Politics Expert Media Group: the Labour Conference

A group of University of Manchester academics are offering their expert analysis to journalists during the party conference season.

During the general election, The University of Manchester Expert Media group provided comment during the campaign and produced some of the definitive analysis of the election released to date.

But as the Labour Conference draws near, how will the choice of leader impact on it’s effectiveness in opposition? And how far away is Labour from grasping the reigns of power once again?

Should the party move back to its base, or continue to pursue the middle ground? Will we see a Labour-led coalition in the next general election, and which leader offers the best chance for the party?

Members of the group will be able provide the press with insight and explanation on these and other questions.

If you are a journalist and would like to speak to members, visit http://www.dcern.org.uk/me­dia_group/ for more details.