MRI, food security, and energy debated at Expo 2010

MRI, food security, and energy debated at Expo 2010

Three events at Shanghai Expo 2010 will tackle pressing global issues and give insights into developments taking place at The University of Nottingham and elsewhere, starting next Monday.
2010年上海世博会期间从下周一开始将举办三场活动,探 如何应对紧迫的全球 题并且深入了解诺丁汉大学和其他地方正在开展的工作。

MRI and Sustainable Health, Global Food Security, and Energy Day will each showcase high priority research at Nottingham and survey the scientific, technological, social and geopolitical developments.
三场活动的主题分别为核磁共振成像与可持续卫生保健、全球食品 全和能源日,活动将展示诺丁汉大学的研究重点,并概要介绍科学、技术、社会和地理政治几方面的发展情况。

Top researchers from the University’s campuses in the UK and Malaysia, as well as expert speakers from China and India, will provide subject briefings and discuss these issues with fellow scientists, policy-makers, business people, students and other academics.
来自诺丁汉大学英国和马来西亚校区的顶级研究人员和来自中国、印度的专 发言人将做专题介绍,并且与相关领域内的科学 、政策制 者、商业人士、学生和其他学术界人士一起探 这些 题。

All these issues are priorities for the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, and the World Bank. The population of the planet is expected to approach 9 billion by 2050, and the ingenuity of scientists has an essential role in preparing humans and world ecosystems for the challenges this brings.
这些 题都是联合国、世界卫生组织和世界银行的重点。全球的人口总量预 到2050年将达到90亿,而科学 们的智慧在 助人们和全球生态系统做好准备,应对随人口增长带来的挑战方面起到核心作用。

The University of Nottingham’s Expo Lead Professor Chris Rudd, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Knowledge Transfer and Business Engagement, said: “Expo 2010 provides a compelling platform to showcase our portfolio of work in sustainability and conveys our message to a genuinely global audience.
诺丁汉大学世博会的领头人、主 知识转化和商业发展的副校长克里斯•路德教授(Chris Rudd)说:“2010年上海世博会提供了万众瞩 的平台,展示我们在可持续性方面的工作组合,并且名副其 地向全球观众传达我们的信息。”

“Being at Shanghai Expo reminds us that resource management, population health and climate change are problems that respect no national boundaries. Every new visitor to our Pavilion leaves with a clear sense of these messages — but also alive to the knowledge that some of the most creative and dedicated scientists are improving lives, driving economic growth and helping our cities to eat, drink and breathe.”
他还说:“上海世博会提醒我们资源 理、人口健康状况和气候变化这些 题是不分国界的,全球都要面对。每一位来我们展馆的参观者离开时都会意识到这一点,同时也会知道最具创造力和最为敬业的科学 们正在努力改善人们的生活、驱动经济的增长,并且 助我们的城市健康发展。”

The first event in the latest part of The University of Nottingham’s series takes place on Monday July 12. MRI and Sustainable Health will consider magnetic resonance imaging, developed at The University of Nottingham by Nobel Laureate Sir Peter Mansfield and colleagues.
诺丁汉大学最新的系列活动中的第一场将于7月12日(周一)举行,主题是核磁共振成像与可持续卫生保健。届时将全面了解由诺贝尔奖得主,诺丁汉大学的彼得•曼斯菲尔德爵士(Peter Mansfield)和同事开发的核磁共振成像技术。

Professor Peter Morris, Head of the Magnetic Resonance Centre at The University of Nottingham, will describe MRI’s contribution to advances in the detection and diagnosis of disease and, he will consider its use in screening at-risk individuals and providing individualised treatment. He’ll conclude by posing the challenge of how to provide this at an affordable cost, and the role China could play in its delivery.
诺丁汉大学核磁共振成像中心主任彼得•莫里斯教授(Peter Morris)将介绍核磁共振成像在推动疾病发现和诊断方面的贡 ,还将全面介绍该技术如何应用于 查面临患病风险的人并提供个体化治疗。最后,他将提出如何才能在可负担的成本下提供该技术,以及中国在这方面可以起到的作用。

“The University of Nottingham is the birthplace of MRI and its Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Resonance Centre remains at the cutting edge of developments in this field,” said Professor Morris. “The development of MRI in China offers exciting new opportunities which I look forward to discussing at this prestigious event.”

