Online - GJ talk mit Emanuel Olivares (Universität Girona; Spanien)

18:00 - 19:00


Institut für REWI Grundlagen - Fachbereich Rechtsphilosophie "Graz Jurisprudence"




Termin vormerken

Professor Olivares (Postdoktorand an der Universität Girona; Spanien) hält einen englischsprachigen talk (SKYPE!):

In this talk we will focus on analyzing a complex and relevant politica institution: constitutional control. In general terms, we will evaluate its democratic legitimacy from a normative philosophical perspective. In particular terms, we will

analyze this review mechanism from a contemporary republican approach. More precisely, we will comparatively analyze the representative republican proposals made by Richard Bellamy and Tom Hickey. In summary, we will provide arguments in

defense of a third possible approach of the foundations and institutional designs of constitutional control which commits us to a reflexive republican conception.

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