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Environment - Campus - 22.03.2024
Research unlocks potential to revolutionise construction waste recycling
Office of the Interim Vice-President (Strategy & Major Projects) & Vice-Chancellor's Chief of Staff Office of the Interim Vice-President (Strategy & Major Projects) & Vice-Chancellor's Chief of Staff There was no time to waste as researchers trawled through skip bins across Melbourne construction sites, capturing hundreds of photos of materials destined for landfill.

Linguistics / Literature - Social Sciences - 14.03.2024
Monash experts help decode Chinese text at Ballarat library
Monash University experts are set to embark on a groundbreaking translation project centred around the works of esteemed Chinese scholar and cultural critic, Zhu Dake.

Pharmacology - Health - 14.03.2024
Participants needed for study of promising drug for hand osteoarthritis
Patients with painful hand osteoarthritis are needed to test an existing drug that showed promising results in a trial led by Monash University and Alfred Health. Published in The Lancet in late 2023, the stage 3 trial investigated methotrexate, a low-cost, effective treatment for inflammatory joint conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

Politics - 12.03.2024
Convicts brought back to life in digital exhibition in Tasmania

Health - Politics - 07.03.2024
Australia commits $3 million to assist in the elimination of dengue fever in Laos

Environment - 07.03.2024
Short-term exposure to high levels of air pollution kills 1m globally every year
Every year, more than one million deaths globally occur because of exposure to short-term (hours to days) fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ) in air pollution, according to a new report, with Eastern Asia reporting more than 50 per cent of deaths attributable to short-term PM 2.5 globally.

Campus - Pedagogy - 01.03.2024
Monash University signs the first agreement of its kind with the European University Institute (EUI)

Social Sciences - Campus - 23.02.2024
Monash University statement on release of Federal Government Action Plan Addressing Gendered Violence in Higher Education

Health - Innovation - 20.02.2024
Monash to lead Australian revolution in next generation heart devices

History / Archeology - 01.02.2024
Monash to launch Global Encounters virtual reality journey into Australia’s First Nations history

Health - Social Sciences - 22.01.2024
Disconnected and insecure: Australian-first study examines impacts of long COVID on intimate partner violence victim-survivors
An Australian-first study from Monash researchers has examined the impact of long COVID on victim-survivors' experiences of intimate partner violence. The report Disconnected & insecure: The intersection between experiences of long COVID and intimate partner violence will be launched on Tuesday 23 January at The Wheeler Centre with researchers presenting key findings, followed by a panel discussion on women's safety during and beyond the pandemic.

Health - Career - 17.01.2024
Same-level workplace falls set to rise amid surge in older female workforce
Same-level falls in the workplace are set to rise amid rapid growth in the numbers of older female employees in the workforce, Monash University-led research has found. Published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine , the study found that although workplace falls, overall, are more common among male employees, particularly falls from height, same-level falls are more common in older women.

Health - 28.12.2023
Fresh insights into egg usage, donation and disposal after egg freezing
New research from Monash University and Monash IVF has reported for the first time on outcomes following egg freezing in Australia, including patient return rates and the fate of unused eggs.

Pharmacology - Health - 20.12.2023
Director of Monash’s Centre for Medicine Use and Safety named Victorian Pharmacist of the Year

Health - Pharmacology - 20.12.2023
More than $62.9 million awarded to Monash for vital medical research

Pharmacology - Health - 19.12.2023
Discovery of drug candidate to potentially tackle ER-positive breast cancer
Around 2.3 million people are diagnosed with breast cancer globally each year. Dysregulation of an enzyme called 'KAT6A' has been observed in some ER-positive breast cancers, leading to adverse patient outcomes. However the discovery of drugs to target KAT6A for therapeutic benefit has remained a challenge.

Health - Social Sciences - 19.12.2023
Monash Experts: 2023-24 Summer holiday season
Monash University experts are available for comment on a range of topics relating to festivities and the summer season, politics, climate and bushfires, health, energy, electrification, electric vehicles charging, cybersecurity, road safety, retail and spending, online safety, gambling and more.

Social Sciences - Innovation - 18.12.2023
Could smart speakers protect women against intimate partner violence? New research asks whether we should embrace ’Big Sister’
New research from Monash University examines the practical, ethical and political challenges of using smart home technologies to protect women from intimate partner violence in their own homes.