莫里斯教授说磁共成像诞生于诺汉大,而且大学的得•曼斯菲尔德爵核磁振中心仍然处这个域发展的最前。中核磁共振成像发展供了令人振奋新机,我期待能在次卓盛誉的活动中 这些机遇。”

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Global Food Security, on Thursday July 15, will feature Professor Jeremy Roberts, Head of the School of Biosciences; Greg Tucker, Professor of Plant Chemistry in the Division of Nutritional Biochemistry; and Dr Timothy Foster, Associate Professor and Reader in Food Structure from Nottingham’s Division of Food Sciences examining ‘one of our fundamental challenges’ — ensuring secure, sustainable food supply.
我们将于7月15日(周四)探 全球食品 全 ,研究我们所面临的基本挑战之一,即 保 全、可持续的食品供应。主 人有英国诺丁汉大学生物科学系主任杰瑞米•罗伯茨(Jeremy Roberts)教授、营养生物化学系植物化学专业教授格雷格•塔克(Greg Tucker)以及生物科学系食品结构专业教授助理、准教授蒂莫西•福斯特(Timothy Foster)博士。

“Responding to this challenge can only be achieved through the formulation and delivery of a robust strategy on food security,” said Professor Roberts. “No university in the UK is better placed than Nottingham to carry out multidisciplinary food security research.
罗伯茨教授说:“只有形成并交付可靠的食品 全战略才能回应这个挑战。诺丁汉大学的条件是所有英国大学中最好的,能够开展跨学科的食品 全研究。”

“During a period of global retrenchment in agricultural and food-related research, Nottingham has had the foresight to invest in its facilities and encourage the development of research activities that underpin food production. The University is delighted to be able to contribute to Expo 2010 and use it to showcase its latest research which exploits novel techniques to optimise crop production and maximize resource efficiency.”
“虽然全球农业和食品相关研究的经费缩水,但是诺丁汉大学 光长远,投资自己的 施并鼓励发展支持食品生产的研究活动。我们非常高兴能为2010年世博会做贡 ,并借此机会展示我们最新的研究成果。这些研究利用全新的技术优化作物生产并最大限度地提高资源效率。”

Other speakers at this event will include Professor Sayed Azam-Ali, Professor and Vice Provost for Research and Internationalisation at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC); Dr Asgar A. Warsi, Assistant Professor, School of Biosciences, Plant and Crop Division, UNMC; Dr Chungui Lu, Lecturer in Post-Genomics in the Faculty of Science at Nottingham; Dr Sudeshna Mazumdar-Leighton, Associate Professor of Botany, Delhi University; and Mr Karl Zhou, Regulatory Affairs, Unilever Foods, China.

本次活动的其他演 人还有诺丁汉大学马来西亚分校主 研究和国际化的副校长塞依德•阿扎姆阿里(Sayed Azam-Ali)教授和植物与作物学院生物科学系副教授阿斯格•沃斯(Asgar A. Warsi)博士、英国诺丁汉大学理学院后基因组学 师陆春贵、印度德里大学植物学系副教授苏登莎•马祖达雷顿(Sudeshna Mazumdar-Leighton)博士以及联合利华食品(中国)有限公司监 事务部周劲松经理。

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Energy Day, on Monday July 19, will be co-hosted by a distinguished Chinese partner. “The University of Nottingham is delighted to co-host this event with the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI), Chinese Academy of Sciences,” said Professor Colin Snape, Professor of Chemical Technology and Chemical Engineering, and Director of the Energy Technologies Research Institute at The University of Nottingham.
“能源日”活动将于7月19日(周一)由我们与尊贵的中国伙伴共同举办 。诺丁汉大学能源技术研究院院长、化学技术与化学工程教授柯林•斯内 (Colin Snape)说:“我们很高兴能与中国科学院上海高等研究院联手举办本次活动。

“With a strong presence in China and an impressive energy research portfolio, The University of Nottingham is keen to further its collaborations with China in the development of energy technologies. This event will help build understanding between researchers, policy-makers and industrialists about the two countries’ contexts, strategies and research programmes for moving towards a low-carbon economy. “诺丁汉大学在中国已经拥有相当的 力,能源研究项 令人印象深刻。我们充满热忱,希望在发展能源技术方面与中国加强协作。本次活动将有助于中、英研究人员、政策制 者和工业 进一步了解两国迈向低碳经济过程中的背景、战略和研究项 。

“It is vital that China and the UK combine expertise to tackle the challenges ahead and this event will bring together key individuals to help move collaborations forward.”
“中国和英国结合各自专长解决未来的挑战,这一点至关重要,而本次活动将关 人物汇聚一堂以促进协作。”

Other speakers at this event will include Professor Sun Yuhan, Director of the Institute of Coal Chemistry and Vice Director of Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI), Chinese Academy of Sciences; Professor Wu Chuangzhi, President of the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Professor Huang Weiguang, Vice Director of SARI and Director of the Centre for Clean Energy Technology; Professor Li Kexin, Director of the Centre for Low Carbon Urban Study at SARI; and Professor Greg Asher, Professor of Electrical Drives and Control, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham.
本次活动的其他演 人有中国科学院山西煤炭研究所所长、上海高等研究院副院长孙予罕教授、中国科学院广州能源研究所所长吴创之教授、上海高等研究院副院长、清洁能源技术中心主任黄伟光教授、上海高等研究院低碳城市研究中心主任李克欣教授、以及诺丁汉大学工程学院电动驱动和控制教授格雷格•阿什(Greg Asher)。

