samuel Wallen/University of Washington) Designing materials that better respond to dynamic loading can help vehicles minimize vibration, better protect military convoys or potentially make buildings safer during an earthquake.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 11.05.2016
UW researchers secure prestigious MURI grants for self-cooling lasers and fluid mechanics
UW researchers secure prestigious MURI grants for self-cooling lasers and fluid mechanics
In April the U.S. Department of Defense announced awards to 23 research teams across the country to support groundbreaking projects at the intersection of engineering and scientific disciplines.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 09.05.2016
Great-granddaughter Follows Path of CMU’s First Ph.D. Graduate
Mao Yisheng was the recipient of the first Ph.D. given by the Carnegie Institute of Technology, now known as Carnegie Mellon University.

Mechanical Engineering - Event - 27.04.2016
Imperial Festival sees 'horseless carriages' return to site of first motor show
Imperial Festival sees ’horseless carriages’ return to site of first motor show
A recreation of the 1896 Horseless Carriage Exhibition will showcase a unique collection of early automotive history, alongside cars of the future.

Mechanical Engineering - Economics / Business - 21.04.2016
Major motoring developments crown Coventry’s 120 year Motor City legacy
Two major investments in the automotive industry in Coventry will create world class facilities for the automotive industry in a resurgent "Motor City" Coventry, and both will be built in the year that will mark 120 years of motor manufacturing history in the City.

Mechanical Engineering - Astronomy / Space Science - 18.04.2016
Cornellians to advise Starshot exploring Alpha Centauri
Mason Peck, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell, and Stephen Hawking at the announcement of the Breakthrough Starshot project.

Environment - Mechanical Engineering - 15.04.2016
STEM stars head to NASA with UQ support
STEM stars head to NASA with UQ support
For most high school students, competing at an international competition at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre is an idea that is simply out of this world.

Astronomy / Space Science - Mechanical Engineering - 08.04.2016
Ideas in orbit
Ideas in orbit
Talk for a while with MIT senior Raichelle Aniceto about satellites, and you might find you've caught the aerospace bug.

Mechanical Engineering - Event - 05.04.2016
Opinion: Science behind remarkable new Wall of Death motorcycle world record
Hugh Hunt (Department of Engineering) discusses the Wall of Death world record attempt and how a motorcycle can ride around a vertical wall.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 04.04.2016
Berkeley Lab Working on Key Components for LCLS-II X-ray Lasers
A prototype LCLS-II undulator, which is designed to wiggle electrons, causing them to emit brilliant X-ray light, undergoes magnetic measurements at Berkeley Lab.

Chemistry - Mechanical Engineering - 04.04.2016
How crispy is your bonbon?
How crispy is your bonbon?
Since the 1600s, chocolatiers have been perfecting the art of the bonbon, passing down techniques for crafting a perfectly smooth, even chocolaty shell. Now, a theory and a simple fabrication technique derived by MIT engineers may help chocolate artisans create uniformly smooth shells and precisely tailor their thickness.

Mechanical Engineering - Chemistry - 22.03.2016
New insights into human tears could improve contacts lenses, Stanford researchers say
Chemical engineers at Stanford have discovered mechanical properties of the tear film on the eye's surface that can be used to manufacture lenses that more closely mimic the eye.

Mechanical Engineering - Life Sciences - 16.03.2016
High-tech bird watching for shapeshifting airplane wings
High-tech bird watching for shapeshifting airplane wings
ANN ARBOR-An international team of engineers and biologists will gain unprecedented insights into how birds fly so efficiently and then turn that knowledge to building unmanned aircraft with shapeshifting wings. These planes should be lighter, faster and dramatically more maneuverable than today's stiff-winged aircraft.

Mechanical Engineering - Life Sciences - 14.03.2016
Nanoscale images reveal bacteria motor parts in unprecedented detail
Nanoscale images reveal bacteria motor parts in unprecedented detail
Nanoscopic 3D imaging has revealed how different bacteria have geared their tiny propeller motors for a wide range of swimming abilities. Many bacteria swim using flagella - long tails that are attached to tiny motors made of proteins, just tens of nanometres wide. These motors spin the flagella, which work as nanoscale propellers to drive the bacterium forward.

Economics / Business - Mechanical Engineering - 14.03.2016
Show your mettle
How does a 128-year-old company stay relevant? It constantly innovates.

Mechanical Engineering - Innovation - 03.03.2016
Sonceboz and EPFL join forces to take mechatronics into the future
Sonceboz and EPFL join forces to take mechatronics into the future
03.03.16 - Sonceboz, a mechatronics specialist based in the Canton of Bern, has opened an innovation cell at EPFL Innovation Park.

