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Philosophy - 28.06.2022
A moral right to stay: Guest commentary
Should more immigration be allowed, not only to counter the threat of an ageing population in our society but also to help with the problem of a lack of skilled workers?

History / Archeology - Philosophy - 22.03.2022
Book launch: The History of Atheism in Belgium
The new VUB research group Secular Studies Association Brussels (SSAB) is hosting, with the Humanistisch Verbond, an online presentation of the book The History of Atheism in Belgium, edited by Dr Christoph De Spiegeleer and Patrice Dartevelle and published by Liberas.

History / Archeology - Philosophy - 04.03.2022

Innovation - Philosophy - 03.02.2022
Center for Responsible AI Technologies founded
Center for Responsible AI Technologies founded
By today's signing of their cooperation agreement, the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the University of Augsburg (UNIA) and the Munich School of Philosophy (HFPH) have laid the foundation ston

Philosophy - Innovation - 21.01.2022

Philosophy - Computer Science - 09.12.2021
New Kavli Center at UC Berkeley to foster ethics, engagement in science
The new Kavli Center for Ethics, Science, and the Public at UC Berkeley will equip the next generation of scientists with the tools to tackle the ethical and societal implications of their research while inventing innovative ways to involve the public.

Philosophy - Social Sciences - 23.09.2021

Career - Philosophy - 24.06.2021
A new approach to mitigating AI’s negative impact
Stanford launches an Ethics and Society Review Board that asks researchers to take an early look at the impact of their work.

Philosophy - Health - 14.04.2021
UCL plays key role in bringing ethical thinking to pandemic policy-making
UCL researchers will be at the heart of an initiative to bring the best possible expertise to the ethical challenges policy makers face tackling COVID-19.

Health - Philosophy - 24.03.2021
Ernlé Young, co-founder of Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, dies at 88
An anti-apartheid activist, humanitarian, theologian, scholar, outdoorsman and skilled woodworker, Young co-founded the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics.

History / Archeology - Philosophy - 02.11.2020

History / Archeology - Philosophy - 30.09.2020
Leonardus Lessius, an "Important pioneer of European business ethics"
Legal historians in Cluster of Excellence make the work of Dutch legal scholar and moral theologian Leonardus Lessius accessible for the first time - Developed innovative legal and ethical principles

Philosophy - Health - 27.08.2020
"Ethics must be part of the development process"
Professor Alena Buyx on the embedded ethics approach in AI development "Ethics must be part of the development process" The increasing use of AI (artificial intelligence) in the development of new medical technologies demands greater attention to ethical aspects.

Philosophy - 11.08.2020
Update on the UCL Research Ethics Committee - request for additional ethics reviewers
The UCL Research Ethics Committee is looking to recruit staff as volunteer ethics reviewers - find out more about the role and register your interest. The UCL Research Ethics Community (REC)  is led by Chairs Professor Lynn Ang (Institute of Education) and Professor Michael Heinrich (School of Pharmacy), and supported by the UCL Research Integrity and Ethics Team comprising Helen Dougal, Cat Collins, Lola Alaska, Magdalena Morowska and Rowena Lamb as Head of Research Integrity.

Health - Philosophy - 15.07.2020
Ethical recommendations for triage of COVID-19 patients
Ethical recommendations for triage of COVID-19 patients
An international expert group led by Mathias Wirth, Professor of Systematic Theology and Ethics at the University of Bern, has developed recommendations for avoiding triage of COVID-19 patients in extreme situations.

Philosophy - Economics / Business - 01.07.2020
Ethics and AI: an unethical optimization principle
EPFL professor Anthony Davison and co-authors provide a mathematical basis for concerns about ethical implications of AI. Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly deployed around us and may have large potential benefits. But there are growing concerns about the unethical use of AI. Professor Anthony Davison, who holds the Chair of Statistics at EPFL, and colleagues in the UK, have tackled these questions from a mathematical point of view, focusing on commercial AI that seek to maximize profits.

Philosophy - Law - 02.06.2020
Stanford Ethics and Compliance Helpline is ready - and eager - to help
Stanford Ethics and Compliance Helpline is ready - and eager - to help
Tony Duong, program manager of Stanford's Ethics and Compliance Program, is ready to answer questions and address concerns of the Stanford community to the Ethics and Compliance Helpline, including issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Philosophy - Linguistics / Literature - 21.05.2020

Philosophy - Physics - 11.05.2020
Probing reality through physics, philosophy, and writing
Probing reality through physics, philosophy, and writing
Senior Michelle Xu's varied interests all involve a desire to understand the universe. "I was just never particularly picky about which way to figure it out," she says.

Health - Philosophy - 06.05.2020
Should you help a sick person? UW psychology, computer science faculty study 'moral dilemmas' of COVID-19
Should you help a sick person? UW psychology, computer science faculty study ’moral dilemmas’ of COVID-19
Let's say you have a small stash of face masks in your cupboard, set aside for you and your family. Meanwhile, you've read news stories highlighting the urgent PPE needs of your local hospital.
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