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Politics - 27.04.2023
Study offers a new view of when and how governments distribute land
In Kenya, property rights are granted more often by democratic regimes than by autocrats - but decisions tend to be politically motivated regardless of who's in charge.

Social Sciences - Politics - 26.04.2023
2024 manifestos must include protection for refugee victims of sexual and gender-based violence
2024 manifestos must include protection for refugee victims of sexual and gender-based violence
British political parties must promise to better protect victims of forced migration and sexual and gender-based violence in 2024 general election manifestos.

Politics - Media - 21.04.2023
Love Fox? MSNBC? You may be locked in a ’partisan echo chamber,’ study finds
New research co-authored at UC Berkeley finds that loyal liberal viewers of MSNBC and CNN and conservative devotees of Fox News have a tendency to get locked in to partisan echo chambers.

Politics - 20.04.2023
'In Ukraine not one conflict is being fought, but five simultaneously'
’In Ukraine not one conflict is being fought, but five simultaneously’
Jolle Demmers speaks in Flemish Parliament at presentation of annual report of Flemish Peace Institute We realise that this article has raised a lot of controversy and, as Utrecht University, we take this very seriously. You can find a comment at the bottom of the article.

Environment - Politics - 19.04.2023

Environment - Politics - 17.04.2023
Why we are taking a stand on the Swiss Climate Protection Law
Political debate is vital for a functioning democracy. And when it comes to complex issues such as climate change, scientists should be able to share their expertise and help shape opinion, says Reto Knutti.

Politics - 16.04.2023
Illuminating the money trail
Illuminating the money trail
MIT political scientist In Song Kim shines a bright light on the dark art of political lobbying. You may not know this, but the U.S. imposes a 12.5 percent import tariff on imported flashlights.

Politics - Environment - 14.04.2023
To solve challenges, Californians broadly favor a mix of bold, practical solutions
A "deliberative poll" led by the California 100 initiative finds that state voters share bipartisan support for innovative solutions to challenges in areas such as education, mental health, government efficiency and environmental protection.

Social Sciences - Politics - 12.04.2023
Can all-out war be averted in the Middle East?
Can all-out war be averted in the Middle East?
Senior Lecturer Dr Eyal Mayroz from the Discipline of Sociology and Criminology examines whether full scale war can be avoided in the Middle East, following the eruption of tensions during one of the holiest times of the year for both Jews and Muslims.

Innovation - Politics - 03.04.2023
'A freeze in training artificial intelligence won't help'
’A freeze in training artificial intelligence won’t help’
Reading time 6 min. Prof. Urs Gasser on support for an AI development moratorium The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is out of control, in the opinion of approximately 3,000 signatories of an open letter published by business leaders and scientists.

Linguistics / Literature - Politics - 29.03.2023

Politics - 29.03.2023

Politics - History / Archeology - 27.03.2023

Social Sciences - Politics - 27.03.2023

Politics - Social Sciences - 20.03.2023
Debate on online hate speech targeting women in politics
Debate on online hate speech targeting women in politics
Livestream on March 21: Survey of female MEPs Women who are politically active in social media are frequently faced with online hate speech.

Politics - Administration - 20.03.2023
3 Questions: The Iraq invasion, 20 years later
MIT scholars discuss the history behind the war, lessons learned on state-building, and Iraq's current political outlook.

History / Archeology - Politics - 17.03.2023
Imperialism: from antiquity to now
Imperialism: from antiquity to now
In his new book, historian Samir Saul dissects imperialism through the ages to describe its chameleon-like nature and economic underpinnings.

Innovation - Politics - 14.03.2023
Technology to strengthen the EU’s role in global governance
Our world is in transition as the post-war rules-based order becomes increasingly under threat. Authoritarian powers, large commercial digital platforms and populists disregard the value of allies working together.

Politics - Event - 14.03.2023

Politics - 10.03.2023
A study analyzes the notion of spectacle through the figure of Antigone
A research study at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) analyzes the notion of spectacle as an enunciative space that is located beyond mediatic logic.

Politics - Innovation - 10.03.2023
Federal Council moves forward with decision to improve planning support for CERN projects
At its meeting on 10 March 2023, the Federal Council decided to launch a consultation on proposed amendments to the Federal Act on the Promotion of Research and Innovation (RIPA).

Pedagogy - Politics - 08.03.2023

Politics - 03.03.2023
Study on open government in the Netherlands: On how open data both open and close
Government openness and transparency in the form of communicating data can sometimes overshoot the mark.