Open Science Day

11:45 - 17:00


Institut für Psychologie, Graz Open Science Initiative



[0002EG0048] Hörsaal HS 02.01, Universitätsplatz 2, Erdgeschoß


Termin vormerken

One day dedicated to open science and best practices!

If you are a researchers (especially from the social sciences, psychology, economics, or medicine) and you want to know, why it is important to apply open-science practices, you are welcome to join this event.


or watch the live stream:

- 11.45: Keynote by Anne Scheel: "A young researcher’s guide to the credibility revolution" (register for a seat and/or a lunch box here: )

- 13.45: Workshop by Clemens Brunner: "Getting started with R and RStudio"

- 15.30: Workshop by Hilmar Brohmer: "Preregistration for Beginners"

Sozialpsychologie Hilmar Brohmer +43 316 380 - 8520

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