New rules for the use of Ferran Soldevila garden


The historical garden of the University of Barcelona, called Ferran Soldevila garden, is one of the most important green areas of the Eixample district, with value as a botanical garden and historical heritage of the city. This heritage element of the UB is mainly enjoyed by the university community, and it is also open to neighbours and citizens. Now, the University has approved

basic rules

that should make the use of this are compatible with the preservation, maintenance and improvement of the garden.

These basic rules aim to ensure the visit in the garden is always respectful with the integrity and wellbeing of the living beings in this place. Also, they regulate the process of authorization for the use and development of specific activities. The rules have been developed by the Commission for Integral Management of the Ferran Soldevila Garden of the Historical Building of the UB, created under the rector’s resolution last February.

Among the competences of this commission is the integral management plan of the Ferran Soldevila garden and the monitoring of the actions that aim at the implementation of this plan. These actions should include the heritage enrichment of the garden, as well as the promotion of the place as a resource for teaching, research, dissemination and transfer, its sustainable use and its maintenance. Currently, the Ferran Soldevila garden has teaching, research, university agora, leisure, health, heritage and use purposes for university activities, which should be compatible among them and with those of general use.

The commission is formed by the vice-rector for Arts, Culture and Heritage, a representative of the Faculty of Philology and Communication, appointed by the dean, another representative of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, appointed by the dean, and the heads of the Unit of Protocol and Institutional Relations, from the Administration of the Center, from the Area of Infrastructures and General Services, the Ferran Soldevila Garden, the Unit of Maintenance, Logistics and Safety, as well as two members of the Centre for Research on Plant Biodiversity (CeDocBiV)

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