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Life Sciences - Philosophy - 05.04.2013
Stanford's Hank Greely presents the ethics of resurrecting extinct species
Stanford’s Hank Greely presents the ethics of resurrecting extinct species
At some point, scientists may be able to bring back extinct animals, and perhaps early humans, raising questions of ethics and environmental disruption.

Philosophy - 14.03.2013
South Korean Delegation Praises UC San Diego’s Research Ethics Program
When, in 2006, the South Korean university and scientific communities were stunned by the apparent research misconduct of stem-cell researcher Hwang Woo Suk, part of the response was to significantly increase national efforts to promote research ethics.

Life Sciences - Philosophy - 14.03.2013
Human suffering and animal oppression; a related condition?
A new University of Melbourne research initiative will put the spotlight on when human suffering and animal cruelty intersect.

History / Archeology - Philosophy - 13.03.2013
Excerpt From Fear Itself, by Prof. Ira Katznelson
III. "Fear," one informant told Studs Terkel when the latter conducted an oral history of the 1930s, "unsettled the securities, apparently false securities that people had.

Health - Philosophy - 12.03.2013
Study Examines Health Providers' Perspectives on ICD Deactivation In End-of-Life Situations
Study Examines Health Providers' Perspectives on ICD Deactivation In End-of-Life Situations
In the United States alone, an estimated 100,000 patients per year receive implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) - devices that detect life-threatening heart rhythm irregularities and deliver a high-voltage shock to return the heart to a normal pace.

Health - Philosophy - 04.03.2013
Sports Medicine Chief Christopher Wahl, MD, Blends New Techniques with Old School Philosophy
Nationally recognized orthopedic surgeon Christopher Wahl, MD, has joined the University of California, San Diego Health System as the new chief of Sports Medicine.

Art and Design - Philosophy - 01.03.2013
Does increased exposure to a piece of art make us like it more?
When it comes to judging art, beauty may not just be in the eye of the beholder, according to a study from the University of Leeds. The research challenges the idea that what people value in art is largely what they are used to, or that people will come to like any image if they see it enough times.

Philosophy - Continuing Education - 27.02.2013
Birmingham and Yale to establish global justice programme in India
The University of Birmingham is joining forces with Yale to support the development of a pioneering global justice programme at the University of Delhi.

Religions - Philosophy - 26.02.2013
In an assessment of Pope Benedict XVI's legacy, Stanford scholar predicts continued conservatism
In an assessment of Pope Benedict XVI’s legacy, Stanford scholar predicts continued conservatism
Stanford Report, February 26, 2013 Thomas Sheehan, a religious studies professor who pursued the priesthood before becoming an academic, says the conservative agenda of the Catholic Church is stifling theological scholarship.

Philosophy - Continuing Education - 24.02.2013
New course brings 'The Art of Living' to Stanford and to the airwaves
New course brings ’The Art of Living’ to Stanford and to the airwaves
Stanford Report, February 25, 2013 Philosophy Talk and Stanford Continuing Studies team up to create a unique course that combines philosophical wisdom with a radio broadcast experience.

Event - Philosophy - 19.02.2013
Stanford scholar explains why zombie fascination is very much alive
Stanford scholar explains why zombie fascination is very much alive
Stanford Report, February 20, 2013 Stanford literary researcher ties our modern obsession with zombies to the survivalist mentality that developed after World War II.

Earth Sciences - Philosophy - 19.02.2013
On Exhibit: Attitudes and Latitudes
The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery has mounted a new show that aims to expand the public's understanding of the challenging terrain of conceptual art.

Philosophy - Economics / Business - 13.02.2013
Cracking the semantic code
Half of a word's meaning is simply a three dimensional summary of the rewards associated with it, according to an analysis of millions of blog entries undertaken by researchers from the University of Bristol and published today in PLoS ONE. We make choices about pretty much everything, all the time  - "Should I go for a walk or grab a coffee?";  "Shall I look at who just came in or continue to watch TV?" - and to do so we need something common as a basis to make the choice.

Philosophy - Psychology - 05.02.2013
Consciousness and Intentionality. Franz Brentano’s Heritage in Philosophy of Mind
Vom 7. bis 9. Februar findet ein internationaler Kongress, organisiert vom Fachbereich Philosophie der Kulturund Gesellschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät, statt.

Philosophy - Continuing Education - 01.02.2013
Britain’s first Professor of Morality appointed by the University of Birmingham
The University of Birmingham is proud to announce the appointment of Randall Curren as Professor of Moral and Virtue Education to the Jubilee Centre for Character and Values, in the School of Education.

