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Pedagogy - 03.05.2021
As optimism returns, a reminder that life after COVID-19 will be stressful for many
Life during the COVID-19 pandemic has been uniquely stressful for parents with children at home. For some parents, schools welcoming children back for in-person instruction — even for limited schedules in many cases — has provided a long-awaited measure of relief and cause for optimism.

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Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 23.04.2021
Pandemic’s effect on Year 11 students to be tracked in major national study
A new study co-led by UCL is being launched today to follow the outcomes - educational, career and wellbeing - for 12,000 Year 11 students across England to find out how the pandemic has affected them.

Pedagogy - Environment - 23.04.2021
Teaching pupils to ’think like Da Vinci’ will help them to take on climate change
Curriculum reforms which mix the arts and sciences will better prepare young people for the real-world challenges that will define their adult lives, researchers argue.

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Pedagogy - Campus - 06.04.2021
Poor children are being 'failed by the system' on road to higher education in lower-income countries
Poor children are being ’failed by the system’ on road to higher education in lower-income countries
A generation of talented but disadvantaged children are being denied access to higher education because academic success in lower and middle-income countries is continually 'protected by wealth', a study has found.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 05.04.2021
Despite New York City’s ambitious pre-K experiment, racial gaps grow
A racial gap in pre-K education could significantly impede efforts to recover from learning losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a Berkeley researcher.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 01.04.2021
Teaching and classroom assistants key to keeping schools open in lockdown
Just over half of teaching assistants in schools stepped-up to manage classes on their own during the winter lockdown ensuring vulnerable and key worker children could attend lessons, according to a new study by UCL researchers.

Pedagogy - Health - 29.03.2021
Autism rates have increased and show differences in ethnic minorities and links to social disadvantage
Autism rates have increased and show differences in ethnic minorities and links to social disadvantage
Around one in 57 (1.76%) children in the UK is on the autistic spectrum, significantly higher than previously reported, according to a study of more than 7 million children carried out by resea

Pedagogy - Event - 24.03.2021

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 23.03.2021
Many Americans worry children are falling behind due to COVID-19, survey finds
Harris/AP-NORC poll: Bipartisan support for government-funded summer school, parental leave Many Americans are concerned about the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on children, and there is broad

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Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 19.03.2021
Australian-first sleep study for children now recruiting
Researchers are calling for parents and kids to be involved in a national study into early childhood sleeping patterns at The University of Queensland.

Pedagogy - 18.03.2021
Teachers point towards school accountability as main driver of stress
The close monitoring of schools and student achievement data in the English education system is unlikely to be a one-way street to "school improvement" due to the stress it causes teachers, finds a new study by UCL researchers.

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Computer Science - Pedagogy - 17.02.2021
Engaging in critical reflection on intelligent systems
Engaging in critical reflection on intelligent systems
What is the impact of intelligent systems on society? The newly founded "Interchange Forum for Reflecting on Intelligent Systems" (IRIS) at the University of Stuttgart aims to address this question.

Health - Pedagogy - 10.02.2021
The ethics of reopening K-12 schools during the COVID-19 pandemic
Nearly a year ago, schools across the United States and the rest of the world closed in response to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Pedagogy - Health - 03.02.2021
Brain-related visual problems may affect one in 30 primary school children
A brain-related visual impairment, which until recently was thought to be rare, may affect one in every 30 children according to new research investigating the prevalence of Cerebral Visual Impairment [CVI]. The University of Bristol-led findings published today [3 February] in Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, aim to raise awareness of CVI among parents and teachers to help them identify signs of the condition earlier.

Pedagogy - 03.02.2021
Tactile books adapted for blind children
Tactile books adapted for blind children
Blind children do not apprehend the world in the same way as their sighted counterparts. A research team from the University of Geneva and Université Lumière Lyon 2 have developed tactile books that are tailored specifically to their needs.