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Politics - 18.02.2021
Facebook news ban in Australia: U-M experts can comment
EXPERTS ADVISORY University of Michigan experts are available to comment on Facebook's banning of news posts in Australia as the tech giant faced a new law that would have required it to pay media publishers for sharing the content.

Administration - Politics - 17.02.2021

Social Sciences - Politics - 16.02.2021
Capitol unrest linked with Trump-voting ’islands,’ proximity to Proud Boys chapters
Americans who lived near chapters of the far-right Proud Boys organization were more likely to have attended the Jan.

Politics - Administration - 12.02.2021
Call for transparency
The turbulence created by speculation in GameStop shares has highlighted the lack of transparency on trading platforms.

Social Sciences - Politics - 12.02.2021
The old guard and Trumpism are at war. Can the GOP survive?
In the aftermath of the violent attack on the Capitol and a second impeachment trial, the future of the Republican Party is likely to be fought out by such figures as Sen.

History / Archeology - Politics - 11.02.2021

Politics - Social Sciences - 05.02.2021

Social Sciences - Politics - 02.02.2021

Politics - 01.02.2021
Opinion: Why the Alexei Navalny protests just might restore hope to Russian politics
Apathy may be the dominant political feeling in Russia, but Putin's rule won't last forever, says Honorary Professor Mark Galeotti (UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies).

Politics - Campus - 28.01.2021
New Berkeley center will explore bipartisan security solutions
A key area of focus for the new UC Berkeley Center for Security in Politics will be research into the integrity of U.S. elections, said Professor Janet Napolitano, who has guided the establishment of the center.

Politics - Administration - 21.01.2021

Politics - 19.01.2021
Time for MPs to take back control of the Commons
The government's level of control over what is debated in the House of Commons, and when, undermines parliamentary accountability and needs addressing urgently, says a report from UCL's Constitution Unit.

Politics - History / Archeology - 14.01.2021

Politics - Economics / Business - 14.01.2021

Politics - History / Archeology - 06.01.2021
The empire strikes back
In recent years, nationalist leaders have staked claims on lost territories in order to restore the glory of former empires.

History / Archeology - Politics - 28.12.2020
Dueling pulpits: Book by Jackson School’s Taso Lagos explores rivalry between two charismatic early-20th century preachers
Aimee Semple McPherson was a fiercely charismatic Pentecostal preacher and media dynamo of the 1920s and 1930s.

Computer Science - Politics - 22.12.2020
Crossing the artificial intelligence thin red line?
EPFL computer science professor tells conference that AI has no legitimate roll in defining, implementing, or enforcing public policy.

Social Sciences - Politics - 18.12.2020
Opinion: Uganda’s schooling system doesn’t politically empower young people
A limited understanding of how Uganda's political system works is hampering young people in the country, but the education sector alone is not the magic bullet for democratisation, economic growth or poverty alleviation, says Dr Simone Datzberger (UCL Institute of Education).

Social Sciences - Politics - 15.12.2020
Discussion and de-escalation in social media
Discussion and de-escalation in social media
International research team awarded funding to develop AI-based, social media "moderator" It-s a familiar situation: a compelling discussion develops on Tw­­itter, Facebook or Instagram - it could

Environment - Politics - 15.12.2020
"The key thing is to make a start."
Civil society and governments struggle to take action when it comes to climate change. So what's the solution? We asked climate researcher Reto Knutti and climate strike advocate Marie-Claire Graf for their perspectives.

Politics - Event - 14.12.2020
Brown Bag: Pathways to Politics: Radical Left Electoral Turn in Southeast Europe
13:00 - 14:00 VeranstalterIn Zentrum für Südosteuropastudien, SOEGA Teilnahme Termin vormerken Online BB: Karlo Kralj - Pathways to Politics: Radical Left Electoral Turn in Southeast Europe Over the last decade, we can observe the emergence of radical left electoral actors in Southeast Europe.

Psychology - Politics - 08.12.2020
The Brexit vote was never about ’head versus heart’: new study
Perceived lack of trustworthy news sources led people to make 'gut instinct' decisions People understood emotions were heightened but voting choices weren't led by feelings Contrary to the prevailing

Politics - Social Sciences - 07.12.2020
Despite drift toward authoritarianism, Trump voters stay loyal. Why?
Despite his authoritarian tendencies, President Donald Trump's supporters have stayed with him because of a complex interplay of economic, cultural and racial factors, resulting in a fierce, almost cult-like loyalty, said scholars at the University of California, Berkeley.

Politics - Social Sciences - 23.11.2020
With democracy under threat, GOP silence draws scrutiny - and censure
Critics have complained bitterly that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders have not pressured President Donald Trump into conceding the victory to Democrat Joe Biden.

Politics - History / Archeology - 20.11.2020