Munich’s Jewish High School to partner with TUM

Kristina Reiss (l.), Dean of the TUM School of Education, and Miriam Geldmacher,

Kristina Reiss (l.), Dean of the TUM School of Education, and Miriam Geldmacher, Principal of Munich’s Jewish High School, sign the agreement. (Photo: Heddergott / TUM)

Campus news

Munich’s Jewish High School has become the 50th secondary school to be recognized by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) as a reference high school. The partners will work together closely in the future to gain insights into good teaching practices and put them to the test in the classroom. They will also support one another in terms of continuing education, internships and programs for secondary school students. The TUM School of Education selects secondary schools ("Gymnasien") with exemplary classroom technique and school development for this intensive partnership program.

Sponsored by the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria, Munich’s Jewish High School ("Jüdisches Gymnasium München") opened last year. The High School’s Principal, Dr. Miriam Geldmacher, and Prof. Kristina Reiss, Dean of the TUM School of Education , signed the corresponding agreement today.

TUM looks forward to receiving important impetus from its new partner for both its research and teaching activities. Working together closely with the reference high schools, TUM engages secondary school educators in dialog on scholastic results and puts scientific recommendations to the test in the classroom. Munich’s Jewish High School is particularly interested in TUM research on the topic of digital learning.

teacher training internships at high schools

TUM on the other hand improves the content and teaching methods of its teacher training curricula based on experience gained with the reference high schools. Here teacher training students complete vocational internships as early as after the first semester in order to become familiar with the professional world at an early stage.

In return, high school teaching staff can participate in continuing education on questions of teaching methodologies and can visit information workshops dealing with university and educational policy issues held at TUM. The secondary school students present their term projects at the annual student congress and can participate in the TUM secondary school program at no cost. This program features for example summer school and vacation courses, the TUMlab experimental laboratory at the Deutsches Museum and a research center for secondary school students in Berchtesgaden.

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