New cyber-security open-source technology launched by CS-AWARE EU project

(  Taskin Ashiq/unsplash   unplash Lizenz )

( Taskin Ashiq/unsplash unplash Lizenz )

CS-AWARE, an EU H2020 funded project focusing on cyber-security situational awareness, has just launched an open source STIX 2.0 specification implementation in Gson/Java. STIX (Structured Threat Information Expression) is a structured language for describing cyber threat information so it can be shared, stored, and analyzed in a consistent manner.

The CS-AWARE project aims to produce a simple and cost effective cyber-security awareness solution that helps administrators to understand the cyber-security situation within their systems. The solution relies heavily on cooperative cyber-security, by utilizing information about problems that others have shared in order to detect and mitigate incidents within ones own systems. There are 13 EU partners that make the project consortium from Finland, Austria, Germany, UK, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Greece and Netherlands.

CS-AWARE is a holistic cyber-security awareness solution aimed at local public administrations, non-governmental organizations and small and medium enterprises to protect against and detect attacks as well as offering sound and realizable solutions by automatic incident detection and visualization, information exchange with national and EU level NIS authorities, system self-healing and multi-lingual semantic support.

The STIX 2.0 Gson/Java open source library can be downloaded from Github under the BSD-3-clause license:­stix2

This open source java library specifically addresses the cyber-security community and has been designed with a generic purpose in mind for anyone that requires the use of the latest STIX2.0 specification. The library implements parts 1 to 5 of the STIX 2.0 specification.

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