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All events take place in The Auditorium at London ZEDpavilion, part of the Zero Carbon Living Space zone at Shanghai Expo 2010. MRI and Sustainable Health runs from 11:30 until 15:45, Global Food Security runs from 10:30 until 17:30, and Energy Day runs from 10:30 until 17:00.
所有活动都将在位于上海世博会零碳生活空间的伦敦零碳馆礼堂举行。各项活动时间 排如下:核磁共振成像与可持续卫生保健,11:30-15:45;全球食品 全,10:30-17:30;能源日,10:30-17:00。

The University of Nottingham’s exhibition and series of expert-led events runs from May to October in the London ZEDpavilion, the showcase of sustainable urban construction created for Expo 2010 by leading innovators in zero-carbon design and development ZEDfactory.

在伦敦零碳馆办的诺丁汉大的展和一系列由专 主持的活动会从5月持续到10月。伦敦零碳馆展示了可持续的城市建筑,是英国零能耗工厂(ZED工厂)为2010上海世博会创建的,该馆的 师们都是零碳 和开发方面的领先创新者。

Throughout the next four months, top researchers from the University’s campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia, as well as leading colleagues from other institutions, will host 12 more thought-provoking workshops, lectures and conferences in total. These span Nottingham’s extensive research into sustainability:

在接下来的4个月时里,自诺丁汉大学国、国和马来西亚区的级研究人员和他机的领先研究人将总举办12启发路的工作坊、 座和大会,这些活动将把诺丁汉大学内 广泛的研究扩展到可持续性的领域:

Monday Aug 23 & Tuesday Aug 24 Eco-Urbanism: Towards Sustainable Living
8月23日和24日(星期一、二) 生态城市化:迈向可持续的城市生活

Sat Aug 28 and Sun Aug 29 Sustainable Energy and Construction
8月28日和8月29日(星期六、日) 可持续能源与建筑

Sunday Oct 10 & Mon Oct 11 Carbon Capture and Storage
10月10日和10月11日(星期日、一) 碳捕捉与碳储存 (为期两天)

Monday October 11 Mental Health and its Role in Sustainable Industrialised Societies
10月11日(星期一) 精神卫生和其在可持续的工业化社会中的作用

Sunday October 24 Sustainable Agriculture: The Role of Plant Reproduction
10月24日(星期日) 可持续农业:作物生产的作用

The University of Nottingham’s world changing research based on the theme ‘Zero Carbon, Zero Waste’ is on display at the Shanghai World Exposition 2010 until October 31. Millions of visitors are expected to visit the Expo and many will have an opportunity to explore — through words, pictures and video — The University of Nottingham’s leading research in sustainability as part of a collaborative exhibition with ZEDfactory.

上海世博会期间将出诺汉大学以“零碳、废物”为题的,能够改世界研究成果,展将持到10月31日。数以百万 的游 将去上海世博会参观,并且 多人将有机会通过文字、图片、视频探索诺丁汉大学领先的可持续性研究,这些研究也是与英国零能耗工厂协作展览的组成部分。

The University is also partnering with the East Midlands Development Agency (emda) helping to attract Chinese investment to the East Midlands through the work of emda’s East Midlands China Business Bureau.
英国诺丁汉大学还是英国中东部地区发展署的合作伙伴,通过英国中东部地区发展署中国业务办公 的工作, 助吸引中国公司前往英国的中东部投资。

Last month, emda announced that the Chinese car manufacturer, Changan Automobile Co, will establish its UK Research and Development facility at No 1 Nottingham Science Park, creating up to 200 new jobs.
上个月,英国中东部地区发展署 布中国的汽车制造商长 汽车公司将在诺丁汉科学园一号 立研究和发展机构,这将创造多达200个工作机会。

The University of Nottingham’s dynamic internationalisation strategy attracts talented staff and students from 150 nations, undertakes world-changing research, and invests in award-winning campuses in the United Kingdom, China and Malaysia.

诺丁汉大学充活力的国际化略吸了来自150个国 的、富有才华的教员和学生,通过这一战略开展可以改变世界的研究,投资于屡获奖项的、 在英国、中国和马来西亚的校区。

As the first overseas academic institution granted permission to set up inside the People’s Republic, Nottingham has taken a pioneering role in China. Since 2004, The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China, has grown to more than 4,000 students and has received numerous awards and accolades. It was also declared Outward Investor of the Year by the foremost China-Britain trade association, the 48 Group Club.

诺丁汉大学作为首个获得准在华人民共和国立校的海外大学,中国 演了先驱的角色。
自2004年以来, 波诺丁汉大学已经发展为拥有4000多名学生的学校,获得了众多奖项和赞 ,其中包括女王企业奖(国际贸易类)。学校还被48 集团俱乐部这一重要的中英行业协会评为年度对外投资方。

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