Mechanical Engineering - 02.03.2016
Imperial alumni launch Tio, the invention kit to inspire tomorrow's inventors
Imperial alumni launch Tio, the invention kit to inspire tomorrow’s inventors
A team of Imperial alumni have launched an invention kit that allows children to make remote controlled toys from the contents of the recycling bin.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 29.02.2016
’Function after failure’ in bone translates to engineering strategy
An image of cancellous bone, with regions of microscopic tissue damage shown in green and orange. Cancellous bone is found at the end of bones, near the joints, and in the vertebrae. When most things break, they fall apart and lose their mechanical function. There are ways to overcome this: To help make car and aircraft parts last longer, engineers often apply surface treatments that harden the surfaces to prevent cracks from starting.

Mechanical Engineering - Electroengineering - 25.02.2016
Testing the waters
Green and lush, the Amazonian rainforest of Peru's Madre de Dios region envelops the team of students and faculty as they trek through the thick underbrush.

Economics / Business - Mechanical Engineering - 24.02.2016
Clean, efficient cookstoves from UW-industry partnership to be manufactured in Kenya
Clean, efficient cookstoves from UW-industry partnership to be manufactured in Kenya
For much of the world's population, gathering fuel to cook food is a dangerous proposition. Women and children often journey miles from their homes to collect sticks and branches, exposing themselves to sexual assault, other violence and wild animals.

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 23.02.2016
UW engineers achieve Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power
UW engineers achieve Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power
The upside of Wi-Fi is that it's everywhere - invisibly connecting laptops to printers, allowing smartphones to make calls or stream movies without cell service, and letting online gamers battle it out.

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 23.02.2016
Coal Retirement Needed for Electric Vehicles To Reduce Air Pollution
A new study by Carnegie Mellon University researchers finds that electric vehicles charged in coal-heavy regions can create more damage to human health and the environment than gasoline vehicles in those regions. But many coal-fired plants are set to be retired soon, which could flip the scales in favor of electric vehicles.

Mechanical Engineering - 17.02.2016
'Fabulous Beasts' Kickstarter campaign brings innovative family game closer to market
’Fabulous Beasts’ Kickstarter campaign brings innovative family game closer to market
A research collaboration between Mechanical Engineering and a game studio has resulted in a brand new family game which combines digital and physical technologies.

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 15.02.2016

Mechanical Engineering - 11.02.2016
Affectionate Confections
Those grand gestures of affection that come around Valentine's Day: flowers, dinner reservations, romantic moonlit strolls through the snow.

Mechanical Engineering - Event - 10.02.2016
Car talk
Car talk
Discussions of self-driving vehicles are often accompanied by highly confident predictions: Visions of the future include whole networks of automated cars seamlessly zipping around metropolitan areas, safely and efficiently, with every person inside them a passive, hands-off passenger.

Mechanical Engineering - Health - 03.02.2016
Researcher honoured by top American institute
Researcher honoured by top American institute
An Imperial expert in joint mechanics and the effects of blast injuries has been recognised for his achievements by a prestigious US institution.

Chemistry - Mechanical Engineering - 03.02.2016
Room-temperature lithium metal battery closer to reality
Lynden Archer, the William C. Hooey Director and James A. Friend Family Distinguished Professor of Engineering and director of the Robert Frederick Smith School of Chemical and Biomolec

Mechanical Engineering - 03.02.2016
WMG tests driverless pods with laser scan of Coventry roads as part of Intelligent Transport Initiative
WMG at the University of Warwick is to use a laser scan of 30 miles of Coventry roads to test driverless pods as part of a research programme launched this week. WMG will work with RDM Group - the UK's only designer and manufacturer of driverless Pods - in a project called INnovative Testing of Autonomous Control Techniques (INTACT).

Environment - Mechanical Engineering - 02.02.2016
Severe droughts no longer caused just by nature
Severe droughts no longer caused just by nature
A group of key water researchers from 13 organisations in eight countries, including the University of Bristol and Cabot Institute, is calling for a revision of how the world should study and tackle drought.

Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 01.02.2016
New research replicates the folding of a fetal human brain
The distinctive troughs and crests of the human brain are actually not present in most animal brains; highly folded brains are seen only in a handful of species, including some primates, dolphins, elephants and pigs.

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 28.01.2016
Engineers to Stephen Colbert: It is plausible to climb like Spider-Man
By using a novel controllable adhesive system, a Stanford engineer shows that a person can scale a glass wall just like Spidey. Last week, Stephen Colbert took center stage on The Late Show and lamented that a recent study by zoologists at the University of Cambridge found that Spider-Man probably couldn't actually climb walls.
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