Health - Social Sciences - 13.12.2023
App to boost ear health and mental wellbeing in Indigenous communities

Social Sciences - Media - 12.12.2023
Monash panel to discuss media’s role in covering violence against women in the Global North and Global South

Environment - Research Management - 06.12.2023
Monash University soars to 23rd globally in QS Sustainability Rankings 2024

Health - 30.11.2023
Night shift workers need support to manage weight and metabolic health conditions: study
Work based policies must be designed to target barriers that night shift workers face when managing weight and metabolic health conditions, a Monash University-led review has found. Making up 13-27 per cent of the workforce, there are no systems in place to assist night shift workers to make healthier lifestyle choices, despite having an increased risk of weight gain, and a higher risk of weight related conditions such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Environment - 29.11.2023
Advances in direct air capture technology set to progress with Economic Accelerator Grant

Social Sciences - Campus - 27.11.2023
Monash University panel to explore comedy's impact on social change

Campus - 24.11.2023
Monash and India’s Amity University sign MOU on further collaboration

Campus - Media - 23.11.2023
360info expands into Europe with new strategic partnership

Social Sciences - 22.11.2023
Despite Asia’s preference for a son, happiness in old age has everything to do with daughters
Researchers from Monash University Malaysia's Business School warn that the traditional preference for a son rather than a daughter, may worsen gender inequality in rapidly ageing Asian societies.

Social Sciences - 22.11.2023
Speaking their language: Empowering interpreters and translators in diverse regional communities
Speaking their language: Empowering interpreters and translators in diverse regional communities

Pedagogy - Campus - 21.11.2023
Groundbreaking research into the imaginary play of infants and toddlers
A landmark study from Monash University has found that infants and toddlers are capable of engaging in imaginary play, correcting previously held academic beliefs that they were unable to, and confirming the profound significance of imaginative play in early childhood education. Funded through the Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship scheme, the five year programmatic study, which involved researchers from the Faculty of Education at Monash University, engaged with over 2,500 educators and young children.

Materials Science - Economics - 21.11.2023
New ARC hub to boost 2D materials manufacturing research
By Teju Hari Krishna +61 450 501 248 A new research hub hosted by Monash University at the Faculty of Engineering will foster research and commercialisation of 2D materials like graphene with a vast range of applications including in water treatment, batteries, coatings, paints and sensors.

Health - Campus - 20.11.2023
New Centre to support ’optimal’ ageing

Health - Life Sciences - 17.11.2023
Potential new treatment for prostate cancer receives $5M funding boost
Potential new treatment for prostate cancer receives $5M funding boost
Prostate cancer* is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia and remains a leading cause of death worldwide.

Social Sciences - 17.11.2023
Shaping the Future: A new approach to policy that works for young people

Health - Pharmacology - 17.11.2023
Victoria’s Consular Corps visit Monash, scientists showcase latest innovations
The world-leading Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS), located in Parkville, has welcomed representatives from Consular Corps Melbourne, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Vic

Research Management - Social Sciences - 17.11.2023
19 Monash academics recognised as the world’s most influential scientists and social scientists

Event - 31.08.2023
More than $8M awarded to 19 Monash researchers in ARC DECRA scheme

Environment - 24.08.2023
World-first GeoXPM software models and predicts geo-disasters as climate change throws weather curveballs

Innovation - 24.08.2023
The Economic Fairways Mapper wins coveted Eureka Prize for Innovative Research in Sustainability

Innovation - 17.08.2023
Monash University innovation recognised as global contender for Science Start-Up Breakthrough of the Year Award

Life Sciences - 15.08.2023
New maps reveal the individual brain changes linked to different mental illnesses

Pharmacology - 11.08.2023
AI with a heart: Neural network predicts survival of critically ill patients on heart-lung bypass

Environment - 11.08.2023
The health impact of climate change is not adequately recorded: study

Career - 10.08.2023
Monash receives four grants for collaborative research projects to advance sustainable development in Indonesia

Life Sciences - 04.08.2023
A mother’s diet can protect her grandchildren’s brains: genetic model study

Social Sciences - 03.08.2023
A window into the brain provides clues for improving the wellbeing of children born very preterm

Career - 02.08.2023
Harnessing the power of career conversations and combating increasing career uncertainty

Campus - 01.08.2023
Monash awarded more than $5.9M in ARC Future Fellowships scheme

Campus - 31.07.2023
Immune cell discovery could lead to improved chronic worm treatment

Social Sciences - 27.07.2023
Levelling the playing field: AllPlay Footy helps children with disability thrive in community football

Campus - 27.07.2023
Low dose aspirin won’t help some older adults trying to avoid a stroke: study
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