Religions - Philosophy - 29.01.2013
University Sermon on ‘Epiphanies of the Human: Faith and Migration’
University Sermon on ‘Epiphanies of the Human: Faith and Migration’
Rowlands, who is currently Lecturer in Theology and Ministry at King's College, London and also a Research Associate of St Edmund's College, works at the interface of Political, Moral and Practical Theologies.

Philosophy - 28.01.2013

Environment - Philosophy - 24.01.2013
Valuing nature is not enough
Is it possible to put a price tag on the natural world? A researcher at The University of Nottingham has been examining the rise of a new concept — ecosystem services — to describe the multitude of resources supplied to us by Mother Nature.

Psychology - Philosophy - 24.01.2013
Do the Right Thing
"Liar, liar, pants on fire!" Name-calling is not nice. And resorting to schoolyard taunts is surely not the way to make the world a better place. But a little bit of ego sting may not be such a bad thing. Reminding people of the link between behaving unethically and being an unethical person keeps people honest, suggests research led by UC San Diego's Christopher Bryan, assistant professor of psychology in the Division of Social Sciences.

Architecture - Philosophy - 18.01.2013

Philosophy - Computer Science - 15.01.2013
What happens to knowledge in a digital world?
There is an endless amount of knowledge available on the internet, but also an endless supply of rubbish.

Economics / Business - Philosophy - 03.01.2013
New York State Grant for Proof of Concept Centers Will Facilitate Clean-Energy Business Growth
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has awarded a total of $15 million to Columbia University, the Polytechnic Institute of New York University and High Tech Rochest

Philosophy - 18.12.2012
Australia's long campaign to secure voters from regional ’threats’
Australian political leaders keep finding new and innovative ways to position themselves as 'national defenders' in the face of regional challenges and threats, according to new research by the University of Melbourne.

Religions - Philosophy - 11.12.2012
How the Hobbit will fill a hole in 21st century wellbeing
As the latest Warner Bros' fantasy blockbuster, The Hobbit, hits our cinema screens this week, a University of Nottingham writer and academic is claiming the film will fulfil deeper needs in modern society than pure entertainment.

Philosophy - 10.12.2012
Are some charities 100 times better than others?
Are some charities 100 times better than others?
A society born from an Oxford University academic's decision to give more than half of all his future earnings to charity has attracted $100m in pledges, it announced as it celebrated its third birthday this week. Giving What We Can, which evaluates which charities most cost-effectively tackle global poverty and invites members to pledge at least 10 per cent of their lifetime earnings to these charities, was set up by Toby Ord of the Philosophy Faculty at Oxford University in December 2009.

Physics - Philosophy - 03.12.2012
Obituary: Dr Brian Easlea
Dr Brian Easlea, who died on 24 November, was first appointed to the Sussex faculty as a Lecturer in Theoretical Physics in 1963, by when he had already taught in Denmark and the USA.

Philosophy - 19.11.2012
Learning from legends
Learning from legends
The two classical Indian epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata , are not only some of the oldest tales in human history.

Health - Philosophy - 13.11.2012

Philosophy - 13.11.2012
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?
Trust is very important to young people and loss of trust in an aspect of a relationship can have a knock-on effect on other aspects.

Philosophy - Religions - 12.11.2012
High profile debate to discuss our moral future
High profile debate to discuss our moral future
The University of Sheffield's Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy, Angie Hobbs, will join high profile guests and speakers to discuss the moral resourcing of the nation at Westminster Abbey this week (Wednesday 14 November 2012).

Health - Philosophy - 07.11.2012
Ethical questions for human enhancements of UK workforce
Technologies that enhance human functions such as memory, hearing and mobility could dramatically change how people work over the next decade, according to a workshop hosted by four of the UK's national academies and chaired by Genevra Richardson from The Dickson Poon School of Law at King's.

Philosophy - Social Sciences - 17.10.2011
Philosophy in a global perspective
A public lecture series at Heidelberg University will address the question of how philosophy can be viewed from a global perspective and what challenges and opportunities arise from this.

Philosophy - 05.07.2010

Economics / Business - Philosophy - 01.03.2010
Middle East & North Africa Show Concern for Advertisements
AUSTIN, Texas - As emerging markets in the Middle East and North Africa become increasingly attractive for business opportunities, they also have become more prone to ethical infractions in advertisi

Economics / Business - Philosophy - 27.11.2009
’’Tackling the crisis with a new world economic ethics’’: experts debate at the Novartis Foundation Symposium in Basel, Switzerland
27. Basel - Novartis Basel, November 27, 2009 - The global financial crisis has brought chaos to economic activities worldwide - new discussions about values and morals are taking place more often and becoming increasingly intense.