New open-access database with thousands of documents on medicine and health in the old Crown of Aragon

An open-access database gives access to a thousand documents on medicine and health in the old Crown of Aragon.


Research in the field of the old Crown of Aragon (Aragon, Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands) has a new tool that will allow the access to thousands of archive documents on the practice of medicine and other health professions and on the cultural manifestations of health during the early middle ages and the renaissance (13th - 14th centuries). This is the online tool MedCat - Corpus Medicorum Catalanorum , an open-access database part of the activities of MedCat is coordinated by Lluís Cifuentes, lecturer at the Faculty of Philology and Communication of the University of Barcelona, and Carmel Ferragud, lecturer at the University of Valencia.

This new tool is especially aimed at experts on social and cultural history of medicine and health, but also in general at all those interested in these topics. MedCat, currently under its initial phase, will be under permanent construction to provide access to a set of documents with an extraordinary importance and range. This database cannot be compared to another in Europe and will be at the service of national and international research.

The MedCat documentary corpus results from the personal research by several generations of researchers, who, since the 19th century, have worked on these and other areas of the social and cultural history of old texts. This repository will have the documentary files by Antoni Cardoner, Luis García Ballester, Michael McVaugh, Josep Rodrigo Pertegàs, Lluís Comenge and Josep Maria Roca, and files from the coordinators Lluís Cifuentes and Carmel Ferragud. The database aims to be a resource open to the collaboration of other researchers who wish to join, and some have already agreed on contributing with their material.

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