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Health - Innovation - 10:07
£1m investment is breath of fresh air for University of Glasgow nebuliser spinout
A University of Glasgow spinout which aims to create more effective methods of treating lung diseases has secured a £1m grant from Innovate UK.

Environment - Health - 09:08
Citizen scientists in bloom
Citizen scientists in bloom
Recent PhD graduate Ikbal Choudhury's nonprofit Open Field Collective uses low-cost, low-resource tools to teach children about environmental science.

Materials Science - 09:00
BERNINA Design Challenge: Sewing machine is a marvel of engineering
BERNINA Design Challenge: Sewing machine is a marvel of engineering
Summer series - Bachelor's project (6). A group of around 15 EPFL students spent a semester working on projects using BERNINA sewing machines, dispelling common misconceptions and stereotypes in the process.

Environment - 05.08.2022
University expertise backs UK’s first ’hydrogen ecosystem’
Cardiff researchers are supporting a bid to develop the UK's first 'Hydrogen Ecosystem.' South West England and South Wales are teaming up to lead the development of low carbon energy to help reach climate change goals.

Life Sciences - Health - 05.08.2022
UCLA brain researchers receive $4 million NIH grant to supercharge miniature microscope
UCLA brain researchers receive $4 million NIH grant to supercharge miniature microscope
The UCLA creators of a miniature microscope that can be mounted on the heads of lab animals to provide an invaluable view into the brain's inner workings have received a $4 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop next-generation versions of their " miniscope.

Life Sciences - Environment - 05.08.2022

Health - Economics / Business - 05.08.2022
How concerned do we need to be about monkeypox?
How concerned do we need to be about monkeypox?
Johns Hopkins experts weigh in on whether the U.S. is ready for the possibility of twin pandemics I n the middle of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we're facing a second global, viral crisis: monkeypox.

Earth Sciences - Environment - 05.08.2022
New study calculates retreat of glacier edges in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park
As glaciers worldwide retreat due to climate change, managers of national parks need to know what's on the horizon to prepare for the future.

Health - 05.08.2022
Review paves the way for better diagnosis and care for common and complex women's health condition
Review paves the way for better diagnosis and care for common and complex women’s health condition
A recent review by a team of world leaders in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) research and care, led by Monash University, provides a summary of best practice evidence and advocates for greater funded research to address remaining gaps in knowledge in this often neglected condition.

Innovation - Computer Science - 05.08.2022
Monash wins Algorand boost for blockchain technologies in the Pacific
Researchers from Australia and the Pacific region, led by Monash University, are among ten global winners of the Algorand Centres of Excellence (ACE) Program, sharing US$50 million to strengthen blockchain technology, education and innovation.

Health - Innovation - 04.08.2022
Western team achieves international holographic teleportation
Holographic teleportation sounds like something out of Star Wars or Star Trek , but instead of the bridge of a flashy interstellar spaceship, a futuristic technological achievement took place in a nondescript boardroom on campus at Western recently.

Economics / Business - 04.08.2022
Q and A with the experts: Canada’s rising inflation
Inflation in Canada is at the highest rate we've seen in decades. Jean-Paul Lam, a professor in the University of Waterloo's Department of Economics and former assistant chief economist and principal researcher at the Bank of Canada, says recent events created a perfect storm for inflation.

Psychology - Health - 04.08.2022
With $12 million in federal funding, UCLA to expand reach of its depression treatment
Faculty with the Depression Grand Challenge have created a system for managing mental health that they hope can be scaled and customized Faculty with the Depression Grand Challenge have created a sys

Innovation - Economics / Business - 04.08.2022
University of Glasgow researchers support second phase of SP Energy Networks net-zero projects
Net-zero projects led by SP Energy Networks and supported by researchers from the University of Glasgow are progressing to the next phase of trials.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 04.08.2022
A new rating for space sustainability
The new Space Sustainability Rating hosted at eSpace, the EPFL Space Center, encourages space actors to design and implement sustainable and responsible space missions - trailblazing the path to ensure the long-term sustainability of the space environment.

Career - 04.08.2022
National pay award and UCL pay increases
National pay award and UCL pay increases
An update from Donna Dalrymple, UCL's Chief People Officer. Dear colleagues, I am writing to tell you about the forthcoming increases to staff pay that will apply from your August salary payment.

