New publication!

Dr Nikita Basov publishes his research in the leading international journal "Poetics".

A new article by Nikita Basov (Social Statistics) has appeared in the leading international journal "Poetics".

The paper notes that in creative settings, people are often put together physically - to stimulate the exchange of ideas and practices. However, little is known of how exactly different spatial zones foster such creative sociality.

The new paper by Basov et al. draws on a combination of interviews, observations, and surveys - analysed with an innovative mixture of abductive coding, computational space analysis, and statistical network modelling - to unveil how room sharing and object usage relate to friendships and collaborations in artistic residences.

While social ties are indeed associated with joint material embeddedness, different types of spatial zones appear to encourage unexpected types of social ties.

The findings inform the practice of creative space organising and the proposed approach enables explanatory analysis of the relation between material space and sociality in various contexts.