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Health - Philosophy - 07.11.2012
Ethical questions for human enhancements of UK workforce
Technologies that enhance human functions such as memory, hearing and mobility could dramatically change how people work over the next decade, according to a workshop hosted by four of the UK's national academies and chaired by Genevra Richardson from The Dickson Poon School of Law at King's.

Philosophy - 05.07.2010

Economics / Business - Philosophy - 01.03.2010
Middle East & North Africa Show Concern for Advertisements
AUSTIN, Texas - As emerging markets in the Middle East and North Africa become increasingly attractive for business opportunities, they also have become more prone to ethical infractions in advertisi

Economics / Business - Philosophy - 27.11.2009
’’Tackling the crisis with a new world economic ethics’’: experts debate at the Novartis Foundation Symposium in Basel, Switzerland
27.11.2009 / Basel - Novartis Basel, November 27, 2009 - The global financial crisis has brought chaos to economic activities worldwide - new discussions about values and morals are taking place more often and becoming increasingly intense.