Politics - 04.08.2022
Study examines voters' threshold for transgressions by political candidates
Study examines voters’ threshold for transgressions by political candidates
During a 2016 campaign stop in Iowa, then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pronounced, "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters, OK?” Was he right? Or do some transgressions cross a line in the sand - points that, if crossed, cause voters to abandon their support? And if there are lines in the sand, do conservatives and liberals draw them in the same place? Does the stren

Health - Social Sciences - 04.08.2022
Girls slip through the cracks due to 'referral bias': Australian-first study
Girls slip through the cracks due to ’referral bias’: Australian-first study
Young girls are just as likely to be living with language difficulties despite more boys being referred for support services, according to a new Curtin-led study that seeks to shatter the "referral bias" and help parents advocate for their children.

Computer Science - Health - 04.08.2022
A textbook comes to life: Augmented reality for dental specialists
A textbook comes to life: Augmented reality for dental specialists
Game developers from the ETH Game Technology Center have created an app that explains bone remodelling in a playful way. If students point the camera of their mobile device at the textbook, they find themselves transported to the bone's surface, where they help cells break down bone tissue. Every year, 10 percent of our skeleton undergoes bone remodelling without us noticing.

Innovation - 04.08.2022
Better understanding of innovation dynamics
25 years ago, urine-diverting toilets were no more than an idea, challenging the central paradigm of wastewater treatment plants.

Environment - Innovation - 04.08.2022
Q&A: Planning Climate-Smart Power Systems
An energy scientist and a climate scientist discuss how utilities can plan for a resilient electrical grid in the face of an uncertain climate future U nprecedented heat waves, storms, and wildfires are pushing electrical grids in the United States to their limits. To work towards a safe and reliable power system in the coming years, utilities will need to factor the potential effects of climate change and extreme climate change-driven events into their plans for power distribution, generation capacity and back-up energy storage, and infrastructure repair and replacement.

Computer Science - Earth Sciences - 04.08.2022
Surfing for Science
It's a summer morning at La Jolla Shores and Robert O'Brien, a junior at Princeton University who is spending his summer at UC San Diego, is surfing—for science.

Research Management - Health - 04.08.2022

Health - 04.08.2022
Prostate cancer cases risk being detected too late due to misleading focus on urinary problems, say Cambridge experts
Men with early, curable stages of prostate cancer are missing opportunities to have their cancer detected because national guidelines and media health campaigns focus on urinary symptoms despite a lack of scientific evidence, say experts at the University of Cambridge. When most people think of the symptoms of prostate cancer, they think of problems with peeing.

Life Sciences - Health - 04.08.2022
Illumina Supports Enhanced Genomics-Enabled Discovery and Training Programs at UC San Diego
New laboratory automation technology will advance marine biomedical research, preparing students for biotech workforce Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego an

Health - Social Sciences - 04.08.2022
A Father Advocates for the HPV Vaccine After Advanced Throat Cancer
It was a typical morning for Mike West, one that usually started with a quick shave before getting ready for work.

Politics - 04.08.2022
What is Turkey's long game?
What is Turkey’s long game?
Turkey continues to hint at blocking NATO expansion and walks a middle ground on the war in Ukraine.

Health - 03.08.2022
Your monkeypox questions answered as vaccine access expands
UCLA infectious disease doctors say most people who get infected do not require hospitalization and the chance of contracting it remains -very low- UCLA infectious disease doctors say most people who

Psychology - 03.08.2022
Ukrainian celebrity backs psychologists helping families affected by war
A popular Ukrainian celebrity has joined forces with University of Manchester psychologists to encourage families affected by the war to access the widely shared psychological support leaflets they created.

Life Sciences - Health - 03.08.2022
Jean-François Côté confirmed as President and Scientific Director of the IRCM
Jean-François Côté confirmed as President and Scientific Director of the IRCM
Jean-François Côté has been with the IRCM for 17 years and already serving as Interim President and Scientific Director since July 2021.

Innovation - Health - 03.08.2022
Ground-breaking companies develop at Velocity Science
Velocity Science returns to campus and is ready to advance the growth of science-based startups Velocity Global advancements in sciences, together with digital transformation, continue to accelerate innovation, significantly impacting all sectors of the economy.

Social Sciences - 03.08.2022
A Grangetown to grow up in
Young people in Grangetown have set out their hopes for a better community as part of a Cardiff University research project.

Architecture - Campus - 03.08.2022
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