National Student Survey: high satisfaction among UT students with their study programme

Students at the University of Twente are largely satisfied with the courses they are taking. That picture comes from the National Student Survey (NSE), the results of which were announced today. In the overall rating of the programme, UT scored an average of 3.97 on a scale of 1 to 5, putting UT in second place of all (full-time) universities. Only the university in Wageningen scores higher.

Invariably, the University of Twente does well in student satisfaction surveys. Its score of 3.97 is even 0.02 higher than a year ago. This means UT climbs one place in the comparison with other universities. Interestingly, all but one university scored better than in 2022.

In the NSE, students are surveyed on a variety of topics, such as general satisfaction, content and structure of education, connection to professional practice or career, teachers and study guidance. On all topics, UT scores above the national average. On the theme of study guidance, appreciation is highest, with an average mark of 4.03. This is no less than 0.28 points higher than the national average. On tutoring, the score is the lowest, 3.52, although it is still 0.2 points higher than the national average.

Large response

At the beginning of this year, all UT students received an invitation to fill in the National Student Survey. 34 per cent of students did so, putting UT in third place among universities with the highest number of participants. The high number of students who completed the survey is usually a good indicator of their commitment to their studies. The response rate is almost the same as last year, when 36 per cent of students decided to complete the questionnaire.

Important indicator

The National Student Survey is an important gauge for the University of Twente. It is a tool that programme staff use in discussions with students about opportunities to improve the programme. The results also help programmes to gain better insight into how the study programmes are rated compared to those elsewhere in the country.

The NSE results also help potential study seekers in finding a suitable programme. The results are used, for example, in study choice tools such as the Keuzegids and Elsevier’s Best Studies survey.

The full results of the NSE can be found at https://www.studiekeuze1­­